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Changelog of Twibright Labs Products

Date (YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss) (varying timezones)ProductChange
2020-12-15 22:43:02SyntringMinor corrections at the beginning of the tune which correspond better to the actual tab and sound better to my ears
2020-12-15 22:37:24SyntringFixed a deadlink for the Devo: Gut Feeling guitar tab
2020-12-15 22:19:58SyntringFixed a bad commandline to demonstrate syntring (extra < sign)
2020-12-15 22:15:09SyntringFixed compilation warning: l2, r2 defined but not used
2020-12-15 22:14:57SyntringFixed compilation error: M_PI undefined
2017-05-11 16:13:16RonjaAdded technical specification in Metropolis, Tetrapolis, Inferno, Rexlator: fine aiming gear ration 1:300.
2017-05-11 02:49:54RonjaAdded citation of Ronja in: . Rukovanský, M. Horváth, L. Solárik, P. Cícha: Computer Networks (in Czech), a university lecture textbook, European Polytechnic Institute - a Private University, 2015.
2017-05-07 13:28:25RonjaAdded atommann as a distributor of PCBs and removed the section about distributors who are not available anymore.
2017-05-07 02:06:28RonjaUpdated the deadlink to the 130 mm glass lens sold by Dioptra.
2017-05-07 02:03:08RonjaRemoved Skladové Výprodeje in Czech Republic as the distributor of the lenses because the link is a deadlink and no magnifier can be found in their offer.
2017-05-07 02:02:01RonjaRemoved Oriental Trading Company in the US as the distributor of the lenses because the link is a deadlink and no other reasonable magnifier can be found in their offer.
2017-05-07 01:50:28RonjaAdded atommann as a distributor of the 130 mm glass lenses.
2017-05-05 13:39:18RonjaAdded Chip One Stop as a distributor of 74HC133.
2017-05-05 13:33:27RonjaRemoved Shenzhen Shijibaike Electronic Co., Ltd. from distributors of BF998 because I don't know them, haven't ordered from them and I don't trust them and there are now widely known parts distributors on the list.
2017-05-05 13:26:02RonjaAdded Farnell as a distributor of DIL-14 crystal oscillator 16 MHz.
2017-05-05 13:23:23RonjaAdded Arrow and Master Electronics as a distributor of NE592.
2017-05-05 12:49:55RonjaAdded CP41A-RDS-CM0 into the comparison table in Datasheets (ds.php) and into the Ronja TX equivalents.
2017-05-05 12:42:54RonjaAdded Cree LEDs CP41B-RDS-CM0, CP41B-RDS-CL0 and CP41A-RDS-CL0 into equivalents for the trnsmitter.
2017-05-05 04:49:53RonjaAdded a comparison line into the datasheets page (ds.php) about the LED HPWT-DH00-F4000.
2017-05-05 04:43:35RonjaRemoved Tesar and Gacik from list of people who send LEDs because it was so long time ago and I guess they probably don't sell it anymore.
2017-05-05 04:20:33RonjaAdded Mouser and Digikey as a distributor for LED CP41B-RDS-CM0P0.
2017-05-05 04:16:19RonjaAdded datasheet comparison line for LED Cree CP41B-RDS-CM0P0EE4
2017-05-05 04:05:20RonjaAdded DigiKey, Farnell, Newark and RS as distributors for LED CP41B-RDS.
2017-05-05 04:00:41RonjaAdded LEDsales as a distributor for LED HPWT-DH00-F4000
2017-05-05 03:57:07RonjaAdded Mouser as a distributor for LED CP41B-RDS.
2017-05-05 03:55:02RonjaAdded a comparison line into Datasheets (ds.php) about LED Cree CP41B-RDS.
2017-05-05 03:45:38RonjaAdded a LED datasheet for CP41B-RDS CP41B-RDS.pdf into the local datasheets.
2017-05-05 03:35:46RonjaAdded a comparison line into Datasheets (ds.php) about LED Lite-On LTL911VEKSA.
2017-05-05 03:29:46RonjaAdded Mouser as a distributor for LED LTL911VRKSA.
2017-05-05 03:27:10RonjaAdded a comparison line into Datasheets (ds.php) about LED Lite-On LTL911VRKSA.
2017-05-05 02:31:25RonjaAdded LED datasheet for Kingbright WP7679C1SURC/G.
2017-05-05 02:13:40RonjaAdded Farnell as distributor of TLWR-7600 LED into get/led.php
2017-05-05 02:12:15RonjaAdded Mouser as distributor of TLWR-7600 LED into get/led.php
2017-05-05 02:06:21RonjaAdded RS as distributor of LS E63F-DBFA LED into get/led.php
2017-05-05 01:57:53RonjaAdded LS E63F-EAFB and LS E63F-DBFA as a weak replacement of HPWT-BD00-F4000 into the Transmitter.
2017-05-05 01:55:12RonjaUpdated the comparison in Datasheets (ds.php) regaring OSRAM LS E3F to the fact that, as I learned from the Internet and the datasheet, single brightness bins cannot be ordered, and the minimum bin orderable is EA.
2017-05-04 23:32:04RonjaUpdated deadlink to Distrelec distributor of SFH203 FA.
2017-05-04 23:30:24RonjaUpdated deadlink to GM distributor of SFH203 FA.
2017-05-04 23:28:32RonjaAdded Farnell distributor of SFH203 FA.
2017-05-04 23:27:46RonjaAdded Mouser distributor of SFH 203 with 16000 in stock.
2017-05-04 23:27:23RonjaAdded RS distributor of SFH 203.
2017-05-04 23:04:33RonjaAdded 2 general electronic components distributors into Where To Buy (components.php): Mouser and DigiKey.
2017-05-04 23:01:46RonjaUpdate link to BF908 distributor Mouser.
2017-05-04 22:43:14RonjaRemoved Farnell from 74HC133 suppliers because they don't have it anymore.
2017-05-04 22:41:21RonjaRemoved Distrelec from 74HC133 suppliers because they don't have it anymore.
2017-05-04 22:40:10RonjaUpdated deadlink of 74HC133 distributor PS Electronic.
2017-05-04 22:37:50RonjaRemoved GES Electronics from 74HC133 suppliers because they don't have it anymore.
2017-05-04 22:37:13RonjaRemoved GM Electronics from 74HC133 suppliers because they don't have it anymore.
2017-05-04 22:34:38RonjaAdded 74HC133 distributor RS.
2017-05-04 22:28:12RonjaAdded RS to suppliers of NE592 equivalent uA733CN.
2017-05-04 22:14:23RonjaAdded Newark to suppliers of NE592 equivalent NTE927.
2017-05-04 22:12:18RonjaAdded Newark to suppliers of NE592 equivalent uA733CN.
2017-05-04 22:02:23RonjaAdded Vetco to suppliers of NTE927D.
2017-05-04 22:02:09RonjaRemoved where to buy NE592: Shenzhen Wonderwing, because that offer is no longer available.
2017-05-04 21:38:59RonjaAdded NTE927D and NTE927 as equivalents of NE592 into the Receiver.
2017-05-04 21:34:12RonjaAdded datasheets of NTE927D and NTE927.
2017-05-04 20:19:52RonjaAdded a citation of Ronja in: Bc. Leoš Kaňa: Indoor Optical Wireless Link Design, Master's thesis, Brno University of Technology, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication, Department of Radio Electronics, Brno, Czech Republic, 2011.
2017-05-04 16:32:16Jet Set Willy XAdded a game map link for Jet Set Willy X from World of Spectrum.
2017-05-04 16:31:07Jet Set Willy XAdded a World of Spectrum entry.
2017-05-04 16:28:49Jet Set Willy XAdded a youtube walkthrough video.
2017-05-04 16:05:22RonjaAdded citation of Ronja in: Patent Application WO2012106248 A3: A system and method of using directed energy to monitor or manipulate a gaming device, 2012.
2017-05-04 15:57:11RonjaAdded citation of Ronja in: Patent Application US 20120196685 A1: System and method of using directed energy to monitor or manipulate a gaming device, 2012.
2017-05-04 15:54:48RonjaAdded citation of Ronja in: Patent Application US 20140172133 A1: System, method, and apparatus for powering, controlling, and communicating with led lights using modified power-over-ethernet, 2014.
2017-05-04 15:52:40RonjaAdded citation of Ronja in: Granted Patent US 9300143 B2: High bandwidth data transport system for use in a smartgrid, 2016.
2017-05-04 15:50:49RonjaAdded citation of Ronja in: Patent Application US 20140167912 A1: System, method and apparatus for providing security systems integrated with solid state lighting systems, 2014.
2017-05-04 15:48:24RonjaAdded citation of Ronja in: Patent Application US 20130172787 A1: System, method and apparatus for determining the thickness of orthotics needed to correct for differences in leg length, 2013.
2017-05-04 15:45:19RonjaAdded citation of Ronja in: Granted Patent US 7983349 B2: High bandwidth data transport system, 2011.
2017-05-04 15:41:53RonjaAdded citation of Ronja in: Granted Patent US 8659435 B2: Waterproof optically-sensing fiberless-optically-communicating vitality monitoring and alarming system, particularly for swimmers and infants, 2014.
2017-05-04 15:38:43RonjaAdded citation of Ronja in: Patent Application US 20140172490 A1: System, method, and apparatus for managing and performing geographically distributed cell-based manufacturing and/or assembly, 2013.
2017-05-04 15:30:17RonjaAdded citation of Ronja in: Grobe, P. Farkas, R. Freund, D. Schulz, V. Jungnickel, C. Alexakis, M. Schlosser, J. Hilt, A. Paraskevopoulos: Robust Optical Wireless Link for the Backhaul and Fronthaul of Small Radio Cells (abstract), Journal of Lightwave Technology, vol. 34, no. 6, March 15, 2016.
2017-05-04 15:17:38RonjaAdded citation of Ronja in: L Mustafa, B Thomsen (Department of Electronic & Electrical Engineering, University College London): Reintroducing Free-Space Optical Technology to Community Wireless Networks, Proceedings of the Nineteenth Americas Conference on Information Systems, Chicago, Illinois, USA, 2013.
2017-05-04 14:58:07RonjaAdded citation of Ronja in: Md Arifur Rahman: Routing on Resource Allocation in Free Space Optical Network, Diploma Thesis, Department of Science and Technology, Linköping University, Sweden, 2016.
2017-05-04 14:35:05RonjaAdded citation of Ronja in: Julio Francisco Rufo Torres: Contribución al estudio de Servicios Soportados sobre Redes VLC (Visible Light Communications), (in Spanish), Doctoral Thesis, Doctoral Program Cybernetics and Telecommunication, University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, University Institute for Technological Development and Innovation in Communications, 2015.
2017-05-04 14:20:44RonjaAdded citation of Ronja in: Philip McGillis Bain: Alternative
2017-05-04 14:06:03RonjaAdded citation of Ronja in: Stefan Jeu Sjraar Verhaegh: How Community Innovation Works - a Material-Semiotic Analysis of the Wireless Leiden Wi-Fi Network Doctoral Dissertation, University of Twente, Netherlands, 2010.
2017-05-04 13:28:28RonjaAdded citation of Ronja in: B. Kirklen, J. Arambula, C. Chu, S. Vollmer, X. Jin (California Polytechnic State University, California, USA): Fog attenuation analysis of visible band for free space optical link, 2016 IEEE Photonics Society Summer Topical Meeting Series, ISBN: 978-1-5090-1900-7, 2016.
2017-05-04 13:15:27RonjaAdded citation of Ronja in: Er.Harpreet Kuar Channi (EEE Department, Chandigarh University Gharuan Mohali, Panjab, India): Application of Nanotechnology in Optical Fibre Communication, International Journal of Research in Engineering and Applied Sciences (IJREAS), volume 5, issue 8 (August 2015), ISSN 2249-3905, 2015.
2017-05-04 13:08:15RonjaAdded citation of Ronja in: Ruchi Garg (Department of Computer Application, Mahamaya Technical University, Noida, India): Li-Fi: Data Onlight Instead of Online, Anveshanam- a National Journal of Computer Science & Applications [vol.1, no.1, august 2012-july 2013], 2013.
2017-05-04 12:25:58RonjaAdded a citation of Ronja in: Radek Janečka: Using Light for Communication and Measurement, Bachelor's Thesis, Pardubice University, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, 2012.
2017-05-04 04:59:41RonjaAdded citation of Ronja in market report: PR Newswire: Visible Light Communication Market (VLC & LI-FI Technology, Free Space Optics (FSO) - 2013-18, 2013.
2017-05-04 04:21:34RonjaAdded citation of Ronja in: Manoj V. Bhalerao, S. S. Sonavane: Visible light communication: A smart way towards wireless communication, International Conference on Advances in Computing, Communications and Informatics (ICACCI) 2014, ISBN 978-1-4799-3080-7, IEEE, New Delhi, India, 2014.
2017-05-03 21:49:55RonjaFound a new promising power LED from Osram LS E63F, group FB, and added it into the Datasheets section (ds.php).
2017-05-03 21:08:23RonjaUpdated the obsolete links to LEDs With Punch (in ds.php)
2017-05-03 20:37:56RonjaAdded HSDL-4220 and HSDL-4230 into the comparison in the Datasheets section (ds.php).
2017-05-03 19:53:15RonjaAdded a large table with 10 Lumileds LEDs, 1 Cree LED and 1 Vishay LED where their performance is compared in detail. Added that to the Datasheets section (ds.php).
2017-05-03 18:05:27RonjaFixed deadlink to the Vishay TLWR-7600 power LED datasheet.
2017-05-03 16:36:46RonjaAdded citation of Ronja in: A. Ahmed, J. Ahmad Khan, U. Younis (School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, National University of Sciences and Technology, Pakistan): A High Speed Transmitter for Visible Light Communications upto 50 Mbps, 2014 International Conference on Emerging Technologies (ICET), IEEE, DOI: 10.1109/ICET.2014.7021035 , Islamabad, Pakistan, 2014.
2017-05-03 16:02:33RonjaAdded citation of Ronja in: Lubomír Buben: A Simple GIS, Bachelor's Thesis, Czech Technical University, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Prague, Czech Republic, 2007.
2017-05-03 15:46:55RonjaAdded citation of Ronja in: Michele Pittoni: Advanced Topology Analysis in Three Wireless Community Networks, Final Thesis Degree Course in Computer Science University of Trento Italy, 2014.
2017-05-03 15:33:55RonjaAdded citation of Ronja in: George Appiah Sarfo: Demonstrating data voice transmission using Free Space Optical Communication, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Ghana, 2014.
2017-05-03 15:11:29RonjaAdded citation of Ronja in: A. Abdelaal, H. Ali, D. Khazanchi (College of Information Science and Technology, University of Nebraska at Omaha): The Role of Social Capital in the Creation of Community Wireless Networks, Proceedings of the 42nd Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences, USA, 2009.
2017-05-03 14:58:06RonjaAdded citation of Ronja in: Rob Flickenger et al., Wireless Networks in developing countries (in Spanish), Third Edition, ISBN: 978-0-9778093-7-0, Hacker Friendly LLC, 2008.
2017-05-03 14:19:34RonjaAdded citation of Ronja in: J. A. Simpson: A 1 Mbps underwater communications system using LEDs and photodiodes with signal processing capability, Master's Thesis, Graduate Faculty of North Carolina State University , North Carolina, USA, 2007.
2017-05-03 13:56:21RonjaAdded citation of Ronja in: Pekka Kamsula: Design and Implementation of a Bi-directional Visible Light Communication Testbed, Master’s Thesis, Department of Electrical and Information Engineering, University of Oulu, Finland, 2015.
2017-05-03 04:41:19RonjaThe report saying Invention
2017-05-02 20:46:46RonjaFixed deadlink to: Karel Kulhavy, Warat Reunraksa, Pavita Wiriyacosol, and Phanumas Khumsat, Low-Cost
2017-05-02 20:35:54RonjaAdded full text link to the article coauthored: Phanumas Khumsat, Noppadol Wattanapisit, Karel Kulhavey, Optical
2017-05-02 20:26:28RonjaAdded citation in: D. Anguita, D. Brizzolara, G. Parodi (University of Genova, Italy, Department of Biophysical and Electronic Engineering): VHDL modules and circuits for Underwater optical wireless communication systems, WSEAS Transactions on Communications Issue 9, Volume 9, September 2010, pages 525-552, ISSN: 1109-2742, 2010.
2017-05-02 20:18:39RonjaAdded citation in: Ondřej Vitvar: Analysis and Modification of a High School Network (in Czech), Bachelor Thesis, Faculty of Computer Science, Masaryk university, Brno, Czech Republic, 2013
2017-05-02 14:44:02RonjaAdded citation of Ronja in: Stefano Truzzi: Visible Light Communication, Master Thesis, University of Turin, Italy, 2016.
2017-05-02 14:33:57RonjaAdded citation of Ronja in: H. Burchardt, N. Serafimovski,D. Tsonev,S. Videv,H. Haas: VLC: Beyond point-to-point communication, IEEE Communications Magazine volume 52, issue: 7, pages 98 - 105, DOI: 10.1109/MCOM.2014.6852089, 2014.
2017-05-02 14:13:10RonjaAdded citation of Ronja in: A. Srivastava, A. Sharma, G. T. Reddy: LI-FI - the Technology that Travels with Light, International Journal of Pharmacy & Technology, ISSN: 0975-766X, 2016.
2017-05-02 14:00:33RonjaAdded information about the country of origin to many citations of Ronja.
2017-05-02 13:52:50RonjaAdded citation of Ronja in: Marko Čaljkušić: Visible light communications (in Croatian), Undergraduate study final work, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture, University of Split, Croatia, 2015.
2017-05-02 13:34:56RonjaAdded citation of Ronja in: . Yahya, M. K. Salleh, N. A. M. Akib, S. A. Jamalullail, Z. Awang: Link performance analysis of experimental LED based Free Space Optics, TENCON 2011 - 2011 IEEE Region 10 Conference, ISBN 978-1-4577-0255-6, 2011.
2017-05-02 13:12:50RonjaAdded citation of Ronja in: D. Karunatilaka, F. Zafar, V. Kalavally, R. Parthiban (Monash University, Malaysia): LED
2017-05-02 12:53:14RonjaAdded citation of Ronja in: J. Poliak, M. Kubicek: FPGA-based media converter for FSO links, 2nd International Workshop on Optical Wireless Communications (IWOW), IEEE, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK, ISBN: 978-1-4799-1188-2, 2013.
2017-05-02 03:06:13RonjaAdded citation of Ronja in: Bc. Ľubomír Adámek: Wireless Data Transmission (in Czech, full text), Diploma Thesis, Faculty of Applied Computer Science, Tomas Bata University, Zlín, Czech Republic, 2006.
2017-05-01 19:27:00RonjaAdded citation of Ronja in: Jiří Haňka: Wireless Optical Link (in Czech), Bachelor's Thesis, Department of Radio Electronics, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication, Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic, 2013
2017-05-01 16:18:45RonjaAdded citation of Ronja in: Jiří Urban: Wireless Optical Link for LAN Ethernet (in Czech), Bachelor Thesis, Tomas Bata University, Zlín, Czech Republic, 2006.
2017-05-01 15:55:48RonjaAdded citation of Ronja in: C. Medina, M. Zambrano, K. Navarro (Electrical Engineering School, Technological University of Panama): LED Based Visible Light Communication: Technology, Applications and Challenges – a Survey, International Journal of Advances in Engineering & Technology, Aug., 2015, ISSN: 22311963, 2015.
2017-05-01 15:17:11RonjaAdded citation of Ronja in: Rysakis Ioannis: Implementation of a Free Space Optics transceiver, Thesis, Department of Electronics, Technological Educational Institute of Crete, 2012.
2017-05-01 14:21:29RonjaAdded citation of Ronja in: M. Yahya; K. Salleh, Z. Awang: Transmit optics analysis for Free Space Optics improvements 2011 IEEE International RF & Microwave Conference, ISBN: 978-1-4577-1631-7, Malaysia, 2011.
2017-05-01 14:13:33RonjaWritten into the high school works section of the Ronja citations that all the high school works are based completely on Ronja.
2017-05-01 14:05:22RonjaCategorized the links with citations of Ronja under the heading Journal, Conference, and University Articles and Lectures citing Ronja into 2 groups: Based largerly on Ronja and Citing Ronja.
2017-05-01 13:59:23RonjaRemoved the 1st citation of Ronja Xiaomin [...]: Design [...], because it didn't contain citation of Ronja.
2017-05-01 13:53:19RonjaFixed deadlink in citations of Ronja to Abhishek Barua's work and replaced it with a valid link and two more links to text only transcripts.
2017-05-01 03:28:24RonjaCategorized Doctoral Disserations citing Ronja into 2 categories: Dealing substantially with Ronja and Citing Ronja.
2017-05-01 03:27:57RonjaCategorized Master, Engineer, Bachelor, and Semester Theses and projects citing Ronja into 2 categories: Based largely on Ronja and Citing Ronja.
2017-05-01 03:26:53RonjaRemoved a citation of Ronja in Szponik's master thesis on Silesian university of technology, because is a deadlink 404 and I cannot find it anywhere else on the Internet.
2017-05-01 03:19:01RonjaRemoved deadlink from T. Szabo master thesis and put a link to an annual report instead, at least.
2017-05-01 02:45:05RonjaMoved article of Samuel Falvo mentioning Ronja from academic paper section to the nonacademic because that category describes it properly.
2017-05-01 02:38:29RonjaAdded citation of Ronja in: Sung Yub Yu, Se Bong Jang, Suk Chan Kim: Implementation of Visible Light Communication system for Real Time Video Transmission, Pusan National University, 2016.
2017-05-01 02:23:24RonjaAdded citation of Ronja in: Ethan Lih Chieh Png, Nhat Le Minh, Liangquan Chen (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore): Designs of a Free-Space White-LED Mass-Storage Transceiver for SD-Card File Transfer (fulltext, another copy), 3rd IEEE Workshop on Optical Wireless Communications (OWC’12), IEEE Global Communications Conference (Globecom) 2012, Anaheim, California, USA, 2012.
2017-04-30 23:29:05RonjaAdded explicit step into installation instructions of Tetrapolis, Inferno, Metropolis that the console should be connected to the lightning conductor. Until now it relied implicitly on testing the resistance to lightning conductor and verification by lightning protection specialist.
2017-04-30 19:20:49RonjaAdded citation of Ronja in: Frederik Scheire, David Schouppe: Design of a NRZ gigabit optical receiver with qualization for PCS fiber, Master Dissertation submitted to obtain the academic degree of Master of Science in Electrical Engineering, Department of Information Technology, Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, Ghent University, Belgium, 2012.
2017-04-30 18:44:06RonjaAdded a citation of Ronja in: Nukathoti Anupama, K. Ashok Babu: A Communication System Development Approach Based on VLC for Short Range Data Transmission , International Journal of Ethics in Engineering & Management Education, ISSN: 2348-4748, Volume 3, Issue 2, February 2016.
2017-04-30 18:30:17RonjaCorrected wrong information about a tin sheet sized 90x67. It should be actually a tin box sized 90x67 (a tin means both a box and a metal sheet in English, translation ambiguity). Added alternative tin sheet if premade box is not available.
2017-04-30 18:28:17RonjaAdded missing specification of tin plated steel sheet thickness into RX and TX material, in EN and CZ language
2017-04-30 18:03:21RonjaAdded citation of Ronja in: S. Ambady, M. Bredes, C. Nguyen: Visible Light Communication , A Major Qualifying Project Report completed in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Bachelor of Science, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Worcester, Massachusetts, USA, 2015.
2017-04-30 17:53:42RonjaAdded citation of Ronja in: David Němec: Cableless optical transmission, Master diploma thesis, Institute of Telecommunications, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication, Brno, Czech Republic, 2012.
2017-04-24 14:02:23RonjaAdded citation of Ronja in: Jovan Ivković, Borislav Odadžić: Analysis of Visible Light Communication System for Implementation in Sensor Networks.
2017-04-24 13:47:54RonjaAdded citation of Ronja in: Mariyam Thomas, Binu Mathew: Audio Transmission Through Visible Light Communication System : Design Considerations and Performance Evaluations.
2017-04-24 13:41:12RonjaAdded citation of Ronja in: Terence Bennett: Naval Applications for LiFi: The Transmitting Tool , Center for International Maritime Security, Maryland, USA, 2016.
2017-04-24 13:31:23RonjaAdded citation of Ronja in: Lecture Telecommunications 10. Access Networks, Winter semester of academic year 2009/2010.
2017-04-24 13:08:14RonjaAdded citation of Ronja in: Filip Němec: High School Practical Graduation Exam: An Optical Datalink Between Two Computers „RONJA 10Mb/s“
2017-04-24 13:02:52RonjaAdded citation of Ronja in: Vojtěch Čižinský: Optical datalink transmitting 10 Mb/s, High School Graduation Exam Technical Documentation.
2017-04-24 12:52:34RonjaAdded citation of Ronja in: Petr Sádecký: High School Practical Graduation Exam: An Optical Datalink.
2017-04-24 12:15:10RonjaAdded citation of Ronja in: Antonín Slováček, Petr Severa: RONJA – an optical datalink, High School Scholar Activity
2017-04-23 23:59:01RonjaAdded citation of Ronja in: The Mt. Vernon Amateur Radio Club Newsletter
2017-04-23 23:50:19RonjaAdded citation of Ronja: Horak's Master Diploma Thesis
2017-04-23 23:44:38Jet Set Willy XSaved 6 bytes by moving repeated identical 16-bit register loads before Willy paint and unpaint routines into the routines themselves.
2017-04-23 15:58:25Jet Set Willy XRefactored label names in the assembler source which wre not descriptive or one even misleading.
2017-04-23 15:57:58Jet Set Willy XRefactored the code for 2 tabs alignment so that even longer labels can be accomodated visually esthetically.
2017-04-22 22:41:19RonjaSorted the printed books according to the year of publication. In the web.php Ronja citations.
2017-04-22 22:40:35RonjaSorted the dissertation, academic articles and master/bachelor theses according to the year of publication. In the web.php Ronja citations.
2017-04-22 22:25:10RonjaAdded a period at the end of each citation in Publications coauthored and citations citing Ronja (web.php)
2017-04-22 22:24:42RonjaFixed a double </a> HTML bug in Publications coauthored and citations citing Ronja (web.php)
2017-04-22 22:08:34RonjaFilled in the missing link to Ronja being cited in NISH CDC's Department of Health and Human Services Information Circular 9496 (2007).
2017-04-22 21:54:22RonjaAdded citation of Ronja in: Johan Söderberg: Users in the Dark: The Development of a User-Controlled Technology in the Czech Wireless Network Community.
2017-04-22 21:26:27RonjaAdded Ronja citation in: J. Vodrážka, J. Hrad: Experiment with Simple Prototype for Visible Light Communication.
2017-04-22 21:19:03RonjaFixed wrong URL link in Ronja citation P. Lafata, B. Bakala: Low Cost Free-Space Optical System and Its Application, which was actually leading to a page containing the Ronja citation P. Lafata, B. Bakala: Designing and realization of free-space optical link and its diagnostic.
2017-04-22 21:13:28RonjaAdded Ronja citation: Milan Klement, Jan Lavrinčík: Wireless Nets, Proceedings of Infotech 2007, Votobia Olomouc, Czech Republic, 2007.
2017-04-22 16:02:02RonjaAdded Ronja citation in Master Thesis Bc. Filip Němec: Optical Cableless Transmittion
2017-04-22 15:56:56RonjaAdded Ronja citation Filip Nemec, Miloslav Filka: Optical Wireless Transmission in Laboratory
2017-04-22 15:48:48RonjaAdded Ronja citation Negative influence of radio relay links on meteorological radar measurements
2017-04-22 15:33:42RonjaAdded Ronja citation in Experimentálny systém FSO pre 625nm RONJA Pavol MIŠENČÍK, Ján TURÁN, Ľuboš OVSENÍK.
2017-04-21 15:19:14RonjaAdded citation by an article by Dr Isaac Jamieson PhD DIC RIBA DipAAS BSc (Hons) MInstP, hosted on BEMRI
2017-04-21 15:08:44RonjaAdded Ronja citation in Health and Environment Friendly Mass Communication with Photonic Networks by Claus Scheingraber and Stefan Spaarmann
2017-04-21 14:56:53RonjaAdded Ronja citation Spaarmann, BEMRI, 2009
2017-04-21 14:43:52RonjaAdded a paper from BEMRI from 2010 about Visible Light Communications, into the Ronja citations
2017-04-21 13:09:10RonjaAdded Ronja citation in the master thesis of Santi Phasuk.
2017-04-18 19:29:27RonjaFixed bad encoding of foreign letters in the changelog
2017-04-18 19:03:13RonjaAdded a link to Ronja citation BEMRI, Ecological Turning Point of Communication
2017-03-31 03:41:38Jet Set Willy XFixed faulty jswx.tap which was too short only 2.5 kB insteaf of usual 40.1 kB and didn't work.
2017-03-19 03:18:16CalciumAdded Khmer translation of Tricks to speed up hand grinding in a mortar.
2017-03-13 18:59:35RonjaFixed PHP error message in Notice: Undefined index: type in /home/clock/www/ on line 8
2017-03-13 18:59:23RonjaFixed PHP error message in Notice: Undefined index: lang in /home/clock/www/ on line 6
2017-03-13 18:51:18RonjaFixed PHP error message "Notice: Use of undefined constant QUERY_STRING - assumed 'QUERY_STRING' in /home/clock/www/ on line 4" in
2017-03-13 18:24:58RonjaAdded a warning for people not to buy 3.3V crystal oscillators, they should buy 5V only.
2017-03-13 18:21:20RonjaWarning into Twister2 and Twister so that people don't buy crystals or resonators instead of crystal oscillators
2017-03-07 15:18:26CalciumTranslated Drying into Khmer.
2017-03-02 19:27:28CalciumAligned the table heading of Price comparison to the bottom
2017-03-02 19:25:34CalciumAdded information about dose size into the Price comparison
2017-02-19 18:15:47CalciumAdded step to replace the water before soaking and shortened the soaking to prevent growth of bacteria during soaking.
2017-02-13 19:30:26PlingAdded distinguishing between weak and strong vinegar in the recipe
2017-02-10 21:28:08DistillcookerUpdated the donation sending account - in the process of changing accounts at the moment
2017-02-10 21:27:56Ronjaupdated the donation sending account - in the process of changing accounts at the moment
2017-02-02 01:40:12CalciumTranslated sterilization paragraph into Khmer
2017-01-30 23:25:33Twibright Labs WebsiteChanged the obsolete timezone information from MET DST to varying timezones.
2017-01-30 23:14:52CalciumTranslated paragraph about rinsing from English to Khmer
2017-01-30 17:09:21PlingAdded information that it's good for cleaning copper and brass.
2017-01-20 21:30:34CalciumReduced max. soaking time from 24 h to 6 h to prevent bacterial attack in warm climates.
2017-01-20 21:30:02CalciumAdded Khmer translation of soaking.
2017-01-15 04:08:26CalciumTranslated 1 more paragraph of the Khmer version from English
2016-12-25 12:54:12CalciumAdded funnel requirement
2016-12-25 12:54:05CalciumAdded electric grinding
2016-12-08 19:08:30PlingFixed dishwasher liquid -> dishwashing liquid. Important difference.
2016-11-03 18:48:04RonjaAdded Abhishek Barua's presentation referencing Ronja to the citations section.
2016-10-26 00:55:12RegistratorAdded information about default value of the envronment variables PIXELS, DEGREES and ZOOM
2016-10-25 20:32:54PlingAdded a comparison picture of cleaning a fireplace with Twibright Pling.
2016-09-22 21:32:07CalciumCorrected the amount of egg shells needed for 1 month of supplement
2016-09-22 21:27:17CalciumUpdated the means of drying
2016-09-22 21:21:48CalciumAdded price comparison with a commercial product
2016-09-22 00:40:57CalciumFixed the aspect ration 16:9 of the embedded iframe for the video player
2016-09-21 22:30:17CalciumAdded a link to watch video of the preparing for soaking step.
2016-09-21 21:48:35CalciumIncreased the number of rinse cycles from 4 to 6 because it was not enough when the pot is almost full of eggshells.
2016-09-15 02:45:53CalciumAdded a step: checking for mould
2016-09-10 03:26:45RonjaFixed: In Twister2 and AUI Forte the bending helper for tin L-shape steel sections were listed under material. Put them into tools.
2016-09-10 03:12:53RonjaAugmented list contained also the parts for Ronja Heating. Fixed the Ronja Tetrapolis, Inferno, Metropolis Requirements pages to reflect this.
2016-08-22 02:58:06RojaFixed typo hermal -> thermal
2016-08-17 02:10:52RonjaAdded missing instructions how to use the printed grad gauges in manufacturing of the 130mm optical head
2016-08-17 01:00:21RonjaAdded 3 warnings into Twister2, TX and Twister that people should not make PCBs at home or they will have high risk of failure.
2016-07-14 23:12:25RonjaFixed (updated) broken/bad/dead link to the Posin PCB in the Where to get PCBs section
2015-12-05 21:43:18CalciumInitial release listed as a Twibright Labs product
2015-09-21 20:32:22RonjaAdded the testimonial of ThomasEgi
2015-08-15 17:54:34ShopRespecified aluminium alloy 3004
2015-08-03 02:10:57FineAdded big example with Hacking Team
2015-07-30 18:15:10QuickbreadChanged the instructions for mixing the dough
2015-07-27 19:23:20QuickbreadIncreased the mixing folds from 6 to 8
2015-07-27 06:43:07FineExpanded the tables and reference lines in the German version of the form
2015-07-20 02:32:03FineAdded Thai takeaway vs. cooking at home for day, week, month, year
2015-07-20 02:00:57FineAdded Twibright Calcium and sponges for dishes
2015-07-20 01:39:28FineAdded Photoshop and Corel Draw
2015-07-20 01:17:38Fineadd men and women hairdresser
2015-07-20 01:06:03FineAdded daily and monthly bicycle vs. public transport
2015-07-19 15:57:32FineAdded the amount of fine into the example
2015-07-15 22:46:20LinksAdded support for SVG and speeded up image resizing using multiprocessors and OpenMP
2015-07-04 18:10:52DistillcookerAdded information to the title page since when the Distillcooker is ready for release
2015-06-30 01:02:27DistillcookerAdded reverse links from the experience page to Twibright Labs and Distillcooker
2015-06-29 19:29:04DistillcookerMore informative page about the Distillcooker's author's experience
2015-06-28 01:51:06PlingRemoved mirrors from supported surfaces and added them into the banned ones because it seems to eat off the mirror layer on the edges
2015-06-27 04:09:34QuickbreadUpdated the weight in Twibright Products list to reflect the water content of the bread
2015-06-21 01:22:59QuickbreadRemoved the unattractive greenish-bluish tint on the bread stack picture
2015-06-21 01:03:29QuickbreadAdded consumer support link
2015-06-20 15:03:19Quickbreadinitial release
2015-06-16 20:34:13DistillcookerFixed overlofwing (breaking) donations thermometer by selecting a shorter formulation.
2015-06-16 02:01:41RonjaAdded a quote by Silvije about 12 years of nice operation to the title page and to the Reliable section
2015-06-16 02:01:20RonjaFixed a typo on the title page
2015-06-09 06:07:20RonjaAdded instructions into TX PCB building that R12-R16 should not be populated
2015-06-04 04:17:38RonjaAdded the Kevin A. Carson paper mentioning Ronja
2015-06-02 04:28:52RonjaAdded another scientific article praising Ronja by J. Soderberg and a webplog post mentioning Ronja.
2015-05-28 05:07:19RonjaAdded link to market report mentioning Ronja in in my opinion very good light
2015-05-25 02:53:14RonjaAdded the article of Montreal Polytechnic mentioning Ronja
2015-05-23 05:18:13RonjaAdded article Prospects and Problems of Optical Diffuse Wireless Communication for Underwater Wireless Sensor Networks, Wireless Sensor Networks: Application- Centric Design
2015-05-02 04:58:23RonjaAdded Pedro López Estepa: Underwater Optical Communication
2015-04-20 03:08:46RonjaAdded citation in article P. Lafata, B. Bakala: Improving the Functionality of Free-Space Optical Link
2015-04-18 14:20:37RonjaUpdated the deadlink of M. A. Chancey: Short Range Underwater Optical Communication Links, Master Thesis, North Carolina State University (2005)
2015-04-15 21:41:29RonjaAdded citation in scientific article Bakala, Lafata: Diagnostic and Remote Monitoring of FSO Link (in Czech)
2015-04-12 01:46:54Jet Set Willy XAdded a user testimonial
2015-02-22 04:51:45ShopAdded 6 types of transistors and 6 types of diodes
2015-02-09 18:44:07OptarAdded instruction to scan on grayscale and gamma correction turned off
2015-02-09 18:43:54OptarLinked the README directly from the page
2015-02-06 17:29:32PitchotronFixed bogus display of usec/pix
2015-02-06 13:31:52PitchotronFixed unreliable error reporting
2015-02-06 13:22:12PitchotronAdded missing "Then become normal user again" into the Pitchotron usage instructions on the Pitchotron website
2015-02-06 13:20:23PitchotronFixed compilation failure on Ubuntu 12.04
2015-02-06 13:19:53OptarAdded a much more usable self-explanatory message to optar and unoptar.
2015-02-06 03:14:56OptarFixed compilation failure on recent Ubuntu.
2015-02-03 03:50:40PlingAdded if you want to express thanks
2015-01-30 18:36:43FineAdded a section explicitly linking to the explanation
2015-01-29 03:44:21FineAdded a plea to donate to DIstillcooker as an expression of thanks
2015-01-26 05:55:33ShopAdded 7 types of FFC - Flat Flex Cables
2015-01-26 01:07:24ShopAdded 148 pcs. of electrolytes
2015-01-26 00:57:41shopAdded a sum of prices of the displayed goods on each shop page
2015-01-25 16:39:19ShopAdded distilled water produced by Distillcooker
2015-01-25 04:24:56ShopAdded 14 types of precision steel axles, timing belts, ordinary belts.
2015-01-25 03:22:31ShopAdded 9 pcs. of stepper and D.C. motors
2015-01-25 02:21:04ShopSplit the large electronics shop into three shelves
2015-01-25 02:20:47ShopMade custom tables for inductors and capacitors reflecting their electronic values
2015-01-23 03:12:58FineAdded two occurences of the indispensable phrase Including but not limited to
2015-01-23 01:17:40FineAdded US tax rates
2015-01-23 01:01:41FineAdded English and German ODT on the page for download in case of need for adjustment
2015-01-23 00:58:29FineAdded an English translation of the fine form for the US
2015-01-22 23:27:56FineAdded real world example where the fine was used
2015-01-21 16:24:53RonjaRenamed the Web Links section to Publications and Citations
2015-01-21 16:24:10RonjaRemoved the Licensing section from Web Links
2015-01-20 17:33:40RonjaAdded a citation: bachelor project B. Bakala: Realization of Optical Link
2015-01-20 17:29:35RonjaAdded citation to conference article P. Lafata, B. Bakala: Low Cost Free-Space Optical System and Its Application
2015-01-20 17:28:35RonjaAdded citation to conference article P. Lafata, B. Bakala: Designing and realization of free-space optical link and its diagnostic
2015-01-20 17:05:56RonjaAdded 120m educational FSO link of Czech Technical University in Prague
2015-01-20 16:57:10RonjaAdded a link listing the master thesis T.Szabo: Design and realization of wireless optical connection RONJA (I.Kotuliak), Master thesis, Department of Telecommunications, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information, Slovak University Of Technology in Bratislava, 2007
2015-01-17 17:28:33DistillcookerSwitched to a new simplified site design
2015-01-17 14:23:29ShopAdded PN2222 15 pcs.
2015-01-16 03:41:48ShopMade the tables more readable - added a g after grams
2015-01-16 02:50:15ShopAdded 8 types of double winding coils
2015-01-15 23:45:27ShopAdded additional 28 pcs. of coils
2015-01-15 20:49:59ShopAdded 26 types of coils, 45 pcs.
2015-01-15 00:53:19ShopAdded 2 types and 9 pc. of electrolytic capacitors
2015-01-14 14:53:38FineAdded missed requirement - living in the state
2015-01-13 19:13:43ShopAdded 8 types of crystal oscillators
2015-01-13 17:53:27ShopAdded links to datasheets to the electronics shop
2015-01-12 13:08:16ShopAdded 13 more electrolytic capacitors
2015-01-11 19:01:28ShopAdded 40 types of electrolytic capacitors, total 100 pieces
2015-01-04 17:21:14DistillcookerIn my opinion improved the graphical look of the website by realigning the title to the left with the left text border and doing the same for the Twibright logo on the right and also reducing the gap between the page content and the top of the browser window.
2014-12-24 09:20:07FineAdded 1.24 CHF fine through a pack of printer paper
2014-12-10 00:33:21FineInitial release with a German form, English instructions and a fine catalogue of 26 entries ranging from 29'760.64 CHF to 0.11 CHF
2014-12-08 22:55:15ShopAdded self-threaded screws thread outer dia. 1.9, 2.0, 2.2, 2.5, 2.6, 2.8, 2.9, 3.0, 3.3, 3.4, 3.5, 3.8, 3.9, 4.0, 4.1, 4.7, 4.8, 7.6 mm, total 319 pieces.
2014-12-08 07:35:01ShopLinked the shop into the Twibright Labs Page
2014-12-08 07:32:53ShopOpened
2014-11-20 04:29:46RonjaAdded a link to full text of sciuentific article about Ronja: Low-Cost Laser-Based Wireless Optical Transceiver for 10-Mbps Ethernet Link
2014-11-14 04:43:22OptarAdded instructions how to reduce the resolution
2014-10-26 17:49:13RonjaAdded 2 sources for BF998 part
2014-10-26 17:17:55RonjaAdded a source for BF998 part
2014-10-25 20:43:31RonjaAdded a German source of NE592
2014-10-24 18:03:29Ronjaadded source for NE592
2014-10-14 21:27:42RonjaAdded missing dimensions in PCB order README and README.CZ for the metropolis transmitter
2014-10-14 18:04:24RonjaLabeled about 10 links in the Where To Buy sections as not available anymore
2014-10-14 18:04:07RonjaAdded information about getting PCB from Posin Electronics
2014-07-31 22:03:36RonjaThe higher resolutions of all pictures in galleries are uploaded bac. The space available on the server has increased.
2014-07-08 04:26:58DistillcookerDisabled Bitcoin donations after having difficulties converting a bitcoin donation into fiat money
2014-06-24 04:36:14DistillcookerUpdated chapter 5.B Drinking distilled water safely for more practical guides on the cheapest replacement of Ca and Mg.
2014-06-10 00:46:55PaperbagsCreated the project
2014-06-04 02:49:50DistillcookerBetter typography
2014-06-04 02:44:45DistillcookerAdded more info and changed it to fix problems with SEPA payment
2014-06-02 01:15:32RonjaAdded a user testimonial with a link
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2014-05-24 18:05:03PlingAdded inkjet and photocopier as a replacement of laser printer
2014-05-24 03:52:22DistillcookerChanges in wording and structure to make bavigation and comprehension easier
2014-05-24 03:22:45DistillcookerComprehensive table of Western Union fees from the US
2014-05-24 02:50:59DistillcookerAdded sending donations by Western Union from the US for a relatively cheap fee
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2014-04-18 18:29:50PlingAdded a testimonial from Switzerland and translated both into German
2014-04-16 17:34:46PlingChanged bottle picture for a comparison of faucet before and after
2014-04-16 17:06:45RegistratorInstructions on the homepage to register with overwriting: obsolete instructions, using flag -ow instead of OVERWRITE=1. Fixed.
2014-04-16 17:02:09RegistratorDoesn't compile anymore on Ubuntu 10.04 because of -as-needed -lm issue. Fixed.
2014-04-16 16:46:04Twibrightin Free Software list, the Registrator link linked to image instead of homepage. Fixed.
2014-04-16 16:45:49Twibrightin Free Software list, the Luminaplex link didn't work. Fixed.
2014-04-13 17:09:07TwibrightWrote into Consumer Support that the IRC doesn't require any registration
2014-04-13 17:05:36PlingAdded marble into unsuitable surfaces
2014-04-13 16:50:03PlingPET plastic -> any plastic
2014-04-13 16:48:55PlingAdded testimonial from Bunna Chhut
2014-01-11 20:02:24PlingRepaired forgotten Bling -> Pling in the EN and DE Pling pages
2014-01-11 18:49:51ExciterDeleted Youtube video. Deleted Youtube account because of increasing pressure to enforce Google social network. Replaced with, including embedded video player.
2014-01-11 18:09:09PlingAlphabetically sorted English and German lists of things Pling cleans for better orientation
2014-01-11 17:48:21TwibrightAdded timezone to the Twibright Labs Products changelog
2014-01-11 17:46:22TwibrightMade the heading of the changelog table visually distinguishable as a heading
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2014-01-11 17:42:14TwibrightAdded news - changelog for all Twibright Labs products
2014-01-11 16:49:59PlingAdded explanation what all it is good for
2013-03-01 00:00:00CaCO3Added sodium carbonate product. Date not exactly known.
2012-09-01 00:00:00Boiling StonesAdded product: chemical boiling stones. Date not exactly known.
2012-03-01 00:00:00RetuneAdded product Twibright Retune: anti-aging face lotion. Date not exactly known.
2010-03-01 00:00:00ExciterAdded product Twibright Exciter: Exercise bike with electricity production. Date not exactly known.
2009-06-10 00:00:00AtlasAdded new Twibright Labs Product: Twibright Atlas Monitor Wall Holder. Date not exactly known.
2009-05-01 00:00:00BastardAdded new Twibright Labs Product: Twibright Bastard skateboard. Date not exactly known.
2008-10-19 13:12:33RonjaAdded a link to Parasitic Inductance of SMD Capacitors Vias and Traces
2008-10-07 21:04:48RonjaPrinting the full paths of the schematic PostScript and PDF files overflowed the page in some times. Shortened to filenames only.
2008-10-07 20:48:26RonjaFixed 10M_metropolis_transmitter schematics too small and the pdfs and postscripts having a small schematic somewhere in the page. Caused by a bug in the gschem where bounding box was overestimated in case of text consisting only of newline.
2008-10-07 20:47:21RonjaAdded clean_sch_pngs and clean_small_sch_pngs targets.
2008-10-06 23:53:04RonjaFixed overflowing text in warning.svg
2008-10-06 23:21:59RonjaAdded Q102 and Q103 into the explanation.
2008-10-05 23:11:52RonjaFixed error messages at the beginning of drawings/index.php.
2008-10-05 22:26:24RonjaAdded RS Components worldwide
2008-10-05 22:07:35RonjaRemoved garbage error message from the beginning of the schematics/index.php
2008-10-05 22:03:46RonjaAdded Reducing Money Dependence
2008-10-05 21:42:07RonjaFixed bad number for 47nH for GM Electronics. Was leading to 47uH 965-018. Now leads to 965-101.
2008-10-05 21:16:08RonjaRemoved deadlink to from /education_projects.php
2008-10-05 18:02:01Ronjaadded a link to Dollars vs. Decibels - Chris Long, Mike Groth, Clint Turner! to the development section
2008-10-05 17:57:54RonjaAdded 3 links to the development section. Articles from Analogzones.
2008-10-05 17:01:41RonjaFixed deadlink tetrapolis_power_source/building.php
2008-10-05 16:55:01RonjaImproved the description how Twister 1/2 works. Added more technical details according to a question and answer a user had on the mailing list.
2008-10-05 16:34:28RonjaFixed tons of broken HTML tags on 3d/index.php
2008-10-05 15:11:09RonjaAdded a link to Wettinger Verzinkerei.
2008-10-03 08:33:22Ronjaadded equivalents of 74HC into Twister, Twister2, AUI Forte, TX, Nebulus, Hertz.
2008-09-28 11:11:49RonjaAdded news
2008-07-30 15:55:38RonjaFixed a factical typo in fundamentals.php
2008-07-13 18:35:29RonjaReplaced SMD for SOIC in IC packages to make shopping more specific.
2008-07-12 15:42:47RonjaFixed broken 3D Models page
2008-07-12 11:35:26RonjaAdded Web IRC gateway instructions
2008-06-01 13:05:03RonjaRemoved alternative logos that had missing fonts.
2008-06-01 13:02:36RonjaFixed red contours in focal_distance.svg
2008-06-01 13:00:30RonjaFixed white areas in nebulus_placement.svg
2008-03-30 22:13:48RonjaAdded 13cm lens dimensions and weights into the Getting Lens chapter.
2008-03-30 13:27:48RonjaFixed PCB to Twister2 in twister2/pcb.php
2008-03-30 12:30:31RonjaAdded The Best Of Ronja Pictures.
2008-03-29 12:10:00RonjaAdded a link to another graduation project using Ronja.
2008-03-29 10:54:51RonjaAdded 2 stories about Ronja - the market-place and the aquarium.
2008-03-23 15:44:44RonjaAdded a link to the Wikipedia article
2008-03-23 15:32:49RonjaAdded the O'Reilly article
2008-03-23 15:15:02RonjaAdded the underwater optical link
2008-03-23 14:51:48RonjaAdded the first Ronja Publication at an IEEE conference.
2008-03-21 20:48:52RonjaAdded a special section where to get 74HC133
2008-03-21 16:48:13RonjaAdded several retailers of photodiodes.
2008-02-12 15:32:12RonjaAdded a warning into Metropolis, Tetrapolis and Inferno that the chimney exhaust should not be blocked, because people have died from that.
2008-02-08 14:01:11RonjaUpdate Ondrej Tesar's e-mail
2008-02-07 14:25:42RonjaAdded 9 insteresting links with astonishing homemade technology.
2008-02-07 13:35:04RonjaWritten that IRC is the primary support and mailing list secondary one.
2008-02-06 14:39:16RonjaRemoved the superfluous multiplexer in Hertz. Someone pointed out on the mailing list that it can be done without it, just with the switches.
2008-01-08 18:13:09RonjaReplaced all textual e-mail addresses with an image.
2008-01-08 05:25:54RonjaRemoved all .y4m.bz2 files and links to them. Took up too much space on the server.
2008-01-07 05:38:42RonjaAdded a page where to get the rubber blocks.
2007-12-27 16:36:50RonjaAdded a link to all.ogg into 3d/index.php and ronja_video.php.
2007-12-21 06:11:52RonjaReplaced obsolete text e-mail address with an up-to-date one that is in a picture difficult to parse by automatic robots.
2007-12-19 16:50:01RonjaMarked 2 Repy installations as unmounted.
2007-12-17 19:44:58RonjaAdded black contours to the statical 3D pictures.
2007-11-20 07:32:53RonjaAdded a 3D model of new Ronja on a chimney.
2007-11-20 07:32:42RonjaAdded a 3D model of old and new Ronja on a chimney.
2007-11-15 08:12:53RonjaAdded line countours into the colour 3D model pictures
2007-11-08 20:21:37RonjaChanged the primary contact from e-mail to IRC.
2007-10-09 19:35:57RonjaIncreased the C18 holes in Ronja Metropolis Transmitter by 0.2mm to facilitate physically bigger capacitors.
2007-10-08 23:32:04RonjaFixed a mangled description how to solder down the LED in PCB transmitter.
2007-10-03 21:07:02RonjaAdded a RF filter to the RSSI output of 10M Metropolis Receiver and Inferno Receiver to prevent false readouts in vicinity of an amateur radio transmitter. Sent in by Petr Seliger
2007-10-02 19:14:40RonjaFixed blue flashes in some videos on the 3d/ page.
2007-10-02 19:14:25RonjaChanged the black on white pictures on the 3d/ page to white on black because it looks better.
2007-08-03 09:05:49RonjaAdded a notice into Twister2 pinouts saying that the view is from outside looking at the device.
2007-08-03 08:57:36RonjaMentioned in Data Interface in Specification of Tetrapolis and Inferno the noncompliance to IEEE 802.3 page 303 14.2 g).
2007-08-02 21:13:54RonjaMade the bubble in the bird picture neater.
2007-08-02 20:22:13RonjaAdded hint about clogged up switches into Twister2.
2007-07-31 18:42:41RonjaMoved Getting Ronja on the title page from Additional information to Help.
2007-07-31 18:39:01RonjaChanged the logo font in the logo that is in upper left corner of every page.
2007-07-24 19:01:13RonjaAdded instructions how to identify badly soldered SMD pins into Twister2.
2007-07-24 18:56:48RonjaAdded a needle into Twister2 tools.
2007-07-24 18:50:20RonjaChanged the 10M Metropolis Transmitter to use mounting brackets, both in PCB and airwire variant.
2007-07-22 07:25:15RonjaAdded ride pictures into Bastard.
2007-07-21 08:38:59RonjaChanged the receiver to use mounting brackets instead of screws or barrels with cut inner threads.
2007-07-20 15:01:03RonjaAdded small loupe and bright lamp into Twister2 tools.
2007-07-20 12:32:27RonjaAdded a link to Switzerland's BAKOM official document stating that FSO links don't need a radiocommunications licence.
2007-06-13 21:21:57RonjaReplaced the mounting barrels in receiver with mounting brackets ("sides").
2007-05-08 20:37:48RonjaAdded threads to all bolts that are a part of the titlepage 3D Ronja model
2007-04-29 10:50:05RonjaAdditional info about how Ronja is resistant to weather extremes.
2007-04-27 23:12:55RonjaMade bolts in perpendicular console 3D model have a thread.
2007-04-27 09:58:54RonjaSome labels in Twister2 schematic which should have been invisible were visible and some crossing symbols. Fixed.
2007-04-22 17:11:57RonjaRemoved deadlink from Getting Whole Ronjas (ronja.php)
2007-03-31 08:59:01RonjaRemoved Where to get the stuff from ds.php. This is now in a separate part of the website.
2007-03-29 09:13:34RonjaAdded missing index.php for the scientific calculators.
2007-03-27 08:15:30RonjaAdded an Electronics overview into About.
2007-03-24 08:09:23RonjaAdded Wireshark to all mentions of tcpdump because both Wireshark and tcpdump can be used.
2007-03-19 19:08:42RonjaAdded missing Tetrapolis or Inferno power source into requirements for testing 2x Twister2.
2007-03-14 13:18:47RonjaAdded explanation of U63, U64, U65 in Twister.
2007-03-03 23:28:37RonjaAdded a rotating model of Ronja to the title page
2007-03-02 09:07:59RonjaMade a model of Ronja with all the nuts and bolts.
2007-02-28 18:59:53RonjaAdded information about weight into all three models.
2007-02-19 08:08:45RonjaAdded images of Ronja beam on a house.
2007-02-14 08:50:55RonjaParametrized the tubular heads so now they are mostly independent from the lens focal length.
2007-02-13 21:37:40RonjaPrescribed much cheaper, but still as good, bypass capacitors for Twister2.
2007-02-12 19:22:07RonjaAdded a link to the assembly videos from easy.php
2007-02-12 07:56:53RonjaFor the picture of fog where Ronja drops out, added a picture off the place without fog.
2007-02-11 19:37:40RonjaAdded a picture of a fog where Ronja drops out.
2007-02-10 16:42:03RonjaMoved the Full duplex hints from Wiki on the website.
2007-02-10 14:32:23RonjaMade a non-wiki list of where the material can be obtained and linked it into the instructions.
2007-02-09 13:29:20RonjaPut a list of basic functional units on the title page.
2007-02-08 23:48:48RonjaPut a Ronja photo on the titlepage, replaced the "bugging bird" with the kestrel mascot asking about completeness of the page.
2007-01-28 09:32:13RonjaImplemented Luminaplex into the encoding.
2007-01-27 23:50:44RonjaAdded information about fog into Is Ronja Reliable?
2007-01-27 23:38:57RonjaAdded an example for picture into property.php
2007-01-27 20:59:45RonjaAdded a Czech account on the Czech donatins page.
2007-01-15 15:45:25RonjaImplemented Twibright Hyperluma into the video encoding.
2007-01-11 20:53:40RonjaAdded Real Video 10 into the 3D videos.
2007-01-11 09:20:20RonjaAdded 3D models with video into the 130mm tubular head building instructions.
2007-01-11 09:20:04RonjaAdded videos to almost all 3D models.
2006-11-28 19:27:23RonjaAdded I want easy building instructions
2006-11-03 07:48:09RonjaAdded ploss_ettrapolis.php that somehow got lost
2006-10-29 15:25:23RonjaAdded BF982 datasheet
2006-10-19 09:01:37RonjaAdded a note into Metropolis, Tetrapolis and Inferno specification that the preamble is chopped off more than specified by IEEE802.3 and that there could be a problem if Ronja is connected into a cascade of hubs. However hubs almost don't exist today anymore so it is not a problem.
2006-10-18 22:51:34RonjaFixed bad link on Ronja power source in Twister2 Tools.
2006-10-18 22:02:19RonjaChanged the ronja-svn links to hansmi's ViewVC.
2006-10-18 20:12:27RonjaAdded LM2674-5.0 as an equivalent for LM2671-5.0
2006-10-14 20:52:13RonjaAdded Nebulus pictures from Honza Hnizdil, including a one with component labels.
2006-10-13 08:16:47RonjaAdded a view of real infrared link into the Inferno aiming.
2006-10-12 10:01:10RonjaAdded translation of about and benefits.php by Andreas Raede
2006-10-10 18:43:40RonjaFixed bad testpoints P2, P3, P4 in Nebulus and updated P6 and P7 without signal.
2006-10-10 18:22:14RonjaFixed mangled R15, R16, R18 in the populating sequence.
2006-10-10 08:03:24RonjaAdded FAQ entry 2 Twisters don't pass a test, but individually they pass
2006-10-09 23:50:10RonjaAdded human interaction in the globalized world
2006-10-09 23:01:08RonjaAdded a warning into testing of 2 Twisters that if people don't connect them exactly as described, it may mysteriosly fail or have packetloss.
2006-10-09 21:36:55RonjaAdded translation of index_de.php by Andreas Raede.
2006-10-09 21:36:04RonjaFixed swapped lens diameters and track ranges in some entries in the Gallery of Running Installations.
2006-10-09 21:35:42RonjaPerformed HTML validation
2006-09-30 08:01:48RonjaRemoved Paypal after reading
2006-09-10 16:09:43RonjaFixed the HTML type in manager.c
2006-09-10 09:29:44RonjaCorrected the range of 90mm red Ronja from 700m to 900m in models.php.
2006-09-10 09:24:12Ronjamkisofs taken out from ronja_download - the image would be now over 1GB.
2006-09-09 13:58:16RonjaFixed bad font in the Twibright Labs logo in almost all the drawings.
2006-09-09 12:18:23RonjaMoved the Tetrapolis/Inferno power source from material to modules in Tetrapolis modules required, because it's where it belongs.
2006-09-09 12:15:05RonjaAdded inferno power source into the Inferno required modules and removed the old complicated description of power source parameters.
2006-09-08 23:36:53RonjaAdded testpoints into Twister2.
2006-09-08 08:06:34RonjaAdded 2 more features in the Twig homepage.
2006-09-08 07:56:38RonjaAdded forgotten Signal Cabling 2 into Electrical modules.
2006-09-07 07:48:11RonjaAdded instructions how to register new links into the gallery of registered installations.
2006-09-05 20:52:31RonjaAdded Twig screenshot on the Twig homepage.
2006-09-03 13:25:50RonjaAdded Twig
2006-08-31 09:49:27RonjaFixed double labels in the Nebulus placement drawing.
2006-08-30 20:35:31RonjaLinked Tetrapolis and Inferno power source into Tetrapolis requirements instead of the original lengthy description of all the parameters the power source must have.
2006-08-30 20:31:17RonjaFixed broken image in the ronja_toni drawing.
2006-08-30 09:51:18RonjaRemoved references to Tetrapolis from Metropolis testing.
2006-08-30 09:49:51RonjaUpdated the prices of Metropolis and Tetrapolis parts in the FAQ.
2006-08-30 09:44:16RonjaLinked into bugs_sources.php.
2006-08-30 08:38:34RonjaAdded OpenBSD into the tools.
2006-08-29 08:58:40RonjaAdded Something not boring into the Benefits.
2006-08-28 19:45:09RonjaMoved Applications, Benefits into the Help section because it's probably the second thing a newcomer wants to know about Ronja - for what he can use it and what it is going to bring him.
2006-08-28 09:50:44RonjaFixed a missing comma in guidelines for creation of footprints.
2006-08-27 17:53:46RonjaAdded Free networks into Benefits.
2006-08-27 17:53:19RonjaAdded Behaving Ecologically into Benefits.
2006-08-27 14:59:29RonjaAdded Education Projects into Benefits.
2006-08-27 14:36:46RonjaAdded Improvement in technical skills into Benefits.
2006-08-27 12:56:47RonjaAdded Hobby project into Benefits.
2006-08-27 09:55:47RonjaAdded DIY kits into Benefits.
2006-08-27 08:51:04RonjaFixed bad link from Ronja Project Sustainability Philosophy.
2006-08-26 20:51:05RonjaAdded future proof into the Benefits.
2006-08-26 18:49:59RonjaAdded Being able to repair cheaply in case of failure into Benefits.
2006-08-26 18:31:59RonjaAdded Being able to modify the device I am using into Benefits.
2006-08-26 14:46:04RonjaAdded Be in control of the technology you use into Benefits.
2006-08-24 08:49:15RonjaRenamed Benefits to Applications and Benefits.
2006-08-24 08:33:48RonjaAdded Minimizing Packetloss into the Benefits.
2006-08-24 08:04:54RonjaAdded Save on Tax into Benefits.
2006-08-22 08:41:27RonjaWritten Saving Tax into Benefits.
2006-08-21 23:09:13RonjaAdded Low Roundtrip chapter into Benefits.
2006-08-20 21:24:51RonjaAdded Resolving Problems with WiFi into Benefits
2006-08-20 15:32:52RonjaAdded Multimedia Streaming into Benefits
2006-08-20 09:00:52RonjaAdded Data Backups into Benefits.
2006-08-20 08:19:06RonjaAdded Maximum Range into the Benefits.
2006-08-19 09:24:28RonjaAdded Fast Deployment into Benefits
2006-08-18 20:44:35RonjaAdded Benefits -> Last Mile Solution
2006-08-06 14:24:50RonjaReleased Twister2
2006-07-01 12:06:15RonjaAdded Twister2.
2006-06-19 20:44:24RonjaAdded backlinks to Starquake, Audiofire, Hertz, and the Signal Cabling.
2006-06-16 08:35:05RonjaAdded backlinks into Inferno receiver, 10M Metropolis Transmitter and Nebulus.
2006-06-14 23:51:27RonjaAdded backlinks into Receiver
2006-06-14 10:05:53RonjaWrote backlinks from AUI Forte.
2006-06-14 00:21:42RonjaMultiple HTML fixes
2006-06-13 23:20:23RonjaAdded backlinks into all Twister subchapters.
2006-06-13 20:50:26RonjaRewritten the mast console mounting into boxed page format.
2006-06-10 10:58:52RonjaRemoved about 30 deadlinks.
2006-05-05 20:02:28RonjaChanged TIA/EIA-568-B to T568B because the first is a name of norm describing both wiring possibilities. The second is the proper name for that particular wiring possibility.
2006-05-05 20:01:51RonjaSpecified in both CZ and EN Twister material that the RJ45 plugs must be for a stranded cable.
2006-05-05 20:01:37RonjaSpecified in Czech Twister material that the cable must be stranded.
2006-04-18 21:33:02RonjaAdded warning into building guides of optical heads about consequences of improper sealing.
2006-04-17 22:32:17RonjaChanged the cable leads of Receiver to 100% coaxial cables.
2006-04-13 22:56:28RonjaAll places where coaxial or shielded cable is required now mention that the cable must be stranded.
2006-03-30 17:33:47RonjaBanned galvanized hard inner wire coaxials from the Ronja cabling.
2006-03-13 21:41:07RonjaAdded logo for centrepunch tatoo on the Twister box template.
2006-01-31 08:11:53RonjaAdded uA733 TO-5-10, SA592 DIL 14, LM592 DIL 14, uA592 DIL 14 and SE592 DIL14 into equivalents of NE592.
2006-01-27 08:53:50RonjaUpdated README to Subversion.
2006-01-27 00:58:50RonjaWritten into Maintenance what to do if a hygienic inspection comes.
2006-01-27 00:51:07RonjaPut Inferno warning label directly into the guide.
2006-01-26 22:26:24RonjaImproved eye safety documentation.
2006-01-21 22:01:19RonjaMade wiring plans portable for black and white printer.
2006-01-21 19:39:43RonjaReworked the Twister assignment helper sheet so it's simpler to use.
2006-01-15 20:25:44RonjaAdded how to drill tin safely into fundamentals of manufacturing operations.
2006-01-15 20:25:29RonjaAdded old news link back to the front page.
2006-01-15 11:00:20RonjaSector marks for Transmitter.
2006-01-14 18:57:16RonjaFixed many places where Twister silkscreen was cut away by via hole or other soldermask cutout.
2006-01-14 12:23:11RonjaAdded population sectors into Twister.
2006-01-12 09:07:16RonjaFixed the "et al." dead link on the bottom of almost every page.
2006-01-10 23:59:13RonjaRemoved unnecessary middle hole from heel interface from the quion.
2006-01-10 23:06:56RonjaRemoved unnecessary 3rd hole from both heel and the heel template.
2006-01-10 00:33:31RonjaAdded IRC entry into the Help menu column.
2006-01-09 20:28:59RonjaTenyen's correcture of interference.php
2006-01-08 22:39:25RonjaAdded missing NED evaluation into Metropolis NED measurement.
2006-01-08 20:15:05RonjaWritten 2 application notes about solving interference problem and fresnel zone problem
2006-01-04 09:48:43RonjaPrescribed stranded STP for Twister
2006-01-04 09:21:45RonjaAdded troubleshooting into the 3 dataling guides.
2006-01-03 09:18:14RonjaAdded Metropolis troubleshooting
2006-01-02 17:28:14RonjaAdded duty cycle testing with Hertz.
2006-01-02 12:26:14RonjaAdd line styles into PCB creation guidelines.
2006-01-01 11:16:51RonjaSimplified the R106 tuning procedure in the receiver to one direct step using milliampermeter.
2005-12-31 13:13:29RonjaAdded how to make rims into PCB creation guidelines
2005-12-29 09:49:00RonjaReworked test procedures for Tetrapolis, Interpolis and 10M Metropolis.
2005-12-29 09:48:37RonjaAdded comprehensive test table.
2005-12-18 22:22:39RonjaAdded testing for Twister and AUI Forte into their building guides.
2005-11-05 10:18:29RonjaFixed 74HC153 missing in Hertz partlist and crystal oscillator not having it's frequency indicated.
2005-11-05 09:51:36RonjaMade ronjaping BER measurement load the link in full duplex mode.
2005-11-05 08:59:21RonjaAdded BER calculator.
2005-11-05 08:59:13RonjaMade boxes in boxed page to be centered in a straight way and not in a jagged way, improving legibility significantly.
2005-10-23 22:24:02RonjaRemoved useless central hole from plate and plate template.
2005-10-23 20:17:14RonjaMade a scientific calculator for LC circuits.
2005-10-23 09:38:12RonjaEnhanced the holder building guide by adding lots of photographs.
2005-10-16 15:15:58RonjaChanged licence of Ronja website from GPL to GFDL
2005-10-15 23:18:44RonjaAdded welded parallel console.
2005-10-09 19:46:26RonjaFixed bugs in HTML code.
2005-10-09 12:21:21RonjaAdded possibility for DIL8 crystal oscillator into Twister.
2005-10-08 18:43:20RonjaSpecified all coaxial cables to have solderable shield.
2005-10-08 17:57:33RonjaFixed pictures with mirror testing to show proper way of testing.
2005-10-08 17:42:59RonjaAdded instructions that range reduction should be performed at the end of on-floor testing.
2005-10-08 13:40:04RonjaFixed infinite weights in some 3d models and set weights of non-Ronja parts in the model to 0.
2005-10-08 11:50:29RonjaAdded contact into LUGS slides.
2005-10-08 11:43:43RonjaFixed ambiguous definition of SND difference in generated postscripts and PDFs
2005-10-07 22:29:58RonjaAdded RX and RX/TX templates
2005-10-07 10:05:45RonjaChanged character set from ISO 8859-2 to UTF-8.
2005-10-05 22:18:27RonjaSet up Trac
2005-10-05 22:18:23RonjaMigrated from TWiki to Mediawiki
2005-10-05 22:18:14RonjaMigrated from GNU Arch to Subversion
2005-10-04 19:33:53RonjaRemoved links to dead Utopia webring.
2005-09-26 11:40:39RonjaFixed bad links in Metro-/Tetrapolis testing in preemphasis settings that should go to preemphasis test with ping and went to with bertest instead.
2005-09-25 23:55:43RonjaFixed background on links in CSS.
2005-09-21 15:47:46RonjaMerged in lucasvo's style changes - Attention - CSS from now! Ronja will look ugly in CSS-incapable browsers (like Twibright Labs Links ;-])
2005-09-19 13:36:39RonjaAdded a note that TLWR 7600 is very weak and suitable for testing only.
2005-09-16 20:32:21RonjaAdded lucasvo's proto-SMD-PCB.
2005-09-16 14:38:27RonjaAdded Polous' preliminary 10M_receiver.pcb being worked on (TMD version)
2005-09-14 20:29:24RonjaReleased TX PCB
2005-09-13 08:08:21RonjaEnhanced preemphasis setting part in Tetrapolis testing (copied from Metropolis).
2005-09-09 13:17:43RonjaAdded missing requirement on Tetrapolis power supply: short circuit protection.
2005-09-06 11:27:24RonjaAdded PCB creation guidelines.
2005-09-05 11:32:35Ronjaadded PCB packages: 1206_tbl SOLDERPAD_200 WIRE_COIL cap_cer_tbl elyt_13_21_radial_lay_tbl rim_784_tbl rim_short_tbl solderstrip_both_tbl to92_tbl so14_tbl into /schematics/packages/.
2005-09-04 19:52:28RonjaAdded explanation of R114 and C169.
2005-09-04 19:34:18RonjaAdded more detailed photos where to place capacitors for Twister radiation bugfix.
2005-09-04 14:46:08RonjaChanged broken dgnmos-1.sym to dgnmos-2.sym courtesy Polous.
2005-09-04 12:04:46RonjaExplicitly written into Twister Material that AM26LS32 is wrong.
2005-09-04 11:15:01RonjaExplained more detailed how to measure focal distance of a lens.
2005-09-02 22:32:31RonjaR104 was 180k and replacement resistors were 82-120k. Someone needed 150k there. Fixed the replacement resistors range to 100-150k.
2005-09-02 22:31:51RonjaP101 was written that must be min. P110-0.5 but actually someone measured P110-0.7. Fixed to more correct value P110-1.5 (30mA consumption of Q101 through 48 ohms of resistors in total).
2005-09-02 21:22:14RonjaAdded note that PIN diode chip must be inside the RX case otherwise catches intereference.
2005-09-02 21:08:19RonjaFixed hood thickness in both tubular heads. It was sometimes impossible to bend it.
2005-08-31 11:34:31RonjaChanged ugly icons in main.php to something better (lucasvo)
2005-08-21 17:02:12RonjaReleased drilling templates
2005-08-16 11:36:52RonjaPolous reported bug that partlists contain order no. of 10mm instead of 5mm green diode for GM Electronics supplier. Fixed.
2005-07-03 22:32:03RonjaFixed missing instruction to install switches in Twister guide.
2005-07-03 15:46:57RonjaRewritten Metropolis testing with separate testing procedures.
2005-07-02 13:25:36RonjaAdded separate testing guides.
2005-06-24 09:18:26Ronja1/2 -> 1/3 of detector protruding out
2005-06-18 08:43:16RonjaAdded Czech translations of 3 pages.
2005-06-15 21:49:03RonjaAdded chimney console 3D model.
2005-06-12 14:22:18RonjaMade the what's inside ronja page more intuitive to click by including pictures.
2005-06-12 13:20:03RonjaAdded 3D model of mast and corner console.
2005-05-21 22:26:44RonjaFixed deadlinks to Czech CSV's (they were missing from autogeneration).
2005-05-21 21:39:25RonjaFixed deadlink to _cz_1.html partlists.
2005-05-21 20:26:02RonjaIn RX population: fixed old capacitor reference designators in populating sequence.
2005-05-21 15:39:10RonjaMade postscript assembly picture for Twister bigger so it's not microscopic and spans the whole page size.
2005-05-21 15:38:05RonjaRemoved deadlink to Gerber RS274-X for Assembly picture, which doesn't have any Gerber file.
2005-05-21 15:20:05RonjaFixed bad soldermask polarity in Twister README and README.CZ.
2005-05-20 23:05:15RonjaConverted railing console building guide to boxed page.
2005-05-20 22:52:31RonjaFixed typo in railing console material.
2005-05-20 21:28:55RonjaAdded link to separate partlists into PCB building of Twister.
2005-05-19 12:15:32RonjaFixed deadlinks for .g files in 3D models which were symlinks.
2005-05-18 22:00:27RonjaAdded cutaway view into holder and 3d model into holder index.php.
2005-05-18 21:53:57RonjaEnhanced the Posess a Ronja menu on the first page.
2005-05-16 16:21:52RonjaAdded 3d model into parallel console building.
2005-05-15 23:10:33RonjaAdded cutout view of perpendicular console.
2005-05-14 23:30:14RonjaIntroduced BRL-CAD as 3D modeling program.
2005-05-11 22:09:23RonjaAdded a note about possible e. g. 60mV RSSI with no signal into 10M_receiver.sch and inferno_receiver.sch
2005-05-08 12:53:48RonjaMade the partlist autogeneration system independent of number of component suppliers. Users can now add part numbers into schematics/prices.csv and compare prices and send their database for merging into the main one by site maintainer.
2005-05-06 22:51:50RonjaMigrated automatically generated schematic decoration tables to new system of partlist generation.
2005-05-05 21:29:48RonjaAdded how to reduce minimum distance into FAQ.
2005-05-05 19:11:31RonjaAdded CSV partlist for Metropolis, Tetrapolis, Inferno, Benchpress
2005-05-05 18:26:36RonjaRemade Twister for the modern partlist generation system.
2005-05-05 18:24:52RonjaAdded content-type text/comma-separated-values for CSV.
2005-05-01 15:14:31RonjaAdded section for explanations how Ronja works: inside -> how
2005-04-27 19:38:22RonjaFixed testpoints in Nebulus. They were left over from 10M Transmitter.
2005-04-24 14:01:02RonjaCzech translation of footer.
2005-04-24 11:54:24RonjaAdded separate partlists including CSV for import into Openoffice -- into all modules.
2005-04-19 21:15:19RonjaFixed missing U53 power in AUI Forte.
2005-04-16 19:44:24RonjaPut drawings/index.php drawings into 3 colums.
2005-04-16 12:10:50RonjaAdded Wikipedia link into the vocabulary.
2005-04-15 22:01:09RonjaA prototype of new site approach.
2005-04-09 18:13:42RonjaAdded remark that C154 should be soldered as close to Q101 as possible.
2005-03-25 14:33:54RonjaAdded M4 washers under self-cutting screws for closing both tubular heads.
2005-03-15 18:22:40RonjaAdded an unofficial drawing -- VoXor console.
2005-03-12 22:09:11RonjaAdded favicon
2005-03-10 19:08:50RonjaAdded comments section (Wiki page) for the news.
2005-03-06 19:23:15RonjaAdded Repy photos.
2005-03-01 14:13:19RonjaNews added.
2005-02-25 20:22:21RonjaAdded photo and brief application description to the almost-title page main.php.
2005-02-19 20:45:52RonjaChanged holes in hood from 4.1mm to 4.3mm for better inacurracy resistance.
2005-02-13 17:11:15RonjaMade rounding on the hood for safety.
2005-02-13 14:46:38RonjaAdded floorwashing bucket, brush and sponge into chimney and railing console.
2005-02-13 13:35:20RonjaAdded floor washing bucket, brush and sponge into holder, tubular_head_130, tubular_head_90 tools (EN only).
2005-02-13 10:53:32RonjaUpdated the cleaning and painting and holder building and fundamentals.
2005-02-12 21:54:27RonjaAdjusted amount of silicagel for 90mm tubular head for what fits into two 67x46mm tin boxes.
2005-02-11 10:17:29RonjaAdded missing piece of tin for slide covers into 90mm and 130mm tubular heads (EN+CZ).
2005-02-10 18:50:33RonjaAdded information that 8.5mm holes in rubber blocks should be done with 9.5mm drill bit.
2005-02-10 17:30:38RonjaAdded remark about bug in tla 1.0 that causes errors during checkout of Ronja tree. Added into editing.php.
2005-02-09 12:13:17RonjaAdded M3 washers into tubular heads for terminal block.
2005-02-09 11:38:08RonjaTypo in holder material
2005-02-09 11:29:55RonjaAdded specification of high-strength for M10 bolt in holder material.
2005-02-09 11:25:25RonjaUpgraded the specification of M6 bolt lengths in Holder material (EN+CZ)
2005-02-09 10:46:15RonjaAdded drying brush before painting again into CZ+EN fundamentals.
2005-02-08 18:46:10RonjaRemoved silicagel bags and added silicagel boxes into tubular heads.
2005-02-08 16:15:18RonjaFixed the painting instructions in EN and CZ fundamentals
2005-02-08 09:29:21RonjaFixed ambiguities regarding front and rear cap position and V-slit positions in 130mm and 90mm tubular heads building.
2005-02-05 11:50:35RonjaFixed 8.5mm holes to 9.5mm in quoin and plate.
2005-02-01 13:32:34RonjaFixed bad picture at focal distance measurement in FAQ.
2005-01-31 18:22:34RonjaForbidden gloves and holding by bare hand during drilling.
2005-01-31 10:03:11RonjaFixed number of M4 washers and nuts in Nebulus (some moved from tubular heads).
2005-01-31 09:58:11RonjaFixed number of M4 nuts and washers in transmitter (added some from tubular head)
2005-01-31 09:54:08RonjaFixed number of M4 washers and nuts in both tubular heads and receiver (moved some from head to receiver).
2005-01-31 09:48:52RonjaChange in receiver - added M4 nuts and washers for mounting
2005-01-31 09:37:44RonjaFixed number of self-cutting screws in both tubular heads.
2005-01-31 09:30:53RonjaTypo fixed in tubular heads.
2005-01-30 19:50:25RonjaFixed M8 -> M10 bug in Metropolis, Tetrapolis, and Inferno Installation and aiming.
2005-01-29 19:19:27RonjaAdded calibration drawing into fundamentals.
2005-01-26 10:59:21RonjaBetter explanation of bugfix in Twister.
2005-01-26 10:57:31RonjaChanged the population order: put sockets up front in Twister population.
2005-01-23 18:16:46RonjaAdded information into Fundamentals that suffixes may be added to IC types.
2005-01-22 15:36:34RonjaFixed +5V in Nebulus. There isn't any, R11 was intended to be connected to the power pin of the chips.
2005-01-22 08:49:47RonjaFixed HTML bug in transmitter/material.php
2005-01-22 08:48:19RonjaFixed HTML syntactic bug in PHP code that was in at least almost all pages.
2005-01-22 08:44:02RonjaAdded information which direction insulating tape should be applied on a connector stub.
2005-01-22 08:43:13RonjaAdded photos how to distinguish HSL4220 and HSDL4230 into Nebulus material and Distance issues and added photos of HPWT- series LED into Transmitter material.
2005-01-19 19:22:53RonjaAdded link to switch taxonomy explanation into vocabulary.
2005-01-19 19:00:35RonjaChanged AUI Forte wire nut attachment for much more firm.
2005-01-19 18:59:53RonjaChanged on-floor distance for BPW43 from 1m to 2m. It looks like the 1m rating is based on probably defective diode piece measurement and fixed some typos.
2005-01-19 08:03:24RonjaAdded much better description how to make wire stubs and insulation into AUI Forte building guide.
2005-01-18 18:59:53RonjaAdded links to Gnuplot and R sources of distance calculations.
2005-01-11 18:45:56RonjaAdded notice about the fact that postscript preview of soldermask of Twister PCB is inverted to Gerber and the copper preview contains also holes.
2005-01-09 21:07:21RonjaRemoved double ledholder from modules list.
2005-01-06 23:39:38RonjaFixed bad numbering in nebulus transmitter schematic. It resulted in one 27 Ohm resistor being omitted from the partlist. Also fixed obsolete set of tuning resistors.
2005-01-04 15:09:30RonjaAdded lm7805 datasheet.
2005-01-02 23:17:06RonjaFixed bug in inferno/building.php: bad comment at Twister and bad link, instead of Inferno Receiver there was 10M Metropolis Receiver.
2005-01-01 12:48:59RonjaADded BC547 datasheet
2005-01-01 12:42:36RonjaAdded BD139 datasheet
2005-01-01 12:21:26RonjaAdded printer calibration postscript.
2005-01-01 12:16:54RonjaUpdate URL links to sodipodi
2005-01-01 10:46:40RonjaAdded pictures how to make contact flaps into all boxed electronics.
2005-01-01 09:23:48RonjaFixed missing dimensions in hertz.dxf (caused by Qcad bug)
2005-01-01 09:07:37RonjaSplit 10M receiver into 10M receiver and Inferno receiver due to numerous tiny differences that were otherwise unmanageable.
2004-12-31 20:48:57RonjaFixed parlist deadlinks in augmented part list for Inferno.
2004-12-31 20:33:55RonjaFixed Inferno legal issues
2004-12-31 20:09:52RonjaAdded model comparison table
2004-12-31 19:32:38RonjaFixed Inferno installing guide.
2004-12-31 16:38:53RonjaFixed up the benchpress guide.
2004-12-31 14:54:11RonjaDebugged the Ledholder guide.
2004-12-31 14:54:07RonjaDebugged the Hertz guide.
2004-12-31 14:53:53RonjaFixed bad links in modules.php
2004-12-31 10:19:02RonjaDebugged the Starquake guide.
2004-12-30 20:25:29RonjaFixed up the Audiofire guide.
2004-12-30 11:57:33RonjaFixed the Nebulus guide
2004-12-29 20:48:09RonjaMassive fixed in Nebulus building guide
2004-12-29 15:06:27RonjaAdded missing thermal paste into Nebulus and transmitter and Czech transmitter materials.
2004-12-29 11:47:28RonjaAdded untidied form of Inferno
2004-12-29 11:47:25RonjaAdded untidied form of Benchpress
2004-12-29 11:47:22RonjaAdded untidied form of Ledholder
2004-12-29 11:47:14RonjaAdded untidied form of Starquake
2004-12-29 11:47:10RonjaAdded untidied form of Audiofire
2004-12-29 11:47:07RonjaAdded untidied form of Hertz
2004-12-29 11:46:08RonjaAdded untidied form of Nebulus guide
2004-12-29 11:46:04RonjaAdded decibel definition into vocabulary and fixed ambiguosity at amplification factor.
2004-12-27 20:38:17RonjaNebulus assignment
2004-12-27 19:11:21RonjaAdded page with all schematics.
2004-12-27 11:42:28RonjaFixed another html code typo in mlist.php
2004-12-27 11:39:26RonjaTypo fix in mlist.php that cause invalid HTML code.
2004-12-23 08:45:38RonjaAdded 7805 drawing into twister assignment sheet because the user was said that he'll not need schematic but had to look up the 7805 pinout in the schematic or datasheet.
2004-12-22 07:37:16RonjaAdded note about not using desoldered components into Metropolis and Tetrapolis partlists.
2004-12-22 07:31:06RonjaAdded note about not using desoldered components into Twister, AUI Forte, Transmitter, Receiver.
2004-12-19 10:43:55RonjaAdded thanks into credits and donors.
2004-12-01 17:22:36RonjaMade special content types for .pcb, .gbr, .cnc and .sch
2004-12-01 17:22:12RonjaFixed obsolete revision number of Twister in README and README.CZ
2004-12-01 06:55:32RonjaAdded drawing and instructions for building Twister with jumpers instead of switches.
2004-11-30 08:40:09RonjaAdded comprehensible drawing how to solder C54 and C55 directly over pins of U68 into Twister building.
2004-11-29 19:43:10RonjaAdded TL592 datasheet, TL592 into equivalents of receiver with remark about pin 3 and 12.
2004-11-27 08:52:45RonjaAdded notes that P104 should be measured with RSSI <2V
2004-11-26 21:15:02RonjaAdded 100k resistor for tuning P102
2004-11-26 09:15:49RonjaFixed tons of HTML bugs in tetrapolis/testing_cz.php
2004-11-26 08:58:57RonjaFixed tetrapolis/testing_cz.php from horrible factical bugs
2004-11-14 09:37:05RonjaAdded PDF's into drawings.
2004-11-11 20:35:10RonjaAdded PDF reference link into web.php
2004-11-11 19:28:07RonjaRemade the schematic ouput files autogeneration system completely so that now all combinations of B/W, colour, ps, ps.gz, pdf, dark, light and small schematic files are available and the online PNG files are in colour again.
2004-11-06 09:19:36RonjaAdded RawFramesTest into Metropolis Testing.
2004-11-06 09:12:49RonjaChanged the link for DOS utilities in metropolis/testing.php from Bristol University (refuses to provide downloads for people outside the University now) to 3COM.
2004-11-05 19:24:04RonjaAdded instructions about translating
2004-11-05 19:23:55RonjaAdded instructions how to check out sources
2004-11-05 19:23:36RonjaChanged from CVS to GNU Arch
2004-10-24 15:38:46RonjaMade the explanation of receiver building more comprehensible and added a drawing around installing cable leads.
2004-10-22 19:37:04RonjaAdded warning about high winds into parallel console about.
2004-10-21 19:26:21RonjaAdded 1N4448/1N4148 datasheet.
2004-10-17 11:21:23RonjaMade Czech footer
2004-10-16 20:47:24Ronja(Hopefully) made the title page more comprehensible.
2004-10-12 12:33:39RonjaAdded links to specifications into Web Links: PNG, DXF, RS-274X, IEEE 802, IEEE802.3
2004-10-11 20:03:54RonjaRedrawin the TX box drawing completely because the olde one wasn't neat.
2004-10-11 20:03:31RonjaReplaced 8.5mm holes for bushings with 8mm holes in receiver and transmitter.
2004-10-08 07:17:01RonjaFixed too vague translation of detergent washing and drying the front cap in 130mm console as "očistěte víčko".
2004-10-08 07:14:12RonjaFixed a nonsense about insulating heating terminals in Czech translation of tubular head 130mm.
2004-10-08 06:38:33RonjaUpdated 2 inches -> 60mm in tubular heads material for both 90 and 130mm - 4mm^2 wire.
2004-10-03 08:40:38RonjaEnhanced the talk about static sensitive semiconductors soldering in Fundamentals of manufacturing operations.
2004-09-21 11:27:20RonjaChanged W5-RSSI cable length from 1m to 0.6m in signal cabling material and building because 1m was too long.
2004-09-21 08:34:54RonjaRewritten the on-floor distance for unified 4% packetloss and added information for expected on-floor range with BPW43.
2004-09-20 06:44:59RonjaFixed the SFH203 crystal appearance manually (still it's Sodipodi bug).
2004-09-19 15:20:52RonjaRenamed aiming magic to focusing magic because aiming magic was inappropriate.
2004-09-18 20:01:46RonjaAdded 75173 into 26LS32 equivalents in Twister.
2004-09-16 10:04:46RonjaFixed missing minor color labels in overall.svg on the right side on wire nut directly on colour duct tapes.
2004-09-16 10:00:04RonjaFixed title in Ronja 10M Metropolis Transmitter Sodipodi drawing.
2004-09-16 09:58:05RonjaFixed title of Ronja 10M Reciever sodipodi drawing.
2004-09-15 16:36:53RonjaRemoved AM26LS32 from equivalents and replaced with AM26LS32A.
2004-09-15 08:11:37RonjaAdded colour codes of leads into transmitter schematic.
2004-09-14 19:59:39RonjaFixed cable labels in drawings/transmitter_placement.png.
2004-09-14 18:04:20RonjaAdded colour names on wire nut into AUI Forte schematic.
2004-09-14 08:31:06RonjaAdded colour coding by insulation diagram into transmitter building.
2004-09-14 07:27:30RonjaAdded colour code schematic and instruction how to insulate stub-equipped ends with colour coded duct tapes into receiver building.
2004-09-14 06:56:25RonjaAdded colour codes and explanatory switch drawing into twister schematic.
2004-09-14 01:48:15RonjaAdded schematic of overall interconnection into metropolis and tetrapolis installing and aiming.
2004-09-12 07:20:06RonjaUpdated the measurement points methodics in metropolis and tetrapolis testing.
2004-09-11 09:58:48RonjaResized the LED hole in TX from 3.3mm to 3.5mm.
2004-09-09 19:59:48RonjaAdded C154 - 1n into receiver after examining Malusek's mysterious receiver.
2004-09-08 06:39:06RonjaAdded drawing and text for grounding cable eyelet into chimney console building.
2004-09-07 09:39:36RonjaFixed length of chimney console binding thread rods, because now the U sections are being mounted the other way for more stability.
2004-09-07 07:26:12RonjaAdded blurb about tolerances into Fundamentals of manufacturing operations.
2004-09-06 15:35:45RonjaShifted the vertical holes in chimney console to make space for wedge washers.
2004-09-06 10:07:14RonjaAdded hole for lightning clamp and for grounding cable into chimney console.
2004-09-06 06:46:06RonjaAdded photos of wire nut into material of twister, heating, tubular 90mm head, tubular 130mm optical head.
2004-09-06 06:41:32RonjaAdded photos of duct tape into material of cabling and heating.
2004-09-06 05:38:39RonjaAdded photo of eyelet into signal cabling material.
2004-09-05 19:45:56RonjaAdded soldering of eyelet into signal cabling.
2004-09-05 18:47:26RonjaFixed too short coaxial cable requirement in signal cables: 2m to 2.5m
2004-09-05 15:25:07RonjaFixed component order in EN and CZ soldering guide in twister.
2004-09-05 12:38:11RonjaSpecified the cloth material for silicagel bags as 100% natural fiber to prevent melting in oven.
2004-09-05 11:32:41RonjaAdded specifications of seam spacing and depth into 130mm and 90mm optical head building guides.
2004-09-05 10:54:21RonjaChanged optimum voltage on P104 from 6-7V to 5-6V based on Polous's observations on two BF988 samples: the optimum was allegedly at 4-4.3V. However we must account for the possible voltage drop on power cables when someone tunes this in a room and then installs it up on the roof.
2004-09-05 09:41:16RonjaAdded information and photo of wire/tin lightning rod clamp into chimney console mounting.
2004-09-05 09:14:25RonjaRewritten chimney console building into boxed page format.
2004-09-05 09:14:13RonjaAdded drilling template into chimney console.
2004-09-05 07:57:39RonjaFixed still bad link to ronjaping in testrapolis testing - missing dash (-).
2004-09-03 16:33:57RonjaAdded one character position into bom.c output so that two-digit prices aren't misaligned in output bills of material.
2004-09-03 13:40:49RonjaAdded into perpendiculra console that it can be mounted on a horizontal masonry or concrete surface.
2004-09-03 13:33:18RonjaAdded vice and knife into both EN and CZ signal cabling tools.
2004-09-03 12:40:15RonjaAdded 74HC04 -> 74HCT04 equivalent into Twister equivalents.
2004-09-02 15:44:09RonjaAdded notice about autonegotiation into Tetrapolis Specifications.
2004-09-01 19:21:58RonjaFixed double occurence of LM7805 in tetrapolis partlists. The number was OK, just it was inconvenient to be halved into 2 lines.
2004-08-29 17:18:42RonjaFixed incorrect HTML in metropolis/testing.php
2004-08-28 11:59:30RonjaDivided the titlepage icons into two columns.
2004-08-28 08:35:28RonjaAdded icons: credits, editing sources, licence, changelog to the title page.
2004-08-25 09:58:28RonjaAdded parts and modules icons to title page
2004-08-24 22:51:21RonjaFixed bad main.php/ instead of main.php link on main.php top left icon of the title page.
2004-08-24 22:13:54RonjaAdded About and Models icons on the main page for better orientation.
2004-08-23 18:56:56RonjaAdded RSSI cable into signal cabling.
2004-08-23 18:56:47RonjaRewritten the signal cabling to use all wires shielded to prevent interference and even possible damage from CB transmitters and in some cases seemingly even WiFi transmitters.
2004-08-23 18:55:38RonjaRemoved the clause about placing near AC power cable from signal cabling mounting because it seems not to apply at all even with low-quality cables.
2004-08-23 18:51:37RonjaRemoved labeling of W1-RX and W1-TX from signal cabling building because it's no longer necessary; color codes of insulation have been introduced.
2004-08-23 12:51:53RonjaFixed a factual bug in CZ Tetrapolis testing.
2004-08-23 08:08:15RonjaAdded photos into Perpendicular console building guide.
2004-08-23 08:08:01RonjaRewritten the Perpendicular console building into boxed page forma.
2004-08-22 23:22:11RonjaAdded photos of perpendicular console into modules.php
2004-08-22 23:14:24RonjaRemoved Holder mounting because the holder mounting process is a part of Metropolis or Tetrapolis installation process.
2004-08-22 22:52:33RonjaRewritten holder builging guide into boxed page format.
2004-08-22 21:59:05RonjaAdded one image of heads on holders into Metropolis/Tetrapolis installation guide.
2004-08-22 21:54:13RonjaAdded 3 images of installations for clarity into Parallel console mounting.
2004-08-22 21:54:00RonjaRewritten Parallel console mounting guide into boxed page format.
2004-08-22 21:44:48RonjaAdded 5 photos into Parallel console building guide to make things clearer.
2004-08-22 21:44:25RonjaRewritten the Parallel console building guide into the boxed format.
2004-08-21 14:43:42RonjaAdded Czech translation of Tetrapolis building.
2004-08-21 14:24:04RonjaSubstituted all bad flexings "Ronjy" for the correct ones "Ronji" in all Czech translations.
2004-08-21 14:12:16RonjaUpdated link from Metropolis Building -> technical details decision to point now to distance issues (it's about diameter decision).
2004-08-21 14:11:12RonjaFixed dead link from Tetrapolis Building to diametere selection
2004-08-21 14:10:58RonjaFixed dead link from Tetrapolis Building to console selection.
2004-08-21 14:02:47RonjaFixed bad links in tetrapolis/testing_cz.php to slax and ronjaping.
2004-08-20 22:11:32RonjaAdded Tetrapolis testing Czech translation
2004-08-17 08:58:16RonjaAll Ronja Drawings added.
2004-08-15 16:52:57RonjaAdded "soldering steel" into the Fundamentals of manufacturing operations.
2004-08-15 16:41:08RonjaAdded couple of minor headlines into Fundamentals of manufacturing operations for better clarity.
2004-08-15 15:50:15RonjaUpdated the Technical Details Decision in 10M Metropolis and Tetrapolis with regard to existing graphs of range.
2004-08-15 14:04:01RonjaAdded bugfix stage into Czech Twister building guide.
2004-08-15 11:10:41RonjaFixed bug where receiver, metropolis and tetrapolis partlists were totally empty.
2004-08-15 10:04:30RonjaAdded automatic generation of Postscript files from Sodipodi .svg sources for faster editing.
2004-08-15 09:02:01RonjaAdded automatical Czech translation of netlists for Twister.
2004-08-15 08:17:27RonjaAdded new netlists and assembly plan into Czech Twister translation.
2004-08-15 00:48:14RonjaAdded inteligent netlists for Twister.
2004-08-14 06:55:13RonjaAdded sorting of * files according to refdes
2004-08-13 22:03:33RonjaAdded Twister translation to Czech by Petr Dvorak
2004-08-13 17:27:35RonjaAdded soldering liquid, zinc chloride and rust remover into Twister material for case when steel/rusty steel tin is used.
2004-08-08 19:47:27RonjaFixed bad datasheet links: SFH203, BPW43, BPV10, HPWT-BD00, TLWR7600, NE592
2004-08-08 19:00:55RonjaRemoved dead link to Temic BPW43 datasheet. It looks like Temic has been bought by Continental and they stopped manufacturing this part.
2004-08-08 18:50:47RonjaFixed bad heading in Metropolis transmitter tools (was: AUI Interface)
2004-08-08 17:03:43RonjaAdded some more links and photos into the tour
2004-08-08 11:59:31RonjaAdded information that modules are not intended for stand-alone usage into Ronja Modules.
2004-08-08 09:51:23RonjaFixed incomplete accessory list at the beginning of tetrapolis augmented part list
2004-08-08 09:34:44RonjaFixed obsolete equivalent lists in Metropolis and Tetrapolis augmented part lists -- remade them for the new automatic PHP inclusion system.
2004-08-08 09:21:42RonjaFixed HPWT-BD00-E4000 equivalents in transmitter to more up-to-date list.
2004-08-08 08:09:41RonjaFixed missing cable bushings in (90,130)x(EN,CZ) optical heads building guides
2004-08-08 07:53:41RonjaAdded board into material for optional mechanized cutting out of the front caps into (90,130)x(EN,CZ) optical head building guides.
2004-08-08 07:53:28RonjaAdded jigsaw into tools for optional mechanized cutting out of the front caps into (90,130)x(EN,CZ) optical head building guides.
2004-08-08 05:23:03RonjaFixed bad labeling in receiver placement drawing: L104 to L101, C123 to C173.
2004-08-07 22:47:13RonjaBanned NE592 DIL8 and uA733 DIL8 due to repeated reports of high frequency stability problems with them (in one case allegedly even on a project different than Ronja).
2004-08-07 21:56:56RonjaAdded instruction how to fix the bug with unconnected C99 in Twister PCB into PCB Twister building guide.
2004-08-07 21:07:18RonjaAdded PCB Assembly for Twister (due to new version of PCB software)
2004-08-07 21:07:05RonjaFixed the bug with unconnected C99 in Twister PCB.
2004-08-07 17:15:32RonjaAdded information about silkscreen DRC parameter necessary for later version of PCB into Editing Ronja Sources.
2004-08-07 16:29:26RonjaAdded information that silkscreen patch is necessary only for older version for PCB into Editing Ronja Sources.
2004-07-25 21:13:52RonjaAdded example outputs for tcpdump outputs in both single and double packet cases in Tetrapolis testing.
2004-07-25 21:13:32RonjaAdded information about what tcpdump should show without Twister connected into Tetrapolis testing.
2004-06-24 19:27:35RonjaAdded BPV without F suffix into receiver photodiode equivalents.
2004-06-23 19:54:20RonjaReplaced the 1uH coil primarily with home-made coil. Accidents where the 1uH factory-made coil overburned when RX/TX power was short-circuited occured.
2004-06-20 20:01:12RonjaRenumbered capacitors in receiver. Before they were frmo C101, now they are from C151. This is to prevent collision with C101-C112 in twister. Such a collision must have been resulting in omission of these capacitors from tetrapolis1-tetrapolis4 global part lists.
2004-06-17 05:46:16RonjaFixed R102 -> R104 in Receiver measurement points table.
2004-06-16 14:56:38RonjaResistor between pin 14 and 1 -> R8 in metropolis and tetrapolis testing.
2004-06-16 14:39:58RonjaFixed R6 -> R106 in both metropolis and tetrapolis testing.
2004-06-16 14:33:40RonjaFixed multiple R13 UREF in transmitter schematic that caused the resistors to be missing in partlists.
2004-06-10 16:08:31RonjaImproved clarity in populating connectors in PCB Twister.
2004-06-10 13:55:13RonjaAdded device types to the two conenctor in twister.sch.
2004-06-08 13:31:14RonjaRemoved one hair line and two hair cracks in postscripts of Twister as results of two rectangles having common side. These didn't have impact on PCB production reliability because were only in PostScript. I think in Gerber touching two rectangles is defined better than in PostScript.
2004-06-06 15:22:36RonjaAdded description how to make L Stubs into Twister building.
2004-06-04 21:55:04RonjaUpdated SFH2030 -P and -F equivalents in receiver.
2004-06-04 15:22:02RonjaAdded into twister guide what to do with unused TP cable wires.
2004-06-01 18:29:59RonjaAdded missing screwdrivers and wrenches for M3 and M4 nuts and bolts in transmitter.
2004-06-01 18:27:09RonjaFixed typo Waster -> Washer.
2004-06-01 18:22:55RonjaUpdated prices of capacitors and LM78L05.
2004-06-01 08:39:48RonjaFixed bad link in twister placement source file: svg instead of dxf.
2004-06-01 00:00:00RonjaIdded product I2C2P. Date not exactly known.
2004-05-31 18:27:12RonjaReprinted the postscripts for Twister into more sane page position.
2004-05-31 18:26:26RonjaChanged None testing in twister PCB README to Optical.
2004-05-29 21:05:05RonjaFixed 8R2 to correct 8.2 resistor value in tansmitter.
2004-05-29 19:30:07RonjaRewritten the tetrapolis and metropolis installation and aiming into boxed page format.
2004-05-29 19:29:50RonjaAdded aiming magic diagram in sodipodi.
2004-05-28 14:20:52RonjaFixed missing line in tetrapolis testing.
2004-05-27 21:35:47RonjaSpecified electrolytic capacitors in Twister as miniature.
2004-05-27 19:29:41RonjaFixed swapped +12V and GND in assignment plan for Twister.
2004-05-21 22:20:29RonjaAdded photos of bare unpopulated Twister PCB.
2004-05-20 19:36:30RonjaAdded missing step that Twister's switches should be configured for PC/switch according to whether PC or switch is used into Metropolis/Tetrapolis Installation.
2004-05-20 19:35:47RonjaAdded that Twister can be plugged into switch into Metropolis/Tetrapolis installation.
2004-05-20 18:27:37RonjaFixed ambiguity about resistors heads and heating power in material for optical heads and translation that chose the wrong one from the two possible interpretation.
2004-05-20 18:12:09RonjaFixed bad links in heating/material_cz.php to tubular heads.
2004-05-20 16:14:15RonjaAdded Editing Ronja Sources
2004-05-20 12:58:40RonjaAdded required symbols into symbols.tgz
2004-05-20 08:09:17RonjaChanged crystals to crystals and oscillators because this confused one shop during shopping.
2004-05-19 19:27:17RonjaAdded hearing protection into fundamentals of manufacturing operations.
2004-05-19 19:16:07RonjaAdded steel sections for bending tin into twister and aui forte.
2004-05-18 08:57:06RonjaRedesigned the wire stubs to prevent the cables from breaking off.
2004-05-17 08:40:15RonjaAdded the terms mVpp and mApp into the vocabulary.
2004-05-16 18:07:06RonjaRedesigned the coils in RX and TX from homemade to 1uH factory ones and put the homemade as equivalent.
2004-05-16 17:34:11RonjaFixed sizes of small prints so that they fit on the lid again. They were damaged a week ago when the autogeneration code has been rewritten.
2004-05-16 19:35:06RonjaFixed deadlinks on renamed labels.
2004-05-16 16:08:59RonjaFixed 4 M3 nuts -> 5 M3 nuts in transmitter material.
2004-05-16 15:42:06RonjaReworked the autogeneration code for postscript, PNG etc. image outputs.
2004-05-16 15:37:34RonjaPrecised information about twister consumption.
2004-05-07 13:47:30RonjaRewritten measuring points in AUI Forte to use erlative values and to incorporate ranges, not just ideal values.
2004-05-07 12:05:44RonjaRewritten measuring points in 10M Metropolis Transmitter to use erlative values and to incorporate ranges, not just ideal values.
2004-05-07 11:13:02RonjaRewritten measuring points in 10M Receiver to use erlative values and to incorporate ranges, not just ideal values.
2004-05-06 08:49:26RonjaAdded direct link about getting necessary hardware to Ronja titlepage.
2004-05-05 06:40:40RonjaAdded English translation for PCB accessories to Twister.
2004-05-04 14:51:31RonjaFixed inappropriate PCB photographs in airwire construction section of twister.
2004-05-04 13:07:56RonjaAdded 60mm lens into the visibility graphs.
2004-05-04 13:07:46RonjaFixed visibility graphs. Previously they were incorrectly for 130mm RX lens and variable TX lens size. Now both lens are being varied.
2004-05-04 13:07:15RonjaAdded legend for the visibility graphs.
2004-05-04 09:37:26RonjaAdded twister airwire photos into gallery and links into airwire building guide.
2004-05-03 17:00:08RonjaAdded stranded cable into Twister Material.
2004-05-03 09:12:36RonjaChanged links on module title page from image page to the module and added clickable view text underneath.
2004-05-02 14:38:41RonjaAdded Distance Issues into Metropolis and Tetrapolis.
2004-05-02 11:22:07RonjaAdded pcb silkscreen patch.
2004-05-01 20:01:39RonjaAdded twister airwire construction component placement and U68 installation.
2004-04-30 18:27:42RonjaAdded OP905 into BPW43 equivalents.
2004-04-30 15:28:08RonjaAdded how to use remote control for testing if the receiver works.
2004-04-30 14:25:56RonjaAdded (am|ds)26C3(1|2) as equivalents into Twister.
2004-04-30 14:25:36RonjaAdded datasheets for (am|ds)26C3(1|2)
2004-04-30 11:53:27RonjaRewritten part equivalents php code for easier maintenance.
2004-04-29 12:37:51RonjaAdded gzipped postcript prior to postscript on schematics part of pages to save users' bandwidth.
2004-04-29 12:32:39RonjaFixed deadlinks to .ps.gz small print schematics.
2004-04-27 17:14:52RonjaFixed deadlink in pointing to
2004-04-27 13:17:50RonjaAdded airwire twister building guide (without photos and with incomplete populating sequence).
2004-04-26 16:57:32RonjaAdjusted size of small Twister schematic.
2004-04-26 12:14:35RonjaFixed warning messages during netlisting in receiver and transmitter.
2004-04-25 16:06:08RonjaFixed obsolete equivalents in Metropolis and Tetrapolis
2004-04-25 15:22:34RonjaAdded missing information that the lens should be from glass.
2004-04-25 15:17:57RonjaAdded Ronja Tetrapolis.
2004-04-25 11:06:56RonjaFixed obsolete entry in metropolis: instead of AUI Forte, the users were instructed to build 10M AUI.
2004-04-25 09:35:09RonjaAdded information aboud braided shields.
2004-04-25 09:14:12RonjaAdded 1:1 and 1:N netlists for Twister.
2004-04-24 21:09:00RonjaAdded separate English partlists into materials for receiver, transmitter, aui forte and twister
2004-04-24 15:17:09RonjaAdded labels to Twister building guide.
2004-04-24 15:11:41RonjaAdded previews of labels into receiver, transmitter and aui_forte building guides.
2004-04-23 23:32:02RonjaAdded reference table of parts for twister population
2004-04-22 09:31:13RonjaAdded and Perl scripts for PCB manipulations
2004-04-21 17:31:18RonjaFixed: RX and TX building guides were missing the step with soldering case bottom lids on.
2004-04-21 15:49:17RonjaAdded lots of logic circuit datasheet for Twister
2004-04-21 06:14:00RonjaAdded more Twister files
2004-04-20 17:28:49RonjaRemoved bug from mast console 2pcs. section -> 1pc. section.
2004-04-20 16:45:44RonjaAdded links to qcad and sodipodi into automaticaly generated for PHP code for vector drawings included in building guides.
2004-04-20 13:33:33RonjaAdded macros' mechanized system of cutting front cap opening into 90mm tubular head guide.
2004-04-20 13:32:20RonjaRewritten 90mm tubular head building guide into Czech
2004-04-20 13:32:10RonjaRemoved four instances of stray </body> </html> from tubular head building guides (130/90)x(en,cz)
2004-04-20 13:10:34RonjaAdded macros's mechanized system of cutting front caps into 130mm tubular head guide
2004-04-20 11:55:58RonjaRewritten tubular head 130mm building guide into boxed page format
2004-04-19 22:05:50RonjaAdded the first important files of Twister
2004-04-18 19:04:40RonjaFixed dvojita dvojlinka v ceskem prekladu transmitter/building_cz.php
2004-04-18 19:04:19RonjaFixed double C104 in transmitter/building.php and transmitter/building_cz.php
2004-04-18 16:05:47RonjaRewritten transmitter building guide into boxed page format. Added information about meaning of P* measuring points in the schematic.
2004-04-18 14:24:17RonjaAdded information about P* semantics into AUI Forte building guide.
2004-04-18 13:58:11RonjaRewritten the RX building guide into box page format and added information about what the P* points in the schemati mean.
2004-04-18 10:17:39RonjaFixed two IC's with the same refdes - U53 in AUi Forte schematic. Fix was done by overall IC renumbering.
2004-04-17 13:02:56RonjaAdded polous' translation of signal cabling (cabling/) and heating cabling (heating/)
2004-04-17 11:26:38RonjaFixed bad distances in tubular_head_130/about.php, tubular_head_130/about_cz.php, tubular_head_90/about_cz.php, tubular_head_90/about.php
2004-04-15 14:54:32RonjaAdded notice about G1 and G2 breakthrough in Q101 and how to diagnose it
2004-04-10 20:50:40RonjaFixed IC1 -> U4 in transmitter building.php
2004-04-09 17:43:28RonjaRemoved old, buggy 10M Metropolis AUI from the modules
2004-04-08 17:32:19RonjaAdded Ronja site to the campaign against software patents
2004-04-06 05:47:26RonjaFixed missing 220nF capacitor in RX schematic (C126). This used to be there but got lost acidentally somehow on December 10, 2003. This affects the power filtration and EM radiation from the cables.
2004-04-04 22:58:43RonjaFixed in czech translation AUI canon: samice -> samec
2004-03-22 20:36:35RonjaFixed masonry drill and hammer drill in railing console
2004-03-22 21:21:44RonjaSpecified 1uH coil replacement 0.5...1mm^2 crosssection
2004-03-18 19:05:05RonjaAdded notice about coloured lenses
2004-03-16 15:48:11RonjaAdded bat46 datasheet
2004-03-15 09:34:01RonjaAdded Spořilov and Modřany track into the tour
2004-03-14 22:20:21RonjaRemoved the translations section
2004-03-12 13:37:04RonjaFixes in FAQ
2004-03-11 22:13:46RonjaAdded Silvije's Cabletron TPT4 hack
2004-03-09 16:46:11RonjaFixed cutting emulsion and reamer drill in fundamentals
2004-03-07 10:48:04RonjaAdded 2 Romania links into the tour
2004-03-05 14:37:30RonjaFixed bad title in 2x, 4x metropolis component lists
2004-03-05 15:32:15RonjaAdded cbedison's correction of CZ receiver, transmitter, tubular head 90mm
2004-03-05 15:17:10RonjaUploaded cbedison's CZ Holder corrections
2004-03-05 15:11:37RonjaUploaded corrected czech fundamentals
2004-03-05 15:08:14RonjaAdded aui forte czech translation
2004-03-01 16:55:48RonjaAdded cbedison't TX translation
2004-03-01 16:43:39RonjaAdded cbedison't receiver translation
2004-03-01 15:04:05RonjaFixed bugs in 130mm tubular head Czech translation
2004-02-29 20:51:57RonjaAdded Kero's translation of Fundamentals of manufacturing operations and the same in OpenOffice .sxw format.
2004-02-29 17:50:11RonjaAdded polous' 130mm tubular head translation
2004-02-29 18:01:23RonjaAdded cbedison's 90mm tubular head and holder translation
2004-02-29 18:01:03RonjaAdded automatical generation of switching flag for translated pages
2004-02-28 19:40:17RonjaAdded testpoints into AUI Forte schematic
2004-02-26 21:15:07RonjaRemoved contrib/ directory
2004-02-11 16:08:24RonjaAdded missing alternatives to 2N3904 into aui forte material list
2004-02-11 12:15:44RonjaAdded navigation links (Ronja, Twibright Labs) for better orientation into photogallery
2004-02-11 10:48:16RonjaAdded Letňany - Bratrk, Intralet link into tour and gallery
2004-02-08 17:20:45RonjaAdded uA733 as NE592 equivalent
2004-02-05 22:22:49RonjaAdded Lausanne link into the gallery
2004-01-31 12:22:29RonjaAdded photo of bending tin in vice
2004-01-30 12:14:56RonjaAdded eye into for better understanding of the view
2004-01-30 11:50:04RonjaAdded rsync and MaPiVi links into web links
2004-01-30 10:47:58RonjaAdded AUI Forte
2004-01-23 17:14:52RonjaAdded 78M05 regulator into equivalents for transmitter
2004-01-22 11:06:16RonjaRepaired deadlinks to .dxf files in mast console
2004-01-22 01:01:47RonjaFixed nonsenses in Mast Console Plans
2004-01-08 21:06:13RonjaAdded notices into receiver and aui part functions that the lists are outdated
2004-01-02 10:54:11RonjaAdded few links about Free Software philosophy
2004-01-01 18:43:06RonjaAdded BC547 pinouts into transmitter and AUI schematic
2004-01-01 18:19:12RonjaRespecified capacitors for 50V because they are cheaper
2003-12-31 23:42:45RonjaAdded ronjaping
2003-12-29 11:32:31RonjaUpdaetd part prices from 2002 to 2003 prices
2003-12-29 11:30:47RonjaUpdated part prices from 2002 prices to 2003 prices
2003-12-25 21:36:12RonjaAdded BC547 pinout into receiver.sch
2003-12-25 16:26:45RonjaBlessed 2N2222 and BC547(X) for usage with Ronja
2003-12-20 22:19:38RonjaFixed samice -> samec at CANON connector in AUI (error in translation sed script)
2003-12-19 22:57:28RonjaUpdated the severely outdated FAQ
2003-12-19 22:17:10RonjaAdded Nicolas Desir's method for connecting AUI Ronja to TP interface using two TP transceivers
2003-12-19 10:44:37RonjaAdded price info into partlist
2003-12-17 19:24:15RonjaChanged 1400-byte for 1472-byte packets in Metropolis testing (maximum packet size)
2003-12-07 19:13:32RonjaAdded link to a frame grabber project
2003-12-04 15:49:55RonjaChanged 12V -> 11.5V in P101 in Ronja 10M Receiver schematic
2003-11-28 17:17:01RonjaAdded web link to F-CPU project
2003-11-23 20:05:19RonjaChanged 3n3 to 3,3n and so on in Ronja 10M Receiver because this notation is more portable.
2003-11-23 15:13:55RonjaChanged 1n coupling capacitors in Ronja 10M Receiver for 2n2 for enhanced low-frequency response - didn't notice any enhancement in distance but to be safe - the 1MHz idle seemed to be too deformed.
2003-11-23 10:17:00RonjaAdded some orientation at which DC voltage on RSSI the links should tart to be able to receive.
2003-11-22 16:46:15RonjaAdded visual information how to solder joints and keep soldering iron tip clean correctly.
2003-11-22 15:52:42RonjaAdded recommended torque for main alignment bolts 70Nm.
2003-11-22 12:50:12RonjaAdded stereo images technology into Ronja.
2003-11-21 21:06:19RonjaFixed pupulating sequence in Ronja 10M Metropolis Receiver.
2003-11-20 22:37:40RonjaAdded shimi's PCBs converted to pdf and ps by cipis into contrib/shimi/pdf-ps-converted/ directory.
2003-11-20 21:07:36RonjaBetter specification of the coils, fixed English coil name in Czech partlists.
2003-11-17 17:02:46RonjaAdded 15-pole 2-row CANON male into automatically generated AUI partlist.
2003-11-17 16:25:34RonjaFixed two English words in Czech AUI partlists.
2003-11-17 08:03:36RonjaUpdated receiver component placement diagram.
2003-11-16 17:02:15RonjaRenumbered the resistors in 10M Receiver so that the schematic is more legible now.
2003-11-15 18:23:04RonjaRemoved the CSN 42 0138 for round steel bars that are used nowhere in Ronja Metropolis.
2003-11-16 07:47:43RonjaFixed IC51 -> U56 and removed double D55 from AUI population sequence.
2003-11-15 09:09:08RonjaAdded bushings (accessories) into augmented electronic partlists for 1,2,4 Ronja's
2003-11-15 09:01:28RonjaAdded warning that gloves should not be worn during drilling when it's forbidden by drill manufacturer or the shop you are working at
2003-11-15 08:51:45RonjaAdded cable bushings into electronic partlist in receiver, transmitter, aui
2003-11-14 22:02:15RonjaMade order in the transistor datasheets.
2003-11-14 21:33:57RonjaAdded BF998 datasheet from Vishay Semiconductors (the first one is from Philips)
2003-11-14 21:28:06RonjaRepaired double Connectors etc. in partlists
2003-11-14 20:54:21RonjaRenumbered the capacitors within Ronja 10M Receiver for better readability and added information that sealing bushings with glue from both sides is better.
2003-11-10 17:13:21RonjaFixed obsolete range information in modules.php: 1.0km -> 1.4km nominal range, 2.0km microwave-backed-up range
2003-11-10 17:11:35RonjaAdded more info how to make reliable soldered joints into Fundamentals of Manufacturing Operations
2003-11-10 17:08:27RonjaFixed HPWD-BD00-E4000 -> HSDL4220 in Jicin track in Gallery of Installations
2003-11-09 20:49:29RonjaBetter described which pin is anode on SFH203
2003-11-08 13:34:26RonjaAdded Neuron to credits
2003-11-06 14:18:12RonjaHopefully fixed RSSI sensitivity to interference induced on DC voltmeter's probe wires as reported by Petr "Zapik" Zapadlo.
2003-11-05 17:31:16RonjaAdded information how to calculate BER of a link using ping -c.
2003-11-05 17:31:00RonjaAdded information how to measure packetloss with ping -c correctly.
2003-11-05 17:28:33RonjaAdded comprehensive table of Data Rate Calculations on Various Layers of THe Network Traffic for a FTP transfer through a Ronja 10M Metropolis device.
2003-11-05 16:27:20RonjaFixed HTML syntax of metropolis/installing.php
2003-11-05 16:27:07RonjaFixed incorrect obsolete information in metropolis/installing.php: 2 M6 nuts -> three M6 nuts.
2003-11-03 19:19:47RonjaMade the signal cabling building really comprehensible :)
2003-11-02 14:30:33RonjaConverted the Twibright Labs logos in boilerplates to text to ensure portability of the vector file
2003-11-01 20:44:38Ronjapngcrush hallucinated up some transparency in boilerplates.png. Removed by adding -rem tRNS
2003-10-31 15:42:42RonjaMade the boilerplates vector master with more portable URW Gothic and Nimbus Sans L fonts instead of Arial
2003-10-30 19:43:10RonjaRemoved grayscaled pixels which resulted in sligthly jagged outlines in Raster Image Processor from boilerplates.png, boilerplates.eps and This also reduced the size of the files.
2003-10-29 13:50:03RonjaAdded two links to Z80 homewbrew computer projects
2003-10-27 23:20:26RonjaFixed sizes of schematics on A4 papers, which were broken by changes made into eps2ps utility due to requirements of boilerplates
2003-10-27 10:34:58RonjaAdded boilerplates
2003-10-26 19:19:48RonjaAdded links to .DXF (qcad) files to all mechanical drawings.
2003-10-23 22:41:50RonjaFixed sizes of electric schematics postscript files
2003-10-23 15:38:07RonjaAutomated generation of drawings/ .png's and .eps'
2003-10-22 09:37:48RonjaMade a sophisticated Makefile and introduced automatic generation of .ps, .ps.gz,,,,
2003-10-21 22:09:01RonjaAutomatized generation of czech partlists
2003-10-21 21:43:30RonjaUnified the generation of metropolis multiple component lists
2003-10-21 15:13:07RonjaAdded some missing tools and material to Ronja 10M Metropolis Transmitter
2003-10-19 21:39:04RonjaChanged position of C110 according to Mnaga's suggestion.
2003-10-06 11:31:40RonjaFixed part lists which were totally wrong
2003-09-30 22:02:09RonjaAdded notices that when replacing 2N3904 with 2N2222, a degraded performance may result
2003-09-30 21:52:58RonjaBlessed 1N4148 as an equivalent for 1N4448
2003-09-30 18:52:50RonjaAdded bigger pictures of Loopipe into History of project into Tour
2003-09-27 22:45:13RonjaAdded BF982 and BF992 into equivalents of BF908 into receiver/material.php
2003-09-27 22:37:52RonjaChanged BF907 for BF908 in schematic and added all transistors that have the same poinout to the symbol of transistor and added notice the viewer is looking at the labeled side.
2003-09-26 16:15:35RonjaFixed metropolis/installing.php: one typo and added information on how to group retroreflectors and how to handle car warning triangle.
2003-09-26 13:44:51RonjaAdded JKLamer's track
2003-09-23 15:43:19RonjaReshaped the sponsors.php and added car warning triangle maximu range specification into table of retroreflectors in metropolis/installing.php
2003-09-23 15:21:41RonjaSpecified maximum range for car warning triangle for aiming
2003-09-22 22:50:15RonjaAdded Jičín link and the two links making up the first analogue retranslation link
2003-09-22 16:15:34RonjaAdded marking guidelines for Ronja 10M Receiver receiver/building.php, receiver/material.php and Ronja 10M Metropolis Transmitter transmitter/building.php transmitter/material.php
2003-09-22 15:42:24RonjaAdded marking guidelines to the AUI Interface aui/building.php
2003-09-22 15:42:07RonjaAdded specification of RSSI voltage into receiver/about.php
2003-09-22 09:13:48RonjaFixed typo pope -& poupe in Medanek's homepage in credits
2003-09-21 10:07:47RonjaAdded Macros' photos into holder building guide
2003-09-19 23:49:25RonjaEquipped holder/building.php with illustrative gallery thumbnails
2003-09-19 19:16:09RonjaFixed missing and corrupt BF907 pinout (bf907.png)
2003-09-19 18:01:54RonjaImplemented thumbnail references into Transmitter Building, 130mm tubular head building, 90mm tubular head building.
2003-09-19 17:26:28RonjaAdded info blocks into boxed instruction steps
2003-09-19 17:12:20RonjaCreated boxed instruction steps scripts
2003-09-19 17:12:07RonjaAdded some thumbnails into receiver/building.php
2003-09-16 16:17:55RonjaAdded U. S. Federal Regulation of Eye Safety
2003-09-16 15:55:10RonjaAdded pointer to Eye Safety and Wireless Optical Networks
2003-09-16 15:26:52RonjaAdded eye safety into Ronja 10M Metropolis Specification
2003-09-11 11:53:10RonjaFixed bad links to gallery from metropolis/testing.php [249]
2003-09-11 07:15:05RonjaAdded required DC voltmeter range into metropolis/modules.php
2003-09-11 07:09:23RonjaAdded sotware requirements
2003-09-10 22:41:57RonjaReworked metropolis/testing.php and repaired tons of bugs there in the text
2003-09-10 22:40:18RonjaAdded link to ifconfig, arp and route
2003-09-10 22:40:10RonjaAdded link to ethtool
2003-09-10 22:40:04RonjaAdded link to IP protocol RFC
2003-09-10 22:40:00RonjaAdded link to route
2003-09-10 22:19:59RonjaAdded pointer to ICMP RFC
2003-09-10 22:19:53RonjaAdded pointer to ARP RFC
2003-09-10 16:56:14RonjaAdded the Wasenaar's ping into downloads and mentioned it in the testing section
2003-09-09 10:22:07RonjaRemoved ugly borders around tool logos on web.php
2003-09-08 14:42:52RonjaAdded Lužiny link in Praha.
2003-09-04 15:41:34RonjaAdded 43th line into the table
2003-09-04 14:27:50RonjaFixed missing argument in PHP script in table of running installations
2003-09-02 12:59:09RonjaAdded photos from Pardubice 17 links into the gallery and gallery links into the table
2003-09-01 22:39:51RonjaAdded 17 installations in Pardubice into the table
2003-08-31 23:29:56RonjaAdded link to Mp3PuBliC
2003-08-29 19:56:25RonjaUpdate equivalents
2003-08-29 19:40:59RonjaUpdated Schottky diode equivalents of BAT46 in receiver
2003-08-29 14:58:10RonjaFixed output limitter blocking issues in RX
2003-08-29 14:29:05RonjaFixed the RSSI so it doesn't generate interference anymore and the nighttime range is extended.
2003-08-28 12:47:33RonjaAdded link to gEDA & PCB tutorial
2003-08-26 21:04:05RonjaAdded the Brazil link into the table
2003-08-26 21:03:50RonjaAdded Lhota pod Libčany photos
2003-08-26 19:12:57RonjaAdded clickmap to the poster on titlepage
2003-08-25 23:16:04Ronja"Closed down" the website in a protest against software patents
2003-08-25 22:20:23RonjaAdded Lhota pod Libčany track
2003-08-24 09:46:08RonjaUpdatet credits and links
2003-08-18 21:16:51RonjaAdded Zagreb installation into the table
2003-08-18 14:39:05RonjaAdded Table of Contents into Ronja Tour
2003-08-18 11:06:56RonjaAdded Kecskemet2 into the table
2003-08-17 10:23:44RonjaAdded Tools that Ronja uses into Web Links section
2003-08-17 10:23:33RonjaRemoved uninteresting items from Hardware section of Web Links
2003-08-17 10:23:16RonjaFixed deadlink on Handbook of Optical Through the Air Communications
2003-08-16 22:10:06RonjaAdded Standa Bobřík into contributions
2003-08-13 11:39:39RonjaUpdated the credits
2003-08-04 07:40:31RonjaAdded pictures of Ronja Mast Console
2003-08-04 07:40:17RonjaAdded picture with wire nut into Metropolis Installation
2003-08-04 07:40:06RonjaAdded Djinn installation pictures into the gallery
2003-08-04 07:39:56RonjaAdded various screw heads into the vocabulary
2003-08-04 07:39:44RonjaFixed missing pictures in Metropolis Installation and Aiming
2003-08-04 07:39:28RonjaBetter table with ranges in Metropolis Testing
2003-08-06 20:26:47RonjaAdded more info about retroreflectors
2003-08-03 22:05:21RonjaNew PHP function for multiple thumbnails into gallery linked directly from text
2003-08-03 19:10:56RonjaFixed errors in HTML code
2003-08-03 23:00:15RonjaRemoved link to Activematrix's Spanish translation because it ceased to be available
2003-08-03 16:47:25RonjaUpdated deadlink to 480/2000 Sb.
2003-08-03 09:17:26RonjaAdded Silvije's modifications to Highlander's TP interface
2003-07-31 14:18:26RonjaAdded Tour of History and Installations
2003-07-27 14:51:59RonjaAdded Zdeněk Novotný's (from Šumperk) PCB layouts
2003-07-24 09:58:24RonjaAdded warning about the spider into Metropolis maintenance
2003-07-23 17:48:18RonjaAdded links to Ronja presentation at Cesnet video
2003-07-22 19:20:56RonjaAdded vocabulary
2003-07-22 16:55:43RonjaAdded link to Edison Radotin
2003-07-20 12:44:36RonjaAdded couple pictures from installation on Ronja 10M Metropolis homepage
2003-07-16 10:28:26RonjaAdded several links to other builders' pages
2003-07-16 10:19:55RonjaAdded Highlander's TP interface into contrib/
2003-07-14 18:46:54RonjaAdded pictures to Metropolis
2003-07-14 18:28:40RonjaFixed broken links due to photogallery directory renames
2003-07-14 17:49:40RonjaAdded README for shimi's contribution
2003-07-14 13:18:07RonjaAdded shimi's PCBs into contrib/
2003-07-09 18:46:54RonjaAdded plenty of funny icons to the main page ;-)
2003-07-09 19:48:47RonjaAdded contributions
2003-07-08 21:26:03RonjaAdded jezek and jikos into the credits
2003-07-08 20:07:39RonjaAdded several image links throughout the guide
2003-07-08 20:07:23RonjaWrote a special program for generating web image photo galleries
2003-07-01 19:43:56RonjaFixed the bug tcpdump -i eth1 -> tcpdump -i eth0 in full duplex NIC testing of Metropolis.
2003-06-29 16:39:35RonjaFixed headers from to
2003-06-29 16:39:24RonjaAdded titlepage picture
2003-04-19 14:27:18RonjaReplaced Ronja logos by vector ones
2003-04-19 14:27:18RonjaMoved mailing list to
2003-04-01 23:50:43RonjaAdded Kozel's overall holder aseembly picture
2003-04-01 23:47:22RonjaFixed bad URL in holder mounting photos
2003-03-31 12:02:31RonjaChanged all uref's to refdesc's
2003-03-31 11:42:31RonjaPut HPWT-BD00-F4000 into transmitter schematic
2003-03-31 09:51:41RonjaUpdated distances for new powerful diodes
2003-03-29 16:18:43RonjaFixed erroneous 30m everywhere in signal cabling for 30, 50 and 100 metres
2003-03-17 22:57:25RonjaFixed bad link in Models -> Metropolis -> Building Signal cabling and Heating
2003-03-15 21:34:36RonjaAdded links to GPL
2003-03-14 17:38:55RonjaChanged heating resistors from 10R to 8.2R
2003-03-07 11:37:00RonjaChanged unusual "Colophony" for more usual "Resin flux"
2003-02-18 10:06:35RonjaFixed Mladá Boleslav -> Trutnov in Humlák link
2003-02-06 22:23:45RonjaAdded admin interface link for Ronja mailing list
2003-02-06 11:57:45RonjaFixed links to interesting projects -> web links in index.php
2003-01-20 10:33:52RonjaAdded webmaster contact into each page
2003-01-17 22:27:57RonjaAdded BF960 datasheet
2003-01-14 16:48:10RonjaAdapted the schematics to the new gschem version
2003-01-14 16:47:47RonjaAdded 8R2 -> 10R tuning of transmitter diode
2003-01-14 16:03:13RonjaChanged default value of R106 from 820 to 560
2003-01-14 16:02:39RonjaAdded replacement 10R resistor for TX diode 8R2 current limitting resistor
2003-01-13 20:01:14RonjaAdded TLWR-7600 into transmitter LED replacements, added datasheet links, added datasheet local copy
2003-01-13 20:00:32RonjaRemoved HSDL4220, HSDL4230 LEDs from datasheets page (no more used within Ronja project)
2003-01-13 19:00:33RonjaAdded one more HPWT-BD00 datasheet into local copies
2003-01-13 18:39:11RonjaAdded 2N3904 datasheet by Fairchild
2003-01-12 11:36:26RonjaRemoved HSDL5400 and HSDL5420 from datasheets.php
2003-01-12 11:29:05RonjaAdded local copy of BPV 10 datasheet
2003-01-12 11:24:42RonjaAdded BPW43 datasheets, BPW43 datasheet links and added BPV10 into BPW43 replacements
2003-01-11 13:11:11RonjaFixed optical output in specs
2003-01-11 12:28:36RonjaSPecified operation temperature
2003-01-09 16:43:28RonjaFixed typo in FAQ
2003-01-07 18:36:03RonjaFixed legacy in chimney console about.php
2003-01-06 23:09:27RonjaIntroduced horizontal slide paths
2003-01-05 19:30:00RonjaFixedgrammarnonsense in both tubular heads' building
2003-01-05 12:34:44RonjaMoved 50grad -> 55grad and 250grad ->255grad in 90mm tubular head because it was too tight
2003-01-05 11:53:11RonjaAdded missing 275grad mar in both tubular heads building
2003-01-04 20:27:33RonjaFixed 200g -> 150g silica gel in the 90mm tubular optical head. 200g is unnecessarily much
2003-01-04 20:04:50RonjaAdded missing 2pcs. M10 nuts and 2pcs. toothed M10 spring washers into railing console material.
2003-01-04 19:58:26RonjaFixed all railing -> mast in mast console.
2003-01-04 19:56:56RonjaFixed 4pcs. bolt M10x40 -> 2pcs. in railing console material needed
2003-01-04 19:21:00RonjaAdded command to grind off paint from around the fine aiming
2003-01-04 18:20:56RonjaUpdated rubber blocks in holder
2003-01-04 18:09:22RonjaAdded grinding off paint on heel for both tubular heads
2003-01-04 18:05:20RonjaFixed positive and negative axial offsets -> front and back in both tubular heads building
2002-12-22 15:21:11RonjaFixed P3 and R6 to P104 and R106 bug in Metropolis testing procedure
2002-11-30 18:53:46RonjaAdded missing resistors into tubular heads material
2002-11-29 11:41:55RonjaAdded preferred colors of silicone sealant into 90mm and 130mm tubular heads.
2002-11-28 27:02:05RonjaAdded transmitter diode equivalents
2002-11-23 18:43:14RonjaIEEE has reenabled download of IEEE802.3 pdf from their site.
2002-11-21 10:19:09RonjaCzech translation reappeared on the Web so that it has been added into the translations.
2002-11-19 12:49:45RonjaAdded Johanka to credits
2002-11-10 17:51:30RonjaAdded datasheets in one directory
2002-11-08 18:27:51RonjaFixed 6.3mm -> 6.5mm in tubular heads. Added missing 7.5mm dimension in cover.dxf. Added missing 70mm dimension in 90mm heel flange (heel_90.dxf). Fixed edge cutting down after drilling in fundamentals.php.
2002-11-08 14:55:33RonjaAdded BF961 as an equivalent
2002-11-08 09:07:04RonjaAdded some equivalents into bills of material
2002-11-05 16:38:37RonjaAdded Eye safety section to web.php
2002-11-03 12:12:28RonjaAdded protective gloves to Fundamentals of Manufacturing Operations
2002-11-03 12:09:22RonjaFixed badly drawn dimension in quoin.dxf
2002-11-03 10:41:13RonjaFixed headings in AUI and holder needed materials
2002-11-03 10:36:45RonjaAdded missing steel section list into holder's bill of material.
2002-11-03 10:31:55RonjaAdded doctype and encoding into the HTML header.
2002-11-03 09:44:15RonjaUpdated credits
2002-11-03 09:40:00RonjaAdded image dimensions for ronja4.png, ronja7.png and jikos_main_down.gif into the HTML code.
2002-11-02 13:41:36RonjaWritten about possibility of using SFH203 instead of BPW43 into the receiver material.
2002-10-30 12:02:22RonjaWritten more specifically about the device and cost
2002-10-30 08:46:57RonjaAdded FAQ entry about collision generation
2002-10-29 18:55:22RonjaAdded link to - Cybernet to Web links.
2002-10-25 12:09:23RonjaFixed deadlinks caused by aui->pc_interface transition
2002-10-18 13:12:26RonjaChanged T 300mA for F 200mA fuse in heating
2002-10-12 19:25:07RonjaEstablished new mailing list and updated the pointer in HTML
2002-10-12 16:23:06RonjaAdded distance / lens diameter table
2002-10-12 14:59:49RonjaFixed bad HTML metropolis/details.php
2002-10-12 14:52:34RonjaOfficially decommisioned the offline version
2002-10-12 08:53:14RonjaFixed deadlink on signal cabling and heating in metropolis/modules.php
2002-10-11 14:59:21RonjaRemoved link to Dan Hrotek's translation which ceased to exist
2002-10-11 14:42:10RonjaAdded 90x67x22mm tin-plated tin shielding tins and components lists into material for AUI RX TX
2002-10-11 14:24:10RonjaAdded Twibright Labs logo
2002-10-11 14:17:06RonjaGrouped the Ronja modules
2002-10-11 14:02:48RonjaPrescribed grounding of electrical ground to lightning rod conductor
2002-10-11 13:57:22RonjaAdded grounding to lightning rod for all consoles
2002-10-11 13:13:44RonjaAdded gallery into 90mm tubular head building guide
2002-10-11 13:00:38RonjaAdded gallery into 130mm tubular head building guide
2002-10-11 12:11:13RonjaAdded gallery into the holder
2002-10-11 11:48:07RonjaAdded gallery to transmitter
2002-10-11 11:28:56RonjaAdded gallery to receiver building
2002-10-11 10:25:45RonjaAdded gallery to aui building
2002-10-10 10:41:38RonjaAdded tx and rx part functions
2002-10-10 08:38:29RonjaAdded titles to component lists
2002-10-10 08:47:52RonjaFixed bad dimension text in plate.dxf
2002-10-10 08:09:30RonjaMoved the yellow LED in AUI to the right place and added drilling through lid
2002-10-09 22:24:59RonjaPrescribed grinding of paint into holder building guide
2002-10-09 18:59:20RonjaUnified all the drawings and introduced normalization into the Makefile
2002-10-09 12:23:16RonjaUnified line styles in all *.dxf drawings
2002-10-09 08:26:02RonjaFixed parallel and perpendicular console interface dimensions
2002-10-09 08:10:05RonjaFixed washer dimensions in material lists
2002-10-08 21:11:14RonjaFixed chimney console
2002-10-08 19:53:57RonjaAdded square wedge washers into corner holder
2002-10-08 19:15:11RonjaChanged heel from 20x20 to 25x25 section in 130mm tubular head
2002-10-08 18:52:47RonjaFixed the bad wire nut position in AUI interface
2002-10-08 18:02:25RonjaWritten "Match gains of both transistors" into TX and AUI schematics
2002-10-08 17:33:51RonjaAdded Ronja Signal Cabling
2002-10-08 16:42:54RonjaAdded Ronja Heating
2002-10-08 09:35:07RonjaAdded Mast Console (without drawings)
2002-10-07 21:00:40RonjaAdded Railing Console
2002-10-06 13:40:59RonjaAdded 90mm tubular head
2002-10-05 16:56:09RonjaFixed perpendicular console
2002-10-05 15:26:42RonjaFixed parallel console (the U-section was being deformed by the bolts
2002-10-05 13:16:42RonjaAdded sealing front cap / pipe joint, removed text about self-cutting screws and hood.
2002-10-05 13:16:21RonjaMade a lot of work on the new guide
2002-09-30 10:08:53RonjaUpdated the FAQ
2002-09-25 17:09:38RonjaAdded about rx
2002-09-23 18:22:39RonjaFixed a typo in console/parallel/mounting.php
2002-09-23 18:17:52RonjaFixed a typo in fundamentals.html
2002-09-23 18:02:44RonjaRemoved crossed texts in
2002-09-23 16:00:24RonjaFixed deadlink to Czech translation
2002-08-23 13:22:04RonjaMade the drawings to be automatically generated by make
2002-09-14 11:22:26RonjaAdded pointer to Dan Hrotek's Czech translation
2002-08-23 13:21:26RonjaAdded wall perpendicular, parallel, corner and chimney console together with the drawings
2002-08-20 20:52:42RonjaMigrated the web to,, PHP and so on...
2002-07-19 08:57:15RonjaForbidden touching the components in the airwire construction in fundamentals.html
2002-07-18 13:16:26RonjaFixed missing 1N4448 in the part lists
2002-07-17 10:48:39RonjaRepaired U1 -> U51 and U2 -> U52 which caused the aui.components to contain the gates twice.
2002-07-17 09:23:31RonjaSpecified the 15-pin CANON that the pins shall form two lines, not three
2002-07-14 15:16:45RonjaChanged to automatic inclusion of global part list (total.components) in index.html
2002-07-14 13:43:42RonjaMade the component list display 5mm diffuse LEDs
2002-07-14 12:50:33RonjaFixed missing BF907 in part lists.
2002-07-14 10:19:43RonjaAdded C117 and L104 to receiver_placement.png
2002-07-14 09:37:35RonjaCropped Wires.png to be smaller
2002-07-14 09:17:36RonjaFixed two missing pieces of net and one overlapping designation in metropolis_receiver.sch
2002-07-14 09:00:57RonjaUpdated U101 and Q101 in receiver.png
2002-07-14 08:07:29RonjaAdded receiver, transmitter and AUI interface component placement
2002-07-13 16:42:54RonjaSpecified the nonelectrolytic capacitors to be ceramic or mica
2002-07-13 14:52:07RonjaAdded couple measuring point into the receiver schematic.
2002-07-07 14:11:53RonjaWritten how to identify a Zener diode symbol in a schematic into the Fundamentals of manufacturing operations
2002-07-06 13:37:52RonjaUpdated a dead link on NE592 datasheet
2002-07-04 19:44:59RonjaAdded electronic component identification section into the Fundamentals of manufacturing operations.
2002-07-04 19:44:21RonjaBetter described the testing procedure
2002-07-04 11:46:31RonjaCorrected gamma on many images that were too dark.
2002-07-04 10:45:10RonjaRespecified the sealing procedure to overcome flaws in the sealant from drying.
2002-07-04 10:45:00RonjaAdded information about cutting emulsion into fundamentals
2002-07-04 10:26:42RonjaMade the schematics smaller and clickable for a monochrome black on white version
2002-07-04 10:26:29RonjaRenumbered the parts in the schematics so that each part has got it's unique number
2002-07-04 10:25:37RonjaAdded pinouts to the schematics
2002-06-18 11:08:25RonjaRemoved pointers to PCB - PCB's are not suitable for Ronja!
2002-04-25 09:03:20RonjaAdded BPW43 as a better equivalent to SFH203
2002-03-28 19:21:57RonjaAdded some backup of Karl Jan Skontorp's PCB's on electronics.html
2002-03-27 20:34:36RonjaRecommended leaving the paint to harden for a week before installation in fundamentals.html
2002-03-23 16:26:47RonjaFixed NE 594->592 in receiver.components and total.components
2002-03-23 10:50:22RonjaAdded 100R R23 to output of measurement tap to prevent impulse overload in rapid signal change condition which allegedly severely reduces stability when the shielding case is botched. Also fixed the 330R->820 change in R6 in component lists and material lists.
2002-03-23 10:20:56RonjaChanged NE594 (wrong) to NE592 (right) in receiver.components
2002-03-19 16:11:59RonjaAdded "outdoor" to the specification of all three paints
2002-03-18 21:35:40RonjaAdded an information about the possibility of getting NE592 from old floppy or hard disk
2002-03-14 15:51:33RonjaAdded warnings about carcenogenity of the blue silica gel and that it should be avoided
2002-03-14 15:51:04RonjaChanged fabric silica gel bags for paper ones
2002-03-14 15:38:40RonjaAdded a specification how to seal heel joints into pipe.html
2002-03-14 15:36:12RonjaAdded a trick by bulb to prevent leak around the screws holding the hood
2002-03-14 15:32:30RonjaRefined lubricating details in drilling fundamentals
2002-03-14 15:31:48RonjaRefined fundamentals of work with silicone sealant
2002-03-14 15:31:14RonjaRefined soldering fundamentals
2002-03-14 15:30:52RonjaAdded lubricating oil into requirements
2002-03-12 22:47:59RonjaIntroduced also white top coat and specified where white and where black one should be used.
2002-03-12 19:55:50RonjaChanged 30x30x2 profiles for 30x30x3 profiles for better mechanical stability (30x30x2 suffer from deformation under the M8 screw). The pictures still need to be redrawn.
2002-03-12 19:31:16RonjaAdded explicit notice about setting up R6 to adjust P3 into specified voltage range.
2002-03-11 09:14:44RonjaChanged specification for paints, hood tins, and made several minor changes to troubleshooting.
2002-02-20 11:18:41RonjaAdded some marketing pictures onto the main guide page.
2002-02-13 20:17:09RonjaUpdated receiver schematic: changed PIN working resistor from 220k to 100k, BF988 working resistor from 330 to 820, and RC feedback of NE592 to a single 270p capacitor.
2001-12-24 10:13:04RonjaPublished the Ronja 10M Metropolis
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