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Twibright Pling, an open source bathroom and kitchen cleaner

Provides a bathroom and kitchen cleaner

That cleans and gives shiny mirror finish to:

User testimonials

"I run a guesthouse for 5 years. I was buying chemical products before. Twibright Pling is cheaper and green." -- Seng, owner of the Europe Guesthouse in Phnom Penh City
"The cleaner is simply excellent!" -- Hans Gut, Zurich, Switzerland
"It works well against limescale, perfect for a bathtub or a washing basin " -- M. K., Zurich, Switzerland
"It works well" -- Bunna Chhut (ឈុត ប៊ុណ្ណា), Cambodia




Select volume unit about 1/30 of the bottle volume. Put into the bottle:
  • 1 volume unit of salt
  • 2 volume units of dishwashing liquid
  • 20 volume units of weak vinegar (5% or 45g/L acetic acid) or 16 of strong vinegar (8% or 72 g/L acetic acid) or 18 if you don't know
Wipe the bottle dry.


Invert the bottle. When the falling salt grains reach the bottom, invert again. Repeat until the grains disappear.
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>= 1L Bottle

If you have 1l bottle or bigger, print and cut out this label
Postscript / PDF / EPS / BIG png / SVG (Inkscape)

< 1L Bottle

If you have smaller than 1l bottle, print and cut out this label

Cross on the cap

Make a cross on the cap with the permanent marker. If the cross is not visible on the cap, make crosses on the bottle under the cap.

Glue the label

If the label end would overlap the text, cut the ends off. Glue the label on the bottle.


As per the bottle label

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