Ronja Twibright Labs


Thanks to all contributors for their contributions.

NameWhatStatusFurther info about the contributor
Mgr. Petr Kulhavý (Brain)Help with soldering Ronja 10M Metropolis prototypes serial number 2, 3, and 4.Prototypes used to improve the designBrain's homepage
Jan Hudec (Bulb)Providing his home workshopUsed for prototypingBulb's homepage
Jirka Boháč Cool idea for the fine adjustment Ronja Holder's fine adjustment mechanism is based on this ideaJirka Boháč's Homepage
Providing his home workshopUsed for making one prototype
Cool idea with drilling paper templatesUsed on Twister
Matěj BoháčHelp with metalworking and painting on one prototype of MetropolisPrototype used to improve the design
Karel 'Facer' KulhavýVarious instrumentation support and mechanical engineering consultancyUsed during development of Ronja 10M metropolis
KozelDrawing and rendering the overall holder assembly picturePart of Ronja 10M Metropolis GuideKozel's homepage
Advel s.r.o.Webhosting for free, assistence with web hosting, shell account and installing all necessary programs on demand, and huge space for all Ronja galleries. Programs include gimp, gEDA, ghostscript and sodipodi.In production usageAdvel homepage
Jirka Kosina (Jikos)Providing shell acount for CVS repository and providing webhosting for Ronja web in the pastCVS in production usageJikos' homepage
Meďánek (Kňéža)Hosting the Czech mirror of the CESNET presentation videoHomepage
Woodoo PeopleHosting the Hungarian mirror of the CESNET presentation video
Standa BobříkLending his M621/E digital storage oscilloscopeUsed on development of Ronja 10M Trinitrack. Used on development of Ronja Twister.Standa's Homepage
Petr 'Mňága' SeligerFix for the receiver to prevent distortion on RSSI which leaked into the signal path and reduced nighttime rangeIncorporated in the guideMňága's FSO homepage
Suggestion how to improve power filtration between BF908 and NE592 in Ronja 10M Receiver
Suggestion to ensure defined decay time of RSSI signal
Proposing and trying out a filter for RX RSSI to prevent RF signal from a close transmitter to leak in and distort the readout.
Vladimír 'Neuron' MarekProviding his home workshop and drill bits for drilling 13 holes into shielding boxesWill be used for testing of Trinitrack prototypeNeuron's Homepage
Nicolas DesirCool method how to connect AUI Ronja to TP computer/switchIncorporated in FAQ
cbedisonProductionEdison Radotín -- cbedison's homepage
Martin Polehla Production
KeroTranslation of Fundamentals of manufacturing operationsProduction
MacrosEmbedded in building guideHomepage of macros' node
Gnat25x74AC04Used on development of released design
Petr DvořákCzech Translation of most of Twister Production
Department of Electronics and Vacuum PhysicsProvision of access to powerful laboratory instrumentsUsed on Nebulus, Audiofire, Starquake, InfernoDepartment of Electronics and Vacuum Physics
Lucas Vogelsang
  • Measurement of cosmetic mirror
  • Work on Fogtown transmitter development (30x30cm Fresnel lens)
  • Work on Aisha development (Luxeon III driver)
  • Work on SMD version of TX pcb
  • Help with 3rd prototype of welded holder
  • Work on prototype of new Parallel console
  • Setting up svn & trac
  • Redesign of the title page
  • CSS style
  • Fixes in HTML syntax for XHTML compliance
Production Hosting of svn repository for almost a year In use until June 2006
Ten Yen English correcture of interference.php Production Ten Yen's Homepage
Michael Hanselmann, and Init Seven AG
  • Miscellaneous tasks on the website
  • Hosting of SVN repository from June 2006 with bandwith provided by Init Seven AG
Production Michael Hanselmann’s website,, Init Seven AG
Yuri D'Elia The Kestrel logo Production Yuri D’Elia’s website
Daniel 'Obri' Aubry Free connectivity over the summer 2001 Used for development of Ronja 10M Receiver and at all generally Ronja Metropolis Obri's homepage
Andreas 'mcreed' R. Translation to german - mcreed's homepage


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