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What is Ronja?

Ronja (Reasonable Optical Near Joint Access) is an User Controlled Technology (like Free Software) project of optical point-to-point data link. The device has 1.4km range and has stable 10Mbps full duplex data rate. Ronja is an optoelectronic device you can mount on your house and connect your PC, home or office network with other networks. Or you can use it as a general purpose wireless link for building any other networking project.

The design is released under the GNU Free Documentation License: you get all the necessary documentation and construction guides free. The material costs are very low, about 100 USD. The operation is immune to interference and quite reliable - interrupted only by dense fog.

User Approach

Output of Ronja project is a design. Twibright Labs' intent is not to manufacture and sell pieces of hardware, but to solely engage in the development. Manufacture and selling parts and kits is meant to be performed by other entities, without explicit licensing requirements. This is intended to guard the user against overpricing. Moreover, the freely available complete source code and building guide helps the user to have transparent control over quality of the goods he is buying.

If you are interested in the device, then visit the homepage, buy components and make the device yourself. The homepage is mostly a building guide exactly describing how to do it. If you run into troubles following the guides, there is an end-user-oriented support provided in the form of mailing list.

The device

Postscript / PDF / EPS / BIG png / SVG (Inkscape)
Postscript / PDF / EPS / BIG png / SVG (Inkscape)

One Ronja device is a single long-distance optical transceiver that is capable of running against the same or compatible device on the other side of the link. The topology is point-to-point.

Building a Ronja is rather lenghty job (this will hopefully change in future) that however pays off in a reliable and performant device that is capable of delivering steady connectivity with little maintenance and can be run freely without a need of authorities' approval. Also a possibility of interference and eavesdropping is negligible. Dropouts are infrequent and determined solely by weather and are thus foreseeable.

He who wants to enjoy the adrenaline sport of driving primitive retail parts into flawless coopertaion to provide the uncurbed fullduplex connectivity experience must withstand these nuisances:

but there are also certain conveniences:

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