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Is Ronja reliable?

Is Ronja reliable?

Ronja should work on the first try. It's necessary to build according to the guide without unauthorized modifications. Ronja should run reliably without intervention once mounted properly on a link.

If someone finds a bug which causes unreliability, this should be reported to mailing list. I will be happy to resolve the bug.


“deinstalled after about 12 years of nice operation. It is due to loss of a line of sight, building reconstruction added extra floor and roof”
silvije2, Zagreb, Croatia (in Czech)
“The performance is exactly as promised by the author of the project”
Zernovice.NET (in Czech)
“I have populated more than 20 Twisters and I have to say all worked on the first try.”
— Petr Seliger, Ronja ML
“We saw dropouts only during a really dense fog (once a year)”
Zernovice.NET (in Czech)

Weather extremes

Gallery[1f91] Gallery[370]

These two iced links have been running without problems, according to the users. In hot summer I tried to paint Ronja heads dark brown so they would get so hot you couldn't hold hand on them. No problem either.

Fog - the source of dropouts

Gallery[1f66] Gallery[1f6d]

Ronja drops out in heavy fog. Light fog or snowstorm cause dropout only in the longest links. Ordinary snow and any kind of rain is OK.

The link in the top picture was running fine in that fog. The RSSI was showing 210mV.

The link in the bottom left picture dropped out. In heavy fog the beam becomes visible in the night. The bottom right picture shows the same view without fog.

An expected information missing here?