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Jet Set Willy X

Jet Set Willy X screenshot

Jet Set Willy X is a videogame by Twibright Labs for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum computer heavily inspired by Jet Set Willy.

"Thank you for making Jet Set Willy X! It gave me a lot of fun to play and I really enjoyed it!" -- Daniel 'Jet Set Danny' Gromann

Download - emulator

Download the jswx.sna - a SNA file that can be loaded into most ZX Spectrum emulators. There is also a TAP file should you have a problem with the SNA file.

Download - Sinclair ZX Spectrum

To play on the original computer, download the gzipped WAV file. Unzip it. Type LOAD "", press ENTER and play the WAV into the computer on suitably high volume.

Youtube walkthrough video

Youtube video based on a RZX file created by Daniel Gromann.

Video preview (69 sec. with soundtrack)

The tune playing in the video isn't the actual output from the computer, but a MIDI file (Ogg Vorbis, MP3) by Alan 'Factor6' Petrik, which was used to program the tune into the game.

How to run the game

You need a ZX Spectrum emulator. I used Spectemu on OpenBSD, but there are many others. Some of them are allegedly even for mobile phones!

Then you run the emulator and give it the jswx.sna file, which if the most supported ZX Spectrum snapshot format. My emulator can emulate even the 2-channel tune.

Differences from Jet Set Willy

Development files

Automatically generated files

World of Spectry Entry

World of Spectrum entry on Jet Set Willy X. Includes a game map.


I wrote the game roughly between 1993-1996 (I was 14-17 at that time) and put it together in 2006 (filled in couple of missing rooms). Alan Petrik did the music for which I wrote a player routine in 2006. I also optimized the graphics code to get more % of the vertical interval playing music. logout128 fixed the titlescreen.


The game is released under the GPL.

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