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Twibright Atlas, an open source CRT wall holder

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Building instructions


Measure your CRT to figure out the foot size and position and how far from the wall the foot has to be even when the CRT is turned etc.
Postscript / PDF / EPS / BIG png / DXF (qcad)

Making the feet

Make 3 L-shaped feet according to the bottom half of the drawing. Don't make all of them the same, one has to be mirrored!


Make a regular hexagon 1cm bigger than the foot on each side. Cut the flat steel along the hexagon and weld together to form the tray according to the picture. First tack the sides with 2 spots, then weld the rim completely together, and then complete welding the tin.

Hexagon triangle

Connect 3 points of the hexagon into a triangle as seen in the picture.


Weld the remaining tubing. Make sure you don't close the tubes from both sides. Make sure the weld is not porous. If it becomes porous, use high current low metal feed to re-melt it. Make sure the cross-section area that has to crack for the holder to fail is large enough for the weight of your CRT. Derive the dimension of the 3 horizontal pieces from the measured distance of the CRT foot to the wall. Precision is not important except that the tray must be horizontal. Check with a spirit level. Make the welds strong enough to bear the weight of the CRT. After welding grind the welds nice for esthetical reason.


Weld on the feet oriented according to the picture.


Remove fat first with thinner or wash the whole thing with dish soap and warm water and wipe dry with a rag. Paint with primer and top coat according to the paint manufacturer instructions.


Measure where you want to put the CRT on the wall. First drill one upper hole and mount it, but not tighten completely. Using a spirit level mark exact position of the second upper hole to keep the tray horizontal. Drill the second hole, mount it, mark the 3rd hole and unmount the 3nd one and drill the 3rd one and then mount all holes and tighten firmly.

Storing cables

Computer cables, coathangers, jumping ropes, belts or towels can be stored in several compartments by hanging over the rungs. Do not hang heavy objects. If a rung is bent, the CRT may collapse.
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