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Twibright Calcium with some manufacturing steps

Twibright Calcium, an open source nutritional supplement

Provides a nutritional supplement that:

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"That's good intention" -- Bunna Chhut (ឈុត ប៊ុណ្ណា), Cambodia

Check your calcium levels

Fill out this PDF table how often you eat each calcium rich food and see if you get enough calcium or not. Cultures who don't eat a lot of milk products generally have calcium deficiency.



Collection of egg shells

When cooking, gather egg shells in open bowl or space, so that they dry out if left for longer. Do not pull egg shells from garbage because mold in garbage can produce toxins causing cancer.

Wash bottle

If the bottle is not clean, wash it now and place for drying.

Check for mould

  • Take shells one by one and check for mould or heavy soiling.
  • If the shell has even a little mould on it, throw it away
  • If the shell is heavily soiled, throw it away.
  • Otherwise throw it into the clean pot.
  • If full you can crush the shells roughly to fit more, but later when we crush them completely, they shouldn't reach over 50% pot height.
  • Do not crush shells finely now because that motion will be used for washing later.


Fill cold water over the shells in the pot. Add a bit dishwashing detergent. Crush and wring the shells underwater and possibly add detergent if it stops making foam. Crush and wring kinda like if you are washing clothes. Stop crushing and wringing when the egg shells are broken into small pieces (5 mm - 10 mm). The small pieces can still be connected by the membrane that's not a problem.

Replace water and detergent

  • Pour the water out
  • Put in fresh water to cover the egg shells
  • Add a bit dishwashing detergent
  • Stir
  • If you don't do this step, you might feel like flu every time you eat the product


Let stand, min. 10 min., typ. 1 h, max. 3 h


Repeat the following procedure 6 times in total:
  • Stir the shells well
  • Pour the water out
  • Fill in new water.


Boil the water at small boil for 5 minutes. The water may foam and spill due to residues of egg white.


Pour water out and throw away foam gathered on the walls of the pot. Dry in oven at min. 100 typ. 120 max. 140 degC or minimum setting for gas oven. Or use other method until completely dry.

Tricks to speed up hand grinding in a mortar

  • Put smaller amount into the mortar at a time
  • Switch hands each time your hand gets tired.

Blender Grinding

If you have a blender, fill the grinding attachment completely and run for 20 seconds, then take the attachment out of the blender, shake it vigorously, reopen it and reclose it, shake vigorously again, grind another 20 seconds, take out and shake vigorously.

Mortar Grinding

Grind into as fine powder as economical for you. It requires effort and time. Coarse powder will not damage teeth, because is softer than teeth enamel. But it may cause unpleasant grinding in mouth.
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Bottle Label

Print and cut out this label

Glue the label

Make sure the outside of the bottle is dry. Glue the label on the bottle using the transparent scotch tape.

Fill the bottle

If the inside of the bottle is not completely dry, wipe it dry. Fill the powder.


As per the bottle label:

0-1Do not use. Breastfeeding mother may use instead.
1-31/4 teaspoon mixed into food twice a day (total 1/2 teaspoon a day). Or, 1/2 teaspoon with 2 teaspoons lemon juice once a day. ( 675 mg Ca / day)
3-50 healthy kidneys1/2 teaspoon mixed into food twice a day (total 1 teaspoon a day). Or, 1 teaspoon with 4 teaspoons lemon juice once a day. ( 1350 mg Ca / day)
50-older, healthy kidneys1/4 teaspoon mixed into food twice a day (total 1/2 teaspoon a day). Or, 1/2 teaspoon with 2 teaspoons lemon juice once a day. ( 675 mg Ca / day)
3-adult with kidney diseaseAsk your doctor, or if you can't afford asking, take the dosage for 1-3 years

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Price comparison

The following table is assuming a person 3-50 years with healthy kidneys, taking 1350 mg Ca (elementary calcium) as a supplement per day:

CountryCityShopProduct NameProduct FormDoseNumber of dosesCaCO3 per dose [mg]Elementary calcium per dose [mg]Price per package [USD]Price per day [USD]Price per month [USD]
CambodiaPhnom PenhSmileDRx CHOICE EXTRA STRENGTH Antacid Tablets Antacid / Calcium SupplementChewable Tablets1 Tablet447503002.000.216.14
---Twibright CalciumPowder1 tsp = 5 mL = 3.55 g1337513500.000.000.00

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