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Postscript / PDF / EPS / BIG png / DXF (qcad)
Print the template. Shear the two pieces out. Glue each template on each end of the board, so that the half circle creates a half circular ending of the board
Cut the board out
Predrill the holes with 3.5mm drill or similar, drill out with 5.5mm and make a countersink with the 9.5mm (check with the head)
Postscript / PDF / EPS / BIG png / SVG (Inkscape)
Optional: Send this Encapsulated Postscript (EPS) to a company that makes sticky foil logos and put the logo on the bottom of your skateboard. Don't use the remaining formats they are incorrectly clipped because the graphics is bigger than an A4. Please note the pictures are missing a nut and a toothed spring washer on each bolt. What it's gonna look with the graphics:
Gallery[1f9a] Gallery[1f9b] Gallery[1f9c]

What it's gonna look like without the graphics:
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Assemble so that when you stand on one edge, the wheels on that edge come together. Put washers on the bolts first. Then the plain nut and normally tighten with a wrench and a screwdriver. Then put on the toothed washer. Then the plastic inlay nut with the plastic facing away from the first nut. Turn only the plastic inlay nut until the whole bolt starts to turn. Then hold down the bolt head and tighten somewhat more than you tightened the plain nut.
Glue the griptape on. Bend on the edges and cutt off with a carpet cutter.

Usage for beginners

Usage for advanced


Technical note - Jam nuts

Why did I choose jam nuts instead of the more common nut with plastic inlay? The later nut doesn't hold on the thread enough and turns eventually loose. You don't want to lose energy in a friction absorber created by the truck-deck interface. The inlay nut is also specified single-use only. The jam nuts seem to be reliable when tightened in the proper sequence.




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