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Sector marks

January 14, 2006 — Sector marks have been added to the Twister PCB and Transmitter PCB. Sector codes are automatically generated into the population list. Thanks to this innovation, the location for an electronic part can be found instantly. This is expected to speed up Twister and Transmitter population and repair significantly.


Testing procedures

December 31, 2005 — The testing procedures have been completed. They allow to select testing procedure depending on what device you have and what kind of test you want to perform. They have been also linked from the testing page of building guides which should make the whole building process easier.


Ronja in education

December 11, 2005 — In Czech Republic, Ronja has been used for three practical high school graduation exams by students of Pardubice Electrotechnical High School - Němec, Sádecký, and Čižinský. On summary page you can download their 30-50 page theses and respective powerpoint presentations. The manufactured pieces have been used for construction of neighbourhood network in Chrudim (map).


Welded Wall Parallel Console

October 16, 2005 -- Welded parallel console is released. It is meant as a replacement for old buggy Parallel console which oscillated in high wind.


Ronja at WSFII in London

October 5, 2005 -- This train is for COCKFOSTERS. Ronja has been presented at World Summit on Free Information Infrastructures in London. See Ogg Vorbis recording (edited, 3MB, 16kbps), photos, and slides: Open Office, Powerpoint, and PDF. Special thx to tenyen.


PCB Transmitter released

September 14, 2005 -- Twibright Ronja 10M PCB Transmitter is released.


Bugfix of Twister radiation at 300MHz

Spetember 1, 2005 -- Ronja Twister was found to radiate 30mVpp signal up to 300MHz along 12V DC lines. People who built Twister before September 1st 2005, please apply Ronja Twister Radiation bugfix.

Heel template

Drilling templates for Holder and 130mm Head Released

August 21, 2005 -- 13 templates were released.

Ronja employs BRL-CAD as 3D modeling tool

May 16, 2005 -- BRL-CAD is a free software program developed since 1979 by U.S. Army Ballistic Research Laboratory (BRL). BRL-CAD was released as free software on December 21, 2004. BRL-CAD is used on Ronja for 3D modeling of mechanics.

Architect of BRL-CAD was Mike Muuss (deceased), the author of the PING program. BRL-CAD was routinely used for military modeling tasks, for example for M1 Abrams XM-1 prototype modeling. BRL was a laboratory that was tightly tied with world's history of computing, hosting computers like ENIAC, or CRAY-2, the most powerful computer on the planet that time. BRL was also one of the first nodes of ARPANET, prototype of the Internet.


Ronja 10M Metropolis Transmitter PCB

April 21, 2005 -- PCB TX is ready for release.


Repy installations

March 6, 2005 -- added photos from Repy, Praha, Czech republic installations. Number of registered installations worldwide has reached 90 and in CZFree.NET Prague 18.

Ronja banner

Ronja banners

March 2005 -- Ronja 88x31 banners are available now, with HTML code how to insert them into a page

Drilling templates

February 2005 -- Drilling templates that speed up manufacture of mechanics significantly are ready for release:

Ronja Nebulus

January 2005 -- Ronja Nebulus, an infrared transmitter has been released together with signal generator Hertz and measurement bench Ronja Benchpress consisting of measurement transmitter Starquake, measurement receiver Audiofire and LED holder.


Ronja Twister

March 2004 -- Ronja Twister, a logic for interfacing Ronja to RJ45 (UTP) has been released. RJ45/UTP version of Ronja is called Tetrapolis.Gallery[eae]

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