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Ronja Twister Radiation Bugfix

Bugfix that fixes Twister radiation 30mVpp @300MHz over 12V lines



Applies to Ronja Twisters built to guide before 1st September 2005. The bugfix is now part of the guide.



TV or radio reception is interfered by Twister. The interference is spread by pair of coaxials going from Twister to RX and TX or spreads from Twister towards DC power supply and possibly into (230V) mains supply.



The level of interference drops by the bugfix from 30mVpp to 2mVpp. The fix is not perfect. Twister will have to be mechanically redesigned to get rid of the radiation completely. 2mV is insignificant level from biologic point of view. The radiated RF power is in order of 0.1mW. (Calculated as 1mV RMS into 100Ohm load.)


AC/DC adapter connector

Solder a 100nF capacitor (C114) between the inner contact and box.

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Terminal block

Solder a 100nF capacitor (C113) on the rightmost stub on the picture. Solder the other end to the box.

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