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Positive references

May 2015 — PR Newswire (New York, est. 1954) writes "Invention RONJA device in 2001, which can achieve 10Mbps network speed over 0.87 miles boosted the research activities in the FSO technology." in their market report Visible Light Communication Market (VLC & LI-FI Technology, Free Space Optics (FSO) - 2013-18. 5 headings on Ronja are included in the report. (Updated 2017-05-03 because the report ceased to exist and seems to have moved from MarketsAndMarkets company to PR Newswire.)

"Arguably, the first project that vindicated the methods and licensing schemes of free software development, applied those practices to open hardware development, and pulled off a state-of-the-art technology without any backing from universities or firms, was the Ronja project." -- Johan Söderberg in How open hardware drives digital fabrication tools such as the 3D printer", 2013.

Ronja is also mentioned in the title of a book sold on Amazon.


September 2008 — Chris Long VK3AML from Australia (167 km amateur world record in 2-way voice optical communication on Mount Wellington, Tasmania) and Clint Turner KA7OE1 (273 km world record in Salt Flats, Utah) have published a website dedicated to Modulated Light Communications.

The website deals with history of various world records, has a lot of bibliography and discussion of technical details and contains audio recordings of the contacts.


Mounting brackets

August 2, 2007 — The Ronja 10M Receiver, 10M Metropolis Transmitter and Inferno Receiver modules have been mechanically upgraded to use mounting brackets instead of the former bolts or cylinders with inner thread. The mounting brackets are made from tin plated steel sheet, solve several problems at once and are easily made.



August 6, 2006 — Twister2 has been released. It's now a part of Ronja Tetrapolis and Ronja Inferno. It is smaller, based on SMD components, and saves 1.4W of power. The electronic parts cost 30% more, but is much faster to build, because the mechanical design is greatly simplified. Twister2 was designed because someone complained about TV interference. Twister2 radiates 8x less residual energy than Twister.

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