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How to develop?

If you would like to contribute with development, please keep on mind these facts:

Editing Ronja Sources

Translating into Czech or German

Let's say you know there is a file e. g. building_aw.php (shows at the end of the URL) and you want to translate it from English to German (Czech). Go to Ronja ViewVC interface. If there is any directory component in the URL of the file, go into that directory in the ViewVC. Fetch the highest numbered revision of the file.

Then just copy it to building_aw_ge.php (building_aw_cz.php) Attention: the text encoding is UTF-8. Set your editor for this encoding! Then edit the texts inside from English to German (Czech). The language switching flags are generated automatically when an existence of file with _ge (_cz) suffix is detected.

What is the "Working Copy"?

There isn't any working copy of Ronja sources, what you are getting are full-blown sources. This is just automatically generated based on the hostname it's running on to prevent accidental visitors from thinking it's the official Ronja homepage.

Directory structure


To validate the Ronja homepage, download the CD-ROM copy using ronja_download and then enter the created directory and type

chmod a+x
to run the validate_script.

Slides featuring development tools

I had a talk on 23rd June 2005 at [ LUGS] in Zurich about Ronja. Half of the talk was about software tools used. You can download slides for OpenOffice, PowerPoint or in PDF. Note: the slides are a bit broken due to problems of OpenOffice.

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