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Ronja Mailing List

Ronja Mailing List is apparently dead.

Recommended language is English. But lots of people persist in posting Czech postings, arguing with their bad knowledge of English. GNU FDL Czech ↔ English Online Dictionary.

Rules for the list

  1. This list is not for presentation of optical communication projects other than Ronja that don’t publish the sources at the moment of the post.
  2. This list is not for fundraising for other projects (even GPL’ed ones).
  3. When making a reply-to-reply-to-reply-…, please remove the least irrelevant part of the post to keep it from growing too big
  4. When discussing a problem, do not remove relevant technical information when replying to a reply.
  5. Anyone who breaks the rules (1) or (2), may be kicked by the mailing list admin.

If you have problems posting, make sure the address that you send e-mail from is the same address you subscribed with.


An expected information missing here?