Ronja Twibright Labs

Ronja for Hackers

So you are a hacker, d00d?

Th3 s/\me are us ;-)

No, we are not l33t skript kiddiez. What you are going to find here is no bullshit. We are serious cutting-edge grade free-technology developers.

Yes, everyone can say that, so you will now likely want to see the linux kernel driver I have written for I2C2P I developed. And that instead of usual commercial crap, we are using real, free software tools for the development of the electronics and mechanics.

And to be sure we are not talking about an empty bubble, you will also probably want to see the

If you are hacker in the right area, you probably already know what Ronja is: It's an optical free-space datalink:

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Convinced to build?

So now you are probably convinced that this is worth your time. So go ahead and build it, because you will likely want to play with this cool device anyway, even if you don't find any use for it.

And after you having built it, installed it, and when you are already using it for some time for network access, only then the real fun begins. You can start hacking the design and collaborate with other interested people on it's developement.


Young and proud, but not much experienced?

As you see from the picture, Ronja is not limited to oldies. There's no limitation to who can build it. The guide assumes almost no experience at all. People who had no previous experience with electronics reported to build it - and it worked on the first try for them!

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