Ronja Twibright Labs

About Ronja 10M Metropolis Transmitter

Ronja 10M Metropolis Transmitter is a red light transmitter featuring 70mA HPWT-BD00-F4000 (HPWT-??00) red LED at 10Mbps. It gives 1.4km distance with Ronja 130mm Tubular Head and 0.7km distance with Ronja 90mm Tubular Head.

Two building variants are available: modern, PCB one, and older, airwire one. PCB one is recommended for it's easier building. The technical performance of both are intended to be identical.


From one side, there is a 3mm thick LED diode. From the other, a coaxial cable and two-conductor cable are provided. Coaxial cable's core in input (TX signal 700mVpp permanent signal 1-10MHz) and shielding is GND. The cord contains GND (CON_GND) and receives 12V (CON_12V) from the receiver.

The transmitter has got an enhanced cooling design that ensures reliable performance even in hot summer day's direct sunlight.

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