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AUI Forte packetloss measurement

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Measuring packetloss of Ronja AUI Forte.


General requirements

  • 1 PC
  • 1 full duplex AUI card or 2 AUI network cards without full duplex requirement and 1 Half Duplex Reduction (HDR)
  • Small piece of thick wire
  • Networking operating system

Measurement conditions

Ensure there is only a dim lighting in the room. Otherwise, the measured value may be reduced.


  • If you have full duplex network card and Linux where C programs can be installed, then perform the Bertest variant.
  • Otherwise, if you have full duplex card, perform the ping variant which is much less exact.
  • Otherwise perform the half duplex ping variant, which is like the previous, but requires Half Duplex Reduction (HDR).

Evaluation of packetloss

There should be practically no packetloss. Any packetloss indicates that something is wrong with the electronics.

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