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2x Ronja AUI Forte Packetloss measurement

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Measuring packetloss of 2x Ronja AUI Forte.



  • 2 computers
  • Each computer must have 1 full duplex AUI card or 2 AUI cards with Half Duplex Reduction to emulate a full duplex card.
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Connecting AUI Forte's

Connect them using shielded coaxial cables and capacitors.

IP Networking

Set up IP networking between the machines so they should be able to ping each other. If you are emulating full duplex card using half duplex reduction, read how to emulate full duplex card on IP level.


If you have Linux where C programs can be compiled on one PC, then perform the ronjaping variant.


Otherwise perform the ping variant.

Evaluation of packetloss

There should be practically no packetloss. Any packetloss indicates that something is wrong with the electronics.

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