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Metropolis NED measurement

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Measuring or estimating Noise Equivalent Distance (NED) of Ronja Metropolis.


General requirements

  • 1 PC
  • 1 full duplex AUI card or 2 AUI network cards without full duplex requirement and 1 Half Duplex Reduction (HDR)
  • A mirror
  • Networking operating system

Measurement conditions

Ensure there is only a dim lighting in the room. Otherwise, the measured value may be reduced.


  • If you have full duplex network card and Linux where C programs can be installed, then perform the Bertest variant.
  • Otherwise, if you have full duplex card, perform the ping variant which is much less exact.
  • Otherwise perform the half duplex ping variant, which is like the previous, but requires Half Duplex Reduction (HDR).


NED should be around:
Model/configurationNED [m]
Tetra-/Metropolis SFH2035
Tetra-/Metropolis BPW434
Tetra-/Metropolis PW43, BF982, UA733-TO5-10 and BC547 in receiver2

Note that NED will be reduced if the transmitter duty cycle is not properly adjusted.

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