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Building Ronja Chimney Console

Building Ronja Chimney Console

Cut two pieces from M10 threaded bars. Length is length of the chimney between the sections + 100mm. If the bars are too short, they will be extended using union nuts and in this case cut only the shortest piece.

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What we are going to drill

Postscript / PDF / EPS / BIG png / DXF (qcad)


If you have an accurate printer, print out two templates, shear out, bend in dashed lines and glue to the U sections.

Drill out according to the above plan.

How to treat edges

Treating edges

Bang the U section with a big hammer along the edges to bulge them out to cancel out possible convexity of the central side of the U.


Paint the steel section for outdoor - base anti-corrosive paint and top paint.

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Grounding cable eyelet

Remember that when you are going to install a grounding cable eyelet to this console, it will be done this way. Install the bolt, nut and toothed spring washer without the eyelet for this time.


Install the two M10 bolts with M10 nuts and spring washers but do not tighten them. The M10 bolts are for interfacing the universal holder.

Very long thread bars

If there are to be used more that a meter of thread bars, connected them with union nuts.

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