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vncrec - create screenshot videos with or without sound

Twibright vncrec - easy and fast way to make screenshot videos

Great for simply and quickly making short instruction or educational movies explaining usage of software or presenting web pages live.

Works like a VNC viewer, but records the session (-record) into a file, including the timing information. Then you can play back to check (-play), and transcode into YUV4MPEG2 format (-movie). You can check the resulting YUV4MPEG2 file is correct using mplayer. Then you can transcode the YUV4MPEG2 into Theora, MPEG4 ASP (a.k.a DivX/XviD), WMV, Real Video 10 using transcode or the example Theora encoder.

If you record sound during the session (e. g. with Audacity) then you can feed the .wav file into transcode/Theora encoder and get a file with sound.

stdout pipelining is supported to save disk space and time. The YUV4MPEG2 export code is optimized for speed. Even when transcoding, needs to run under X Window System ($DISPLAY set).


vncrec-twibright.tgz - you need gzip, tar, a C compiler, and an X server with headers installed.


Example videos - with a tune!

The tune is Xcyril: "Ma fee 2005 instrumentale" under CC-BY-SA licence.

Software useful with vncrec

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