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About Ronja Twister

Ronja Twister 2 is suitable for connecting 10Mbps Ronja to an RJ-45 equipped network card or switch.


From one side there is a 1-2m long cable that is a permanent part of the device, ended with RJ-45 male jack (usually STP). It is to be plugged directly into the NIC or switch without any intermittent cable inserted.

From the other side there are two coaxial cables with Ronja 10M modulation (1MHz 50% duty cycle wave between packets, 700mV pp), positive excursion=positive "1" symbol = light.

Technical specifications

Bit Rate10Mbps
DuplexFull duplex and half duplex
Cable lengthIntegral 1m cable ended with male RJ45
InterfaceIEEE 802.3 male RJ45 interface which must be plugged directly into a NIC or switch, not into wall socket. The link is transparent for 10Base-T with exception to autonegotiation. Autonegotiation information is stripped and replaced with information for dumb half-duplex device. Therefore the link runs half duplex unless both female device can be manually set to full duplex.
Operating Ambient Temperature Range0...+55 degC
Idle Signal Frequency Generated0.999MHz...1.001MHz
Supply voltage12V DC regulated
Power consumption (typ.)
IdleFull data load in both directions
85mA (1W)105mA (1.26W)
RangeThe same as AUI Forte has
LED indicatorsTransmit (red), Receive (green), Power (yellow)
Electromagnetic ShieldingFully shielded except possible UTP cable
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