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Ronja Tetrapolis Specification

Ronja Tetrapolis Technical Specification

Gross data rate 10 Mbps
Transmission mode Full duplex (half duplex also supported)
Nominal range 1.4km with 130mm lenses. See Distance Issues for more details. The switch or cad has to have well implemented PLL.
Minimum operating distance 1/4 of nominal range. Further manual reduction possible by change of two passive components in receiver.
Data interface
  • Connects with RJ45 jack into IEEE 802.3 UTP interface. Must be plugged directly into data terminal equipment (DTE, PC or a switch) using the integral 1m cable.
  • Autonegotiation not supported, not transparent for autonegotiation signals.
  • The preamble is chopped off more than specified by IEEE 802.3 which could cause a problem when Ronja is connected into a cascade of pure hubs. However hubs almost don't exist today anymore so it is not a problem.
  • Doesn't comply to IEEE 802.3 regarding not transmitting when link integrity is not yet established. This violates page 303 14.2 g) - but IEEE 802.3 compliant devices must work with it. Complying to it would make Ronja Tetrapolis more complicated
Power consumption 285mA @12VDC (3.42W) from wall cube, 2W from external heating power supply (switchable off).
Full data load (both directions)225mA285mA
Operating wavelength visible, 625nm, 100nm spectral width (618nm perceived wavelength, red-orange)
Optical output 17.2mW
Divergence cone half angle 1.9mrad (130mm aperture transmitter lens)
Estimated Optical EIRP 20kW (130mm aperture transmitter lens, HPWT-BD00-F4000)
Operating temperature-30...+70degC (outdoor part - optical heads, RX, TX), 0...+55degC (indoor part - Twister2)
Operating humidity up to 100% (condensing) with lens heating on (outdoor part), up to 95% with lens heating off (and indoor electronics).
Weight 15.5kg (one side of a link, on a welded parallel console)
Required visibility4km at maximum range. See Distance Issues for more details.
Optical modulation BPSK (as on AUI aka Manchester) plus 1MHz asynchronous 50% duty cycle square wave between packets. The transmitter appears to shine permanently and steadily no matter if data pass or not.
Indicators LEDs Power, Receive Packet, Transmit Packet
Aiming system visual, retroreflector for transmitter and DC voltage signal strength monitor port for receiver.
Fine aiming gear ratio 1:300
Eye SafetyComplies with Czech State regulation: 480/2000 Col. Government Direction about Health Protection from Non-ionizing Radiation
Mechanical Installation Constraints
  • Possible mount places:
    PlaceIs drilling necessary?
    Railing, round or rectangularNo
    Corner of wallYes
    Horizontal or tilted surface of masonry or masonry covered with tin, foil etc.Yes
  • Max. 1m from RJ45 connector is a grounded metal box with dimensions 180x123x62 mm.
  • Cable distance between RJ45 connector and optical head mounting points is max. 100m
EMI and safety installation constraints
  • Cable may be laid directly along sources of interference (other signal and power cables)
  • Cable doesn't radiate interference
  • Optical heads may be mounted even on places where lightning strike hazard exists.
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