Ronja Twibright Labs

Twister, Twister2 sanity check



Powering up

Connect the power source to Twister or Twister2. If the yellow LED doesn't start shining, immediately disconnect, that means a short circuit on the power supply somewhere inside Twister/Twister2, or wrong polarity of the power supply. If wrong polarity is applied, Twister or Twister2 is not damaged if the power supply cannot give more than 3A into short circuit.

LED status

Make sure the STP/UTP cable (RJ45 connector) is not plugged into anything. Check the red LED. It should not shine at all, not even dimly.

Optional: Power Consumption

  • For Twister2, desolder one wire from DE9 and insert an ammeter between the resulting ends.
  • For Twister, touch the outside of the connector to the box. Put one ammeter probe inside the power jack (on the cable) and the other inside the power jack socket (on Twister)

Typical power draw should be 175mA for Twister and 85mA for Twister2.

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