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Measuring packetloss with Ronjaping on 2x Tetrapolis or Inferno

Packetloss measurement of an installed Tetrapolis or Inferno link



  • A running Ronja Tetrapolis or Ronja Inferno link
  • IP networking on the link set up
  • PC connected to one side of the link by full-duplex wired or fiber optic network. The PC must be with Linux and ability to compile C programs


Download and compile Ronjaping

Why running 2 pings at a time

Ronja electronics could have a fault causing crosstalk between the directions which would cause packetloss that would happen only if both directions are loaded simultaneously. We excersise this condition by running two instances of ronjaping simultaneously.

Running Ronjaping

Run two instances of ronjaping simultaneously in different xterms or consoles. Replace <other side> with IP address or hostname.

ronjaping -c -l 1472 <other side>
Leave it running long enough. The lower the expected packetloss is the longer you have to run it.

Read the packetloss

Press ctrl-c in the instance started later. ronjaping prints out the packetloss. The precision depends on how long it has been running.
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