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Measuring packetloss with ping on 2x Tetrapolis or 2x Inferno

Measuring packetloss on 2x Tetrapolis or 2x Inferno



  • A running Ronja Tetrapolis or Ronja Inferno link
  • IP networking on the link set up
  • PC connected to one side of the link by full-duplex wired or fiber optic network.
  • ping program installed

Running ping

  • You can select payload length in ping. The packetloss is generally dependent on this because longer packets have bigger probability of hitting bad bit.
  • If the ping allows you to specify -c to send packet as soon as the previous one arrives, use this flag.
  • If you are using the -c flag, then run two instances of the ping at the same time (in different xterm windows or consoles).
  • Do not use the -f (flood ping) option. This would render the measured packetloss invalid.
  • Leave the ping to run long enough to have multiple dropped packets. The longer the better precision.
  • Press ctrl-c and read out the packetloss (in %)
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