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Improving technical skills

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Improvement in technical skills

"I learned also quite a few practical abilities, which I surely will take advantage of in the future life." (Petr Sadecky, in Czech)

"Building the datalink taught me many practical things which we didn't strike down during the course of the education." (Vojtech Cizinsky, in Czech)

Technical skills are a handy thing. Sometimes things break at home or in work and it comes out much cheaper if you can fix them yourself than calling a craftsman. Sometimes you need skills to install furniture, or wire up home electronics

Ronja is a funny way how to learn some of those skills. The Ronja instructions are meant also for people who don't have much skills. Such people improve their skills during the building because the instructions tell them step-by-step how to proceed.

Is your headphone cord broken? You may appreciate soldering that you have practiced on Ronja. Do you need to drill holes? Ronja contains drilling too. Are you having rusty places on your tin roof and not know how to fix it properly? Ronja contains complete sequence of outdoor metal treatment.

Did you get a new piece of audio equipment and you don't understand the wiring diagrams? After building Ronja you will have more feeling about wires and connectors then you had before. Do you need to understand how to measure voltage, current, or resistance to figure out in your problematic home electronic device whether the device is dead, or the power supply is dead, or just the power cable or fuse is broken? You will be instructed to measure with a multimeter many times during the course of building Ronja.

Do you need to fix your metal fence gate or you need to add some accessory to your bike which doesn't fit from the factory? From Ronja you will get some ideas how to drill and cut metal.

Is the gasket from your bathtub or sink in the bathroom or kitchen peeling off? You can use the leftover sealing from Ronja and work confidently, because you already did it once, and prevent damage from leaking water.

Is the copper rain gully on your roof cracked and you are getting water into the attic? It will be surely easier for you to solder it up after building Ronja than before.

Are you going to hook some computers together into a network? On Ronja you will get a bit familiar with this area, too.

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