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Something that is not boring

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Something that is not boring

"[...] building Ronja was fun." (Jan Kleisner)

"It was very amusing for the whole course of building work. First I was afraid of it, but as soon as I started, it fascinated me immediately." (Filip Nemec, in Czech)

"The feeling when the medley of components started to work and the first packet was transfered, cannot be compared to anything else." (Petr Sadecky, in Czech)

Ronja is not boring - ronja is diverse. Look at the list of activities you are likely going to do if you decide to build a Ronja:

Focus on your friends and not on the work!

The best way how one can have fun building Ronja is to arrange building together with friends. Ronja can be mostly built without thinking. We tried to do all the thinking for you so we wrote easy to follow simple instructions. You can then focus on chatting with your friends while doing the manual work.

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