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About Ronja Nebulus

About Ronja Nebulus

Ronja Nebulus is an infrared transmitter. It features 100mA HSDL-4230 or HSDL-4220 infrared LED at 10Mbps. (The LED is chosen to be optimal for given lens type). It gives 1.25km distance with Ronja 130mm Tubular Head on receiver and Ronja 90mm Tubular Head on transmitter. This combination of lenses is optimal for this transmitter.


From one side, there is a 5mm thick LED diode at 875nm. From the other, a coaxial cable and two-conductor cable are provided. Coaxial cable's core in input (TX signal 700mVpp permanent signal 1-10MHz) and shielding is GND. The cord contains GND (CON_GND) and receives 12V (CON_12V) from the receiver.

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