Ronja Twibright Labs

About Ronja Inferno Receiver

Ronja Inferno Receiver is suitable for receiving signal from Ronja Nebulus (with full performance). The interface is a dark (filtered) 5mm photodiode on one end and 700mVpp 50-100 Ohm coaxial cable on the other. The optical signal must be stuffed with 1MHz 50% duty cycle square wave between packets.

The receiver is placed inside a 67x90mm tin-plated tin box. There are four bolts protruding to the sides for mounting into the sliding mechanism.


Optical interface is 5mm wide PIN diode

Electrical interface are RX cord, power exchange cord and Received Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI) cord. The RX cord has on it's core 700mVpp max. signal from the receiver and on shield 12V taken by the receiver. Power exchange cord contains GND (CON_GND) taken by the receiver and +12V (CON_12V) generated by the receiver. RSSI cord has two undistinguished wires, one of the GND and the other positive voltage against the GND which monotonically indicates received signal strength. It is intended to be plugged without thinking into a digital multimeter (or into analogue one with possible reversal) and to be used for aiming the link.

RSSI generates DC voltage according to received strength. Minimum voltage is 0.0mV, maximum is about 1200mV. Dependence of RSSI voltage on received signal strength is nonlinear.

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