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You are on the same wave as us

Ronja is an optical datalink design 10Mbps full duplex over 1.4km:

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What we consider important on this wave is the freedom in the sense promoted by free software movement. We are convinced that this movement brings substantial benefits to the public. Ronja honours the spirit of User controlled technology, as we tried to capture this concept in our own attempt for definition. To contribute to the benefit, we decided to stricly limit development model of Ronja to development model compatible to these ideas.

Ronja ensures the user absolute control over the technology. However, as this limits opportunistic enterprise possibilities on this project, noone yet have arranged to manufacture Ronja and sell it to the general public. We always strive to maintain the basic manufacture model -- Do It Yourself -- to be available for everyone, regardless of particular part types he manages to obtain.

The most advanced project to market Ronja up to date is of young student Jakub Horky from Prague, who provides PCB's for Ronja at very sensible prices, because gathers orders and then lets them to be done in series of hundreds pieces.

Firefox In these aspects Ronja is similar to projects like Firefox. Ronja is as well a project whose primary incentive is to honour freedom and keep it's quality as dictated by core developers, and marketing is only on the second rail. But we don't fear accomodating to the user when possible.

Ronja is young

From these pictures you can see that young people don't fear incorporating Ronja into their plans.

I was 19 when I started Ronja development in 1998. Ronja has a young spirit and you won't be presented with old stubborn paradigms if you get engaged with her. Ronja is suitable for people who want to try out surfing new wave of previously unthought of experiences and approaches, a wave that 44 millions of Firefox users already have joined.

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Free SW OS

Ronja develops using free software

exclusively. Here is list of the tools and formats we are using. Previously, proprietary tools were usually used on electronics development. However with advance of gEDA, more and more individual projects spring up that honour this new, modern approach -- freedom of the tools -- too:
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