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Hobby project

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Ronja as a hobby project

"[...] building Ronja was fun." (Jan Kleisner)

"It was very amusing for the whole course of building work. First I was afraid of it, but as soon as I started, it fascinated me immediately." (Filip Nemec, in Czech)

"The feeling when the medley of components started to work and the first packet was transfered, cannot be compared to anything else." "[...] it was probably the most demanding work I performed in my life and I am adeqately proud of it." (Petr Sadecky, in Czech)

"I am very proud of what I built and I would classify it as one of my greatest achievements of my existing life." (Vojtech Cizinsk, in Czech)

Ronja is an ideal medium-term hobby project. It requires relatively little investment into material. The work on Ronja is diverse and not boring. At the end the hobbyist is rewarded with a surprisingly well working device which he can use permanently for his own good - for example connect his computer with his neighbour or friend's one and sharing content or Internet connection.

Ronja requires little or none previous knowledge of electronics. It also doesn't burden the user with complicated explanations how the thing works. A simple step-by-step instructions are provided instead.

Building Ronja can be done in free time like on evenings, or together with friends to increase the enjoyment level.

Compared to passive consumption of free time for examply by watching TV, Ronja brings positive psychological benefits. The builder reassures himself about his skills which increases his self-confidence. The final success of making this incredible machine works brings additional self-confidence boost.

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