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Funny stories involving Ronja

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The market-place

Jirka Bohac from Prague was in a market-place to buy magnifying glasses. He found one stall where he bought 16 lenses for a good price. When the seller came from the storage area with the loupes, he asked: "What is it for? For children?". Jirka said "No, we use it to make..." and the seller: "Internet?"

The aquarium

Jakub Ladman from Prague had a Ronja that was improperly sealed and rain water leaked inside. Once he came to it and found out there is water level exactly in the middle of the lens! He said the Ronja actually sometimes worked, being half-filled with water this way. Then he took it apart, cleaned all the rust and slime from the electronics, and Ronja worked fine again!

There is even a video of this aquarium Ronja.

Night and fog

If Ronja is operated in a foggy night, you can see "starwars", red light beams floating in the air.

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