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Fast Deployment

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Fast Deployment

Ronja requires just a simple visibility verification to see if it can operate or not, plus measurement of distance from a map.

There is no need for testing whether there will be enough signal and if the signal is not going to be interfered with by wireless networks. Visibility can be verified with naked eye or with binoculars. There's no need to take care about obstacles close to the path.

Compared to WiFi, there is no need to try out several antennas to find out the cheapest one with suitable gain for the reception. The range of the link doesn't depend on the local electromagnetic landscape.

Software configuration of a running link is not harder than a wired network. The only difference is that usually, full duplex needs to be set up manually on both sides.

Thanks to this, a Ronja link can be deployed in fairly short, predictable time window.

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