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Using Ronja 10M Metropolis with UTP/STP network card or switch

Is it possible to use Ronja 10M Metropolis with TP (twisted pair) network card or switch?

For usage over TP, see Ronja Tetrapolis.. However if you insist on connecting Ronja 10M Metropolis to TP interface, Nicolas Desir and Silvije have developed two distinc interesting hacks.

Connecting AUI Ronja to TP network card using two transceivers

The hack uses two ordinary TP transceivers (aka AUI/TP converters) for one Ronja (so you need four of them for one link!) and allows Ronja 10M Metropolis (which has AUI interface) to be connected into PC or switch, TP, full duplex. The PC must be forced by software means to full duplex 10Mbps. If plugged into a switch instead of a PC, the switch must be manageable switch and must be forced into full duplex 10Mbps operation.
EPS, XFIG master

Modifying Cabletron TPT4 transceiver

If you have got Cabletron TPT4 transceiver you can modify it:

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