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Education projects


Education projects

In Czech Republic, Ronja has been used for three practical high school graduation exams by students of Pardubice Electrotechnical High School - Němec, Sádecký, and Čižinský. The manufactured pieces have been used for construction of neighbourhood network in Chrudim (map)

A technical college in Liberec, Czech Republic is using Ronja as a graduation project.


"The feeling when the medley of components started to work and the first packet was transfered, cannot be compared to anything else."

"I learned also quite a few practical abilities, which I surely will take advantage of in the future life. Not least, it was probably the most demanding work I performed in my life and I am adeqately proud of it."

-- Petr Sadecky,

" I didn't complete Ronja, I just built the Twister module. But it provided more education value than everything i learned at school, and a lot from what i was supposed to learn in university. And some of the stuff I wasn't supposed to learn in neither but i'm still feeling better knowing. I hated electronics in the school. Then I met Ronja. I probably wouldn't have ended up picking my current profession which involves electronics, and instead work just with metals only. Now I enjoy the best of all worlds, programming, electronics, mechanics. Analysing the circuit gave me a lot of insight. I was like.. there's that dude who managed to pull this stunt with just some parts from old TV's and car backlights. I desired to know how the heck this stuff worked. It took years and my time in university to discover the actual beauty behind the circiuts. The elegance of the simple yet bulletproof design. "

-- ThomasEgi, Twibright Labs IRC Channel

"Building the datalink taught me many practical things which we didn't strike down during the course of the education. [...] I am very proud of what I built and I would classify it as one of my greatest achievements of my existing life."

-- Vojtch Cizinsky,

"It was a challenge for me to build Ronja without running into problems during the manufacture. I think I have succeeded. It was very amusing for the whole course of building work. First I was afraid of it, but as soon as I started, it fascinated me immediately."

-- Filip Nemec,

"[...] building Ronja was fun." (Jan Kleisner)

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