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Mounting Ronja Wall Parallel Console

Mounting Ronja Wall Parallel Console

INFO Look what the installations with the parallel console look like. Note: the blue parallel console has obsolete geometry. The white one is current.
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Choosing a place

Choose suitable place so that:

  • 200x200mm rectangle is clear on the wall.
  • Four holes , their centers in corners of 160x160mm square with 12mm diameter must be drilled inside the rectangle
  • The flange will sit flat and will not sit on cracking protrusions
  • The holes will not be between bricks or on edges of any disparities
  • There will be enough space to mount the optical heads in the required direction, for cables

Drilling holes into wall

Drill the 12mm holes in the wall, using the 12mm masonry drill. The centres of the holes will form a square 100x100mm. . The first hole will be 50mm from the corner and the following in 100mm pitch.

Bolting down console

Attach each hole of the console using the 8mm bolt with M8 steel washer. The opening of the U section must point from the wall off. Tighten down firmly.


Remember: It is recommended to retighten the screws again after some settling time.


Ground the console using the lightning rod clamps and lightning rod conductor to a suitable lightning conductor or grounded roof tin nearby. Check with a multimeter that the connection has less than 0.2 Ohm resistance.

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