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Mounting Ronja Wall Parallel Console

Mounting Ronja Wall Parallel Console

Choosing a place

Choose suitable place so that:

  • Equilateral triangle with side approx. 35cm is clear on the wall
  • 3 holes can be drilled in the corners of the triangle (with distance between them approx. 30cm).
  • The masonry around each hole is not crumbling and is flat.
  • There is enough space to mount the optical heads in the required direction, for cables

Drilling holes into wall

  • Hold the console on the wall
  • Mark position of hole
  • Drill with 12mm masonry drill
  • Repeat for remaining 2 holes

Bolting down console

  • Insert the plastic plugs into the holes
  • Attach console using 8mm plug bolts and M8 washers. Tighten down firmly.


Remember: It is recommended to retighten the plug screws again on next visit to the installation.

Beam plates

Install the beam plates from top side. Estimate where they will have to be for the heads to be close to the building, but still with good serviceability. This depends on beam azimuth relative to the wall.

Place beam plate on top of the console. Put 8.4mm toothed spring washers on M8 bolts, insert the bolts from bottom side of the console and tighten down.


  • Use one free 8.5mm hole in the console for grounding
  • Use clamp for attaching wire to hole, M8 Allen head bolt, M8 nut and 8.4mm toothed spring washer.
  • Ground to nearby lightning drain wire or lightning drained roof tin
  • Check with multimeter that the connection has less than 0.2 Ohm resistance.
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