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Mounting Ronja Chimney Console

Mounting Ronja Chimney Console

Choosing place

Choose suitable place so that:

  • 50mm high horizontal strips are clear on the chimney
  • The flange will sit flat and will not sit on cracking protrusions
  • There will be enough space to mount the optical heads in the required direction, for cables
  • The chimney will not fume on the lenses.
3d/chimney [0] -ne 3d/chimney [1] -ne 3d/chimney [2] -ne
3d/chimney [3] -ne 3d/chimney [4] -ne


Put the two identical pieces onto the chimney the way the biggest clearance will be available around the pipes. The opening of the U section comes towards the wall (the sections will sit only on the two edges). Tighten the sections together over the chimney using the two or more M10 thread bars, four spring washers on all sides of the bars and M10 nuts. Extend the M10 threaded bars using M10 union nuts.

Grounding to a tin

If grounding to tin is most adequate on your roof, ground the lightning conductor to the tin using this clamp:

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Grounding to lightning rod wiring

If grounding to lightning rod wiring is most appropriate on your roof, ground the lightning conductor to lightning rod wiring.

Grounding check

Check with a multimeter that the connection has resistance < 0.2 Ohm. Put one test probe on the console section directly and other on a part of lightning protection system that was already present there before installation of the console.

INFO It is recommended to retighten all the screws again after some settling time.
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