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Ronja for Community networks

Ronja is suitable for use in community networks

Ronja is an optical datalink 10Mbps full duplex over 1.4km:

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Community networks are often having problems with wireless device interference and aggregation of unreliability on many-hop paths. Community network participants often solve these problems by installing Ronja.

Ronja in CZFree.Net

20 Ronja links in one network

Highest concentration of Ronja devices in community network in a single city can be observed in Prague, CZ. The community network is CZFree.Net. They are using it mainly for upgrading existing WiFi backbone (AP to AP) links - to get rid of packetloss, roundtrip and hangup problems.

Aerial maps


You can view list of all the links in this community network with aerial maps and photogaleries.

Other community networks

Ronja in

There are other community networks using Ronja, like

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