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Twibright Casanova is a free software to semiautomate conversation on dating services. Casanova stores conversation in pairs into a database, like B was replied to A. Then you give it what the other party says and Casanova suggests what you should reply. Casanova is a commandline program written in C and working on Linux or Unix.

Psychological background

Casanova is based on Exposure effect, a psychological phenomenon by which people tend to develop a preference for things merely because they are familiar with them. Casanova always replies the way an average user of a dating service would reply. The replies will tend to be familiar to the other party. For me it works great. It makes me much more popular on the dating service than when I reply the way I am personally used to.


C Compiler

Download, install

Download cx.c

cc -o cx cx.c
cp cx /usr/bin

Now a help page is explaining how to use Casanova. cx stands for Casanova eXecutable and the name was selected to be short and easy to type. To reinvoke the help page remove ~/.casanova_db.

Example conversation

clock@duke:~$ cx
how are you??
clock@duke:~$ cx "how are you?" "fine thanks and you?"
am fine thanks and you?
doing well here. currrently in slovakia at the moment on "vacation,"but it's
snowing like crazy!


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