Ronja Twibright Labs

Ronja: Twister compartment population partlist

Reference designatorDeviceValuePackagePCB Sector
C51CAPACITOR100nceramic 50V, rm 5mm2E
C52CAPACITOR1nceramic 50V, rm 5mm2E
C53CAPACITOR100nceramic 50V, rm 5mm0E
C54CAPACITOR10nceramic 50V, rm 5mm0E
C55CAPACITOR10nceramic 50V, rm 5mm0F
C56CAPACITOR100nceramic 50V, rm 5mm0F
C58CAPACITOR100nceramic 50V, rm 5mm1J
C59CAPACITOR1nceramic 50V, rm 5mm1J
C60CAPACITOR100nceramic 50V, rm 5mm5D
C61CAPACITOR1nceramic 50V, rm 5mm5D
C62CAPACITOR100nceramic 50V, rm 5mm2J
C63CAPACITOR1nceramic 50V, rm 5mm2J
C64CAPACITOR100nceramic 50V, rm 5mm5J
C65CAPACITOR22pceramic 50V, rm 5mm5F
C66CAPACITOR1nceramic 50V, rm 5mm6I
C71CAPACITOR100nceramic 50V, rm 5mm3B
C72CAPACITOR1nceramic 50V, rm 5mm3B
C75CAPACITOR100nceramic 50V, rm 5mm4B
C76CAPACITOR1nceramic 50V, rm 5mm4B
C77CAPACITOR10nceramic 50V, rm 5mm5C
C78CAPACITOR1nceramic 50V, rm 5mm6C
C79CAPACITOR100nceramic 50V, rm 5mm6J
C80CAPACITOR1nceramic 50V, rm 5mm6J
C81CAPACITOR100nceramic 50V, rm 5mm3J
C82CAPACITOR1nceramic 50V, rm 5mm4J
C83CAPACITOR220nceramic 50V, rm 5mm5J
C84CAPACITOR220nceramic 50V, rm 5mm5A
C85CAPACITOR10nceramic 50V, rm 5mm0G
C86CAPACITOR10nceramic 50V, rm 5mm1G
C87CAPACITOR100nceramic 50V, rm 5mm5H
C88CAPACITOR1nceramic 50V, rm 5mm4F
C89CAPACITOR100nceramic 50V, rm 5mm0H
C90CAPACITOR1nceramic 50V, rm 5mm0I
C91CAPACITOR100nceramic 50V, rm 5mm7F
C92CAPACITOR1nceramic 50V, rm 5mm7F
C93CAPACITOR100nceramic 50V, rm 5mm5E
C94CAPACITOR1nceramic 50V, rm 5mm6F
C95CAPACITOR100nceramic 50V, rm 5mm3G
C96CAPACITOR1nceramic 50V, rm 5mm2G
C97CAPACITOR100nceramic 50V, rm 5mm7H
C98CAPACITOR1nceramic 50V, rm 5mm7G
C99CAPACITOR100nceramic 50V, rm 5mm1H
C100CAPACITOR1nceramic 50V, rm 5mm5C
C101CAPACITOR22pceramic 50V, rm 5mm6H
C102CAPACITOR100nceramic 50V, rm 5mm7D
C103CAPACITOR1nceramic 50V, rm 5mm6D
C104CAPACITOR100nceramic 50V, rm 5mm3E
C105CAPACITOR1nceramic 50V, rm 5mm3E
C106CAPACITOR220nceramic 50V, rm 5mm1D
C107CAPACITOR10nceramic 50V, rm 5mm3H
C108CAPACITOR100nceramic 50V, rm 5mm4H
C109CAPACITOR10nceramic 50V, rm 5mm6B
C110CAPACITOR220nceramic 50V, rm 5mm1B
C112CAPACITOR100nceramic 50V, rm 5mm3A
C113CAPACITOR100nceramic 50V, rm 5mmNot on PCB
C114CAPACITOR100nceramic 50V, rm 5mmNot on PCB
CONN52HEADER_VERTICAL2.54mm 4-way 1-rowgold-plated with key4K
CONN53HEADER_VERTICAL2.54mm 4-way 1-rowgold-plated with key3A
CONN55HEADER_VERTICAL2.54mm 2-waygold-plated with keyNot on PCB
CONN56HEADER_FEMALE2.54mm 2-waygold-plated with keyNot on PCB
CONN57HEADER_VERTICAL2.54mm 2-waygold-plated with keyNot on PCB
CONN58HEADER_VERTICAL2.54mm 2-waygold-plated with keyNot on PCB
CONN59HEADER_FEMALE2.54mm 2-waygold-plated with keyNot on PCB
CONN60HEADER_FEMALE2.54mm 2-waygold-plated with keyNot on PCB
CONN61HEADER_VERTICAL2.54mm 6-way 2-rowgold-platedNot on PCB
CONN62HEADER_VERTICAL2.54mm 6-way 2-rowgold-platedNot on PCB
CONN63HEADER_FEMALE2.54mm 6-way 2-rowgold-platedNot on PCB
CONN64HEADER_FEMALE2.54mm 6-way 2-rowgold-platedNot on PCB
CONN65HEADER_FEMALE2.54mm 4-way 1-rowgold-plated with keyNot on PCB
CONN66RJ45 jack with jacketNot on PCB
CONN67HEADER_VERTICAL2.54mm 2-waygold-plated with keyNot on PCB
CONN68HEADER_FEMALE2.54mm 2-waygold-plated with keyNot on PCB
CONN69HEADER_FEMALE2.54mm 4-way 1-rowgold-plated with keyNot on PCB
CONN70HEADER_VERTICAL2.54mm 3-waygold-plated with keyNot on PCB
CONN71HEADER_FEMALE2.54mm 3-waygold-plated with keyNot on PCB
D51LEDGreen5mm diffuse6A
D52LEDYellow5mm diffuse4A
D551N5408  0C
D59LEDRed5mm diffuse1A
R51RESISTOR220250mW pref. metallic2E
R52RESISTOR1.2k250mW pref. metallic5B
R53RESISTOR1k250mW pref. metallic5B
R55RESISTOR3.3250mW pref. metallic2D
R56RESISTOR100250mW pref. metallic1I
R57RESISTOR100250mW pref. metallic1I
R58RESISTOR100250mW pref. metallic2H
R59RESISTOR100250mW pref. metallic1F
R60RESISTOR39250mW pref. metallic2G
R61RESISTOR39250mW pref. metallic1E
R62RESISTOR1.2k250mW pref. metallic5C
R63RESISTOR330250mW pref. metallic2F
R64RESISTOR330250mW pref. metallic4I
R65RESISTOR12250mW pref. metallic1F
R66RESISTOR12250mW pref. metallic4I
R67RESISTOR220250mW pref. metallic1D
R68RESISTOR82250mW pref. metallic0C
R69RESISTOR220250mW pref. metallic4A
R70RESISTOR100250mW pref. metallic2A
S1Switch DPDT ON-ONgold-plated6mm hole6J
S2Switch DPDT ON-ONgold-plated6mm hole3J
U5174HC164 DIL1G
U5274HCT14 DIL4E
U5374HC164 DIL2I
U5474HC32 DIL6I
U5574HC00 DIL3I
U5674HC00 DIL5I
U5774HC04 DIL3D
U5974HC93 DIL5G
U6074HC4040 DIL6G
U6174HC4040 DIL7D
U6374HC164 DIL4D
U6474HC164 DIL2C
U6574HC164 DIL2D
U6674HC133 DIL6F
U6774HC133 DIL7E
U68LM7805  0F
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