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Ronja: Better Inet access

Ronja is an optical datalink 10Mbps full duplex over 1.4km:
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Ronja can mean better Inernet access

Maybe you are looking for a cheaper permanent Internet access, or depand greater speed for the same money. Maybe you are just annoyed, because your ISP is blocking some ports, wants extra payments for public IP address, or his service is not good enough and he doesn't respond to complaints. Ronja can be a solution here.


Aggregating connectivity using Ronja

If you find someone interested in the same in your vicinity, you can arrange on connecting with a Ronja link. It will reliably aggregate your LANs into one bigger. You can then connect the big LAN using one more expensive service, where you will be probably treated better.

More reliable Internet connection

Are you upset by connectivity dropouts cause by your ISP or a buggy ADSL or cable modem or WiFi driver or firmware? Do you need a reliable Internet access for your work from home or small enterprise? Then you can find someone else running over different ISP and aggregate your LAN with his using Ronja. In case of failure, you then just need to reconfigure the default gateway. In a clever software setup this can even be done automatically.


Ronja as faithful home servant

in the electronic age. While other people are going to bang tables with their fists, because their ISP is experiencing backbone problems, you are going to continue undisturbed enjoying your free time with family at the Internet in the evening. While others are going to conduct excited talk about yesterdays wide-area problems of the affected provider, you may just smile mysteriosly ;-)

You can be sure this servant will never betray you, because in the light band, there is no danger that the ether gets clogged as more and more people use it.

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