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Twibright Distillcooker

Combined drinking water distiller and thermostat cooker

1419.55 USD remains: $1141.61
Unsafe drinking water
Unsafe drinking water | photo: Pierre Holtz - UNICEF, CC-BY-SA.

Distillcooker is an open source thermostat cooker that distills drinking water as a byproduct of operation. Apart from giving a high quality drinking water even from the worst sources like contaminated or smelly water or urine, it also alleviates the burden of attending to cooking, because it never scorches or boils over. 0.8 billion people (every 9th) still don't have safe drinking water!

Intended for building by laymen consumers in rich and poor countries

The development is completed, cost $2'900. Preview:

Please donate - a larger donation helps Distillcooker be released sooner

List of donors

NameAmount [CHF]AssignmentFurther info about the donor
Andreas Rudin348.20
=101.84 kg food + 5 pcs. of stationery
=4140 CZK
Jan Molič121.35Unassigned
Ludwig M.120.00Unassigned
kitty bern100.00Unassigned
Diana Hornung100.00Unassigned
Jim Forster61.02
=50 EUR
Hana Hefe50.00UnassignedFrom Zurich
Michal Fiala48.40
=40 EUR
UnassignedFrom Brno
Matthew Toseland46.86
=25 EUR
+10.94 GBP
anonymous2342.00Unassigned Guli, Křepa35.25
=793 CZK
=20 EUR
Pietro Stäheli24.00Unassigned
Karel Sybera21.75
=500 CZK
Pavel Hrnčíř20.00Unassigned
Peter Chiozza20.00Unassigned
Wolf Creek Scientific12.20
=10 EUR (not available anymore)
Jan Matyas11.11
=250 CZK
Daniel M.10.00Unassigned
Claude Knaus10.00Unassigned
=201 CZK - navigace, minibike, ctyrkolky a dalsi
=0.8 kg cheese
=0.8 kg food
Barix AG0.03
=0.76 CZK
unknown 10.00
=0.00671907 BTC
UnassignedHaven't converted into fiat money yet because of difficulties in conversion.

Unassigned is 1429.62 CHF. Total of the gifts is 1429.62 CHF.

The contributors " Guli, Křepa" and Barix AG donated higher amounts to Ronja, but were partially unassigned, so they were transferred to Distillcooker.

Photo in Twibright product list: elise.y/Flickr CC-BY.